Fallen Saint #2

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|26.| ▪The Queen has arrived at The Holy City▪

The Queen has arrived to the Holy City

In a city where no evil should roam, live a thousand souls. Free from any danger and fear of what’s out there in the world if it’s not behind these walls.

The carriage rattled as we headed down the city that bustle with people. Couples walked down the streets, while the rich gathered to gossip about the others.

I watched in delight as they all seem oblivious to what was happening out of these walls.

Hearing the horses whine, I shift my eyes to the front. Was something the matter for us to stop?

I kept my face in my hand as my knights investigate what was happening. I heard a few voices, but none that could make me move.

Moving my gaze down to my lap, I caress the face of the child who slept with no worry.

I sighed loudly, as my hand moves through his brown curls. A small mutter left his lips as his mixed eyes fluttered and meet mine.

I made sure my eyes were normal since I didn’t wish to scare him like last time.

Another voice outside made me scowl. What was taking them so long?

As I was about to peek out, the knight knocked on the door.

My hand unlocked it as he slowly opened it.

“What?” I snapped, seeing how annoyed I was. He cleared his throat.

“The king’s guards ask us to follow them to the palace,” my knight answered.

I raised an eyebrow as I slowly dart my eyes to the head of the guards. A tall, lean figure with blonde hair and green eyes stared at me.

A small blush spread across his face as he looks away first. That made me smile, so I nodded without a word.

Closing the door back, I returned my focus to the child. He was staring back with curiosity.

“Is something the matter?” I asked, looking away.

“No,” he said in a hushed voice. “You seemed tired, that’s all.”

My lip quivered as it turned into a smile.

He definitely knew when I was at my limit, and I was reaching it. It was not the time to be wasting it on some stupid palace guards. All I needed was to get to the mansion and lock myself in my bedroom.

The ride took another twenty minutes.

Running out of patience, I get down from the carriage. All the surrounding eyes looking at me with fear. Especially my people. They knew I was in no mood.

“Please, follow me,” the palace guard said as we headed up the long stairs.

I kept my eyes forward, ignoring all the curious glances I got.

Their whispers as well didn’t go unnoticed, I was aware of what they were gossiping about.

Looking over my shoulder, I see my knights protecting the child. His almond eyes were full of curiosity and awe. He was loving the palace, and that stirred my soul.

I blinked away, pushing the thoughts and voices out of my mind.

“Welcome!” a voice boomed as the white and golden double doors opened.

My eyes slowly raised to see the king seated on his throne.

I stood in the middle, watching him like nothing more than a human.

“Sorry to have made you come all the way here. I hope it was of no inconvenience,” he smiled.

“Inconvenience…” I muttered. As his smile disappears from his lips. “I wished you would had think before making those kinds of conclusions. Use your brain for once.”

“Watch it how you speak to the king,” a man standing next to him warned. I chuckled, making his eyes widen.

“I would watch how you talk to me, right king?” I said, looking at him mischievously.

The king gulped before he waved at his servant.

“Care to say what is it you wanted? I think I made it clear why I was here,” I said, making his hands grip the throne. “I have no time to be wasting.”

The king sighed, as if troubled by my words. But he knew he was right. Time was essential, especially for someone like me.

“Everyone please, leave us,” the king said as all the servants, guards, and knights walked out. I looked behind me and nodded at my men as they take the child away.

Turning my focus back to the king, I notice his eyes are cast down.

“Speak,” I ordered, making my monsters stir on the corner of the vast room.

The king’s eyes moved around nervously as he saw my composure breaking.

“I heard what you did to the Holy Temple,” the King mumbled. “Why did you do it?”

I smiled at his comment. So, it was to satisfy his curiosity?

“Let’s say they owed me a debt,” I smirked. “They had to pay the price.”

“But the Pope as well?” the king asked. My brow twitches at the mention of that bastard.

“Yes,” I hissed.

For the last two years, I’ve been searching for that bastard. His betrayal was one I sought. I needed his soul to satisfy and calm my thirst.

“But he is the holy one,” the king continued.

I chuckled softly at his words. How naïve he was.

Putting my hands behind me, I slowly grasp them together, putting force on them to control my anger.

“Let’s just say he messed with the wrong person, and also, he isn’t who you all think he is,” I smiled. “Now your only job here is to stir clear from me, and let me do what I need to do.”

The king remained silent.

“You won’t harm my people, will you?” the king asked with worry.

My eyes met his, and a small gasp left his mouth.

