Fallen Saint #2

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Hello Everyone!

⚜First, thank you so much for enjoying and supporting my story Fallen Saint. If you haven't liked or Review, I would be grateful if you could leave your support in that way as well since it will help me a lot. ⚜
Thanks for joining me on this ride, also Book 3 is up for you to add and save to your book collection. The summary + Intro are up, I hope you enjoy it.
Book 3 is up and Live on Inkitt and Patreon!!!
I will be adding this on a separate tier as well as Tier 2 that's already active. Remember your support helps me out with future publishing, since it's not easy to publish your book. And those are my plans for this year.
Once again thank you and hope to see you stick around on the last book of this series Queen of Sinners.
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