Fallen Saint #2

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|25.| ▪Fallen Saint▪


“Bitch!” I yelled angrily as blood slid down my forehead. I watched in horror as she walked closer. A long dagger in her hand as a smirk played on her lips.

I tried pulling away, making some distance, but it was in vain. They have chained me to the ground with no way to escape.

Clutching, I tug on the chains as hard as I could. But all I could hear was the rattling sound.

She had suppressed my magic. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand as she leaned closer.

“Never thought to see you like this,” she laughed while putting the blade under my chin. Forcing my face up, I growled and summoned my demons.

Though I was chained, I could still summon my demons to protect me.

Four enormous beasts appeared from the mist. They roared and drooled as they moved to attack her. I watched in delight as one bit down her arm.

Watching them attack her, I smiled. This would be the end of her. But my smile disappeared quickly once I saw my beasts screeched to the ground in pain.

I looked at them, confused. That’s when panic started crawling up my body. As it was warning me of something deadly.

My head snaps up.

“What did you do?” I asked, confused, as my demons continued thrashing on the ground. Some started evaporating, while others turned into dust.

“Hmm,” she voiced as the heels of her shoes clicked on the concrete ground.

I looked up in horror as she put her shoes on my shoulder and pushed me, making me tumble back.

More chains appeared, straddling me against the floor.

Fear started making me panic for the first time in my life. It was an emotion I knew nothing of it.

Moving my eyes, I look at her gray ones. Black swirls come and go, covering them occasionally and turning them into darkness.

“What are you?” I asked as I looked at her face. Though she was familiar, nothing of her looked like the daughter I once knew of.

“I am what you created,” Mila said, bending over. The dagger she held moved down my chest. “I’m your creation, isn’t that what you always wanted, father?”

My eyes widened like saucers. This is not what I wanted. This was something I never, not even in my most crazy dreams, planned to do.

“You are no longer human,” I whispered as the last demon behind her turned into dust. “What happened to you…”

I was asking unnecessary questions since I should try to save my own life and not wonder what she was. But since I was curious, I asked.

Mila stopped her dagger and raised her eyes. Without a word, she stabbed me, making me scream.

The dagger stuck into the side of my rib as she pulled and stabbed again.

Painful screeches left my lips as she continued stabbing me.

I wiggle against the chains not because I was escaping but because the dagger she held had one thing I never expected to see hellfire.

“STOP!” I begged for the first time. Mila stopped midway as the dagger absorbed my blood. That thing was alive?

Panting, I looked away in pain. My entire body was burning.

“Giving up already?” Mila asked. “You can’t even handle a bit of pain? What a shame.”

I glanced her way from the corner of my eyes. A few tears slid down my face as she just watched me with a smile.

It was a devil’s smile, one with no regard.

“You’re the devil!” I said, gritting in pain. “You broke taboo!”

“Oh, no!” Mila hissed, smirking devilishly. Leaning closer, she chuckled. “I did not just break a taboo by letting my holy body take the darkness, but I sold my soul to the devil himself.”

“The day I found your book in the dungeons by mistake. I saw what the requirement for exercising a soul as Elios meant. And of course, without hesitation, I did what I needed to do,” Mila laughed.

“And you gave your soul like that away?” I yelled. “You feared me taking over your body, to control it, but you easily gave it to the evil one?”

“Evil?” Mila said, crooking her head to the side. “But your evil dear father. You’re like the devil’s son.”

I angrily spit in her face. Mila’s smile disappeared and was replaced by thin lips.

Standing up, Mila looked at me with disgust.

“What I did was my choice. I played my cards, and this was my price. I’m a sinner, one that belongs on the right side of the devil,” Mila answered.

“What about your light powers, then?” I asked curiously. Mila halted. She wasn’t looking at me, she just stood still, as if considering her answer. “You let the child have them, didn’t you?”

Something twitched on Mila as she suddenly turned and landed on my body, surprising me.

Grasping the shirt, she hissed at me. Pitch black eyes and black veins protruded from her body. It was radiating death.