“As promised, no one should be touched… unless they had messed with him. If they are part of all this ordeal, then they should be mine,” I responded. “They have to pay.”

The king nodded and looked away. I took a step and appeared before him, making his body jump in fear.

Leaning over, I grab his chin and force him to look at me. Sweat broke down his face as his lips trembled.

“I hope you’re not messing with my plans, king. Because if you are, it does not save your soul from me. I will take it with me to hell just to satisfy my greed,” I hissed close to him. “Let that be my warning. So, think before deciding to take the hand of a traitor.”

I loosen up my grip and descended the stairs.

“I shall see you later on the ball,” I said, walking out of the hall.

The trembling body of the king remained against the throne as fear crawled into his body. He knew it was best not to cross me if he didn’t want to die.


I stared at the drapes that hung from above. They swing slowly as the breeze blew from the three opened doors.

Squinting my eyes, I try to focus on what I was feeling. The slight burning sensation from my chest spread as it made me sit up suddenly.

I cursed as I unbuttoned the dress and looked at the tattoo. Shutting my eyes, I grit my teeth to control the pain.

Once it subsided, I drifted my hand to touch it. I hated feeling the bump of skin on me. The reminder it had affected me tenfold, and I didn’t like it a bit.

Sighing, I bottom the dress back up and lay back down. My eyes focused once again on the drapes.

Small voices whispered in my ears and mind while I felt them move inside my body.

Shutting my eyes again, I cursed angrily. Is this how it felt to him?

Questions and questions played in my mind as frustration seeped into me.

Angry and frustrated, I stand up and pace the room. My fingers over my temple as I feel them move along my body. Small black veins moved up and down as if wrapping themselves in me.

“Mom?” a voice called as I was about to throw a vase.

Panting, I shift my eyes to the bedroom doors.

“Mom?” the child called again while he knocked. Setting the vase back down in its place, I roll my neck and walked over to the door.

“Yes?” I called. The child stood with worried eyes before me. I could see he was getting scared because of what was happening around the mansion.

I forced a smile as his eyes darted to my arms. Covering my body, I smiled at him.

“Do you need something?” I asked. He was holding a teddy bear, which seemed to shock for dear life. “Adrien? Is something the matter?”

Hearing his name, he moved his eyes back to me. He wasn’t smiling. He seemed scared. I sighed and called for a servant that stood a few feet away.

“Take him to play,” I ordered as he nodded and reached for the boy’s hand.

“NO!” Adrien screeched. I still focused his eyes on me.

“Adrien, leave!” I ordered. “I have no time to be dealing with you.”

“But mother!” Adrien retorted.

“Leave I said!” my voice a mix of mine and the souls. Adrien flinched he hears the strange voice.

Trembling, I looked at the servant that tug at him. Once he was out of my sight, I shut the door back again.

Leaning on it, I cursed. This was a mess. That child was fearing me. Although he knew what I was, he still feared me.

It’s been so many times he had cried, screamed, and run away from me, it surprised me he didn’t run off to his room when he heard me.

As I move from the door, someone knocked on it again. I angrily throw the door open to find my butler standing calmly.

“Is there a problem?” I asked, turning on my heels. He followed silently. “How is everything going? I know there are a few new servants.”

“Yes, and they seem to be worried because of you,” the butler answered. I scoffed back at him.

“There’s nothing they should be worried about. I respect my people as long as they are loyal to me,” I answered, taking a seat on the bed. “No harm will befall them. That is on the contract they sign.”

“Yes, but remember, they fear you because of who you are. Everyone here who meets you know you’re the Queen of Sinners. The right hand of the devil,” the butler said.

I sadly looked down at my feet.

“Is the dress ready for tonight?” I asked, changing the topic.

“Yes, the young master will go, right?” the butler asked.

“No,” I said, looking at him. “Adrien stays. I don’t want him to go.”

The butler squinted his eyes but didn’t ask for more. Excusing himself, he walked out, leaving me alone.

I sighed tiredly, before laying back down. The voices seemed to have calmed down, which eased me.

Closing my eyes, I slowly fall into a deep sleep.


“Get the makeup!”

The maids scurried around me as I stood before an enormous mirror, glancing at my figure.

Adrien sat on the bed behind me, playing with his bear. I watched him from the mirror as he happily smiles.

I unconsciously smiled. He resembled him so much it hurt.

“Your Highness, your shoes,” the head maid said, distracting me. I nodded and raised my feet as they helped me into my shoes.

I kept my eyes on the head maid as the shadow behind her stirred without no one noticing.

I kept my eyes on it; it was moving from side to side, trying to defy and break the contract. I slowly snapped my fingers, making it jump and halt.

He knew I was watching.

Raising her head, the head maid worriedly looked at me. I threw her a glare before she nodded in silence.

A few of my servants were not fully human. They were demons from a hell that occupied an empty body that once belonged to someone.

All the dead, fallen by the hands of evil that were sinners, were given another chance. But once their contracts were completed, they should move on and serve in hell.

One rule was to abide by my doing and serve me. A single mistake would make them return to the place they belong.

“Are we done?” I asked, looking at my reflection.

“Yes, you look perfect,” the maids commented. I gave them a small smile before my eyes met Adrien’s.

“Please leave me. I will meet you in a few minutes,” I ordered as everyone gathered their stuff and walked out.

I turned to look at Adrien, who was staring at me. His mixed eyes remind me of him.

I gulped down and walked over, caressing his head.

“You know why I don’t want you to go, right?” I asked as he kneeled on the bed.

Lowering his head, I sighed.

“Adrien,” I called, but he kept his head down. “It’s for your protection.”

“From you?” Adrien commented, making my hand stop moving. “You don’t want me to see you, right? You want me away from you.”

“No,” I said, forcing myself to smile. “It’s not-“

“You don’t wish for me to see the monster you are,” Adrien said as something on me stir.

The corner of my lip twitch as I tried to keep my anger at bay.

“No need for mother to say more,” Adrien said as he got off the bed and dash out of the room.

I balled my hand as I blinked a few times. The black veins moved over my body, as I try to calm my heart.

Shaking my head, I pant and then turn around. Grabbing my bag, I stump out of the room.

The servants awaited me down the stairs as I descend them in a hurry. I could feel the eyes of my butler checking me. I know my eyes were swirling with black.

Getting to the carriage, I slap the hand away from the knight and slam the door shut.

My eyes moved up to the second floor of the mansion, searching for any signs of Adrien.

It pained me seeing him like that.

Focusing on the party, we head out to the palace.

The ride to the palace felt eternal, since I was feeling uncomfortable after my talk with Adrien. My mind couldn’t stop coming and going, thinking about his words.

Though it was hard to admit, I was a monster now. The only human in me was the body I owned. But nothing else was human, not when a thousand souls lived within me.

Cleaning my sweaty hands on my dress, I feel the carriage halt. My eyes dart to the opened door and to my knight that stood with a questioning look.

“What?” I asked, holding his hand.

“Nothing, you seemed strange,” he answered. “Better change those eyes before someone notices it.”

“Shut it!” I growled, but he only smiled.

Walking hand in hand, we entered the bustling palace. Music played in the distance as laughter filled the air. The night was chilly, just like my soul.

I wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t for investigation.

“Smile Mila,” my knight whispered from the side.

“Oh, you really get on my nerve, you know,” I clenched. He chuckled, making me glare at him. “Hades!”

He continued laughing as we walked down the busy hall.

A few eyes looked our way as we reached the entrance to the hall.

“Ready?” Hades asked as I smirked.

“Yes, let us see how many souls are here, ready to be taken by me,” I whispered, smiling.

The souls in me stirred in delight as the doors opened for us.

We both stepped into the hall as all the bystanders below looked up. I spared a few glances around before my heart jumped to my throat.

A gasp left my lips as I see the unexpected standing near the king.

Hades lowered his gaze to me. Confusion crosses his face as I take an involuntary step back.

“Mila?” Hades called, but before I could whisper a word, I turned and dashed out of the hall.

A lot of murmurs were heard, but I had no time to waste listening to them. This couldn’t be right.

I heard footsteps following me as I rush out to the vast garden behind the palace. My heels bother me as I make my way out.

Holding my dress, I rush down the small stairs, but before I could reach the last one; I stumble and almost fell. But not before an arm circled my waist, holding me firmly close to him.

My heart throbbed loudly in my ear, silencing all the voices in me.

My body was cold, as I stand there without looking at the person against me.

“Mila? Is that really you?” his soothing voice whispered near my ear.

Sending a shiver down my back, I inhale.

“Look at me,” he ordered, making my eyes water. Slowly, I turned until we were face to face.

Green emerald eyes looked at me in the moonlight. The eyes and person I so yearned for stood before me with eyes wide.

“It’s you…” he whispered in disbelief.

“Zion…” I said as we both stood staring at ourselves in shock.

End of Book Two

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