“Leave my son out of this, you bastard!” Mila muttered close to my face. “My son is innocent, and though you had plans for him, you will never get to lay your hands on him, not before, or now, or ever. As long as I’m alive, I won’t let anyone touch him!”

I started laughing. She thinks her beloved son is safe from harm. How naïve of her to believe that.

“Your son will never be safe, not when in this world beings worse than me exist,” I spat.

Mila raised an eyebrow and finally let go of my shirt. Standing straight, she pats her dress and turns.

I raised my head as she walked away. The black fire appeared as a seat made of bones formed before me.

My eyes almost balled as I watched her take a seat, calmly.

Crossing her legs over, she smiled my way. I confusedly watch her but before I could ask more my body jolted up, forcing me to kneel before her.

My heart started beating fast as specters appeared. They were nothing like my demons. They looked like they walked out from the pits of hell.

Eyes wide, I looked at Mila. Her face rested on her left hand as she just licked her lips with a smile.

As the being approached me, it grabbed my arm and pulled until it tore it from my shoulder.

I let out a piercing scream as blood tainted the floor. My entire body swayed, but another being grabbed my neck, letting the other one shred my ripped arm into pieces.

In horror, I watched as they threw it to the side, where a hound appeared out of the shadows. I was speechless.

“Y-you abomination!” I said, crying. Mila just laughed as she watched me get torn into pieces.

“It’s half the price you must pay,” Mila said as she stood from her place. “Hell awaits you, to pay your condemned soul for what you did. All those innocent’s life will be counted tenfold, so this doesn’t end here.”

Blood spewed from my mouth as I lay motionless on the floor. The hounds ate me slowly alive.

“Thanks for giving me this chance,” Mila whispered as she crouched before me, smiling, “Your so beloved daughter is now stronger than what you ever planned to be. Since she became the Queen of Sinners and was no longer the saint.”

“So don’t miss me too much, I will soon pay you a visit to the pits of hell,” Mila smirked and my life ended.



The surrounding ground caved in as it dragged Frey to hell. I watched from my seat as everything goes silent, just the sound of my breathing remained.

Calmly, I shut my eyes, quenching my blood desire. Seeing Frey get tortured and torn by the hounds barely satisfied my thirst for revenge.

This was not even close to the hate I felt for him.

Cracking my neck, I stood from the seat as a familiar person appeared.

“To collect?” I asked as I opened my hand and a small black liquid moved.

“Yes, I have to go,” Caiden said, as I handed him the object. He stared at it before it disappeared.

Nodding in satisfaction, Caiden turned on his heels.

“I hope your decision until now is the one you so desire. Like I mentioned before, we all have a choice,” Caiden mumbled, as we stood with our backs to each other.

“And my choice is done. There’s no turning back,” I answered in a clipped tone.

“I wonder that, Queen of Sinner,” Caiden said, and disappeared. “Remember to protect the one you love, always.”

Caiden’s last words echoed as his body disappeared into the shadows of the place.

I looked up and then around me. The familiar place was now in peace.

A small smile played on my lips as I walked down the enormous vast room. The old chandelier that once shone in all its glory lay broken in the middle of the room.

I kept my hands on my back as I walked out of the place. My hounds followed me between the shadows.

As I finally reach the exit, I turned and looked at the abandoned castle. High concrete walls stand tall, protecting the once beautiful castle. Old memories played in my mind as a sad smile crept on the corner of my lips.

Too many memories to continue staying here. It was time to move on and leave this place to be forgotten.

Hearing a sound from the trees, I turn my head to find a faceless figure under a hood watched me in silence.

I rolled my eyes and started walking down the rocky path.

“Go back to where you belong,” I said as the figure hides behind the trees.

I was no longer a saint. I had given my life to the one below, surrendering my pure-innocent heart to all the sinners that reign in the pits of hell.

A fallen saint is what I am, but now everyone who crosses paths with me will know me as the Queen of Sinners. The human who carries darkness and a thousand souls within her.

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