Fallen Saint #2

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|3.| ▪A Stabbing Heart▪


I coughed as Zion’s hand wrapped around my neck, tightly enough to cut my breathing.

“Z-Zion!” I tried to mumble, but I couldn’t even see his face in this darkness. “P-please!”

My pleas were in vain, and I was losing consciousness fast.

Remembering the dagger in my hand, I flip it and stab him on his thigh. Zion screamed as his grip released me from my pain.

Coughing, I held my neck. My vision came and went, and I felt light-headed.

“You think this will stop me?” Zion said, but I frowned when I heard his voice.

What was that?

I snapped my head around as Zion approached me. That’s when I noticed his face, his body, and his eyes. What was wrong with him?

I quickly crawled in fear, but he reached for me and grabbed my arm. I bite down a scream as his finger digs into my flesh.

“Zion, stop this! It’s me!” I said, struggling against his hold.

“Yes, I know it’s you, Mila,” Zion seethed. Something wasn’t right here, but what?

I focused on his contorted face. His eyes seemed unfocused; they didn’t even look his with that strange black swirl on them.

Recalling the words from the Pope and Bishop Archer, I looked down, stopping where something odd hung on Zion’s neck.

~He never carried a necklace on him,~ I said on my mind.

Doing the unexpected, I reached for it and pulled it.

The entire castle shuddered loudly while a piercing scream echoed throughout the castle.

I kicked Zion and covered my ears to the awful shriek.

Once everything calmed down, I opened my eyes slowly.

I gasped as I looked around the enormous place. So this was the ballroom where they used to make the parties.

The whole place was visible now that the fog had gone somewhere. Shifting my eyes, I noticed Zion’s body kneeling on the ground.

I confusedly stand. Gulping my fear, I walked until I was close enough to see his slouched body.

Was he conscious?

Crouching to his level, I move my shaking hand close to his shoulder. As I’m about to reach for it, he moves and grasps my wrist making me curse.

“Mila?” Zion whispered while he blinked. He seems confused.

I have my other hand raised, covering my face protectively.

“Mila, is that you?” Zion calls again. My heart skipped a beat, and my eyes tear up as I hear him call my name.

Sniffing, I slowly lowered my arm. I inhale while my chest hurts.

Zion looked so tired and sick; he seemed even older.

“Zion?” I stuttered, my voice betraying me completely.

“It’s you….” Zion said in a husky voice. He sounded like him now. “It is you.”

I moved and kneeled in front of him.

“I’m here,” I whispered back. Then, reaching for his hand on my wrist, I slowly remove each finger away.

I winced as I stared at the red mark on my wrist. This definitely will last for a while.

“Mila?” Zion called, and I looked up.

His face was covered in tears. Pulling me into a hug, he hides his face and cries.

My chest ached as I cried as well. How much have I missed him?

Closing my eyes, I let the tears fall in silence.


I wiped my tears using the back of my hands. Then, shifting my eyes to the front, I study Zion, who has been silent all this time.

“You need to leave Mila,” Zion whispered suddenly.

My heart started beating. What was he even saying?

“What?” I asked, sitting up.

“You need to leave,” Zion repeated with his head cast down. “Leave before I kill you.”

I had no words.

“Leave Mila,” Zion said a bit louder. “LEAVE!”

“I’m not leaving!” I retorted. My hands-on the sides, digging into the concrete. “You pulled me in, or did you fucking forget?”

Zion seemed confused.

Wiping my tears and snot, I kneeled once again and grabbed ahold of his face.

Zion raised his eyes.

He had bags under his eyes, and it seemed he hadn’t slept for a while.

“I’m not leaving,” I repeated, making sure this time he saw me. “I’m not leaving again.”

“You have to,” Zion said, pushing my hands away and standing.

I quickly followed.

Hearing a wincing sound, I look at his thigh where I stabbed him. Blood dripped down his dirty pants.

“Let’s get that cleaned,” I said, moving, but Zion slapped my hand out of the way.

I wince at the burning sensation.

“It’s my last warning Mila,” Zion said, sounding threatening.

Zion started leaving, so I ran and blocked his way. Then, arms raised, I kept him from continuing.

I was afraid; I was. But if the Pope sent me here and Zion pulled me into the castle was for a reason.

“Move, Mila!” Zion said, almost growling. “Move!”

“NO!” I stubbornly said, keeping my ground. “Not until you tell me what happened here. Where is everyone?”

Zion remained silent. He seemed to be struggling with something. Was it that soul in him?

“What happened to you?” I asked softly. This made Zion scoff.

“What should you care? You left, didn’t you?” Zion retorted and pushed me hard, making me fall on my buttocks.

I screamed as I felt my wrist twist awkwardly. That made Zion stop and look back.

He seemed hesitant, like he wanted to help me, but at the same time, he wished to stay away from me.

“Zion, please!” I begged as he started to leave. “Don’t.”

Zion continued walking, ignoring me.

“Zion!” I yelled. “Zion, I’m sorry!”

Now I was in four, almost bowing.

“I’m sorry I left you, I’m sorry, I am,” I said as my voice broke.

~Cut it off, Mila. Stop crying,~ I mumbled on my mind.

“You made your choice,” Zion said and left.

I remained on the cold, dusty floor, all alone.


I picked my dagger and walked around the empty castle. It was so eerie.

It was creeping me out.

“What happened with everyone else?” I said aloud while staring out the window.

After pulling the necklace from Zion, the fog remained out the doors and walls of the castle.

It was like it was afraid to step in, but why?

I glanced down at my hand. The strange necklace glowed softly. It felt warm; was this alive then?

I continued walking around for a while. Checking everyone, but not a single person was around.

Did that mean Zion was all alone? Stuck in this place?

What about Rosa and Noah?

Making a choice, I ran up the stairs and straight to Zion’s room, where he might be.

As I reached the door, I halted and peeked inside.

The doors were wide opened. Well, they barely even hang from the hinges.

Careful not to startle him, I knock, but I get no response.

“Zion?” I called, but I didn’t see him.

I searched for him around the messy room, but he was not around. Where did he go?

Standing neat on his bed, I looked down at the dirty bedsheets. Was that blood?

I furrowed my brows and touched the red spots. They were dried. It’s been a while those were there.

Taking a step back, I feel a presence. As I turn, I am pushed and pressed down in the bed.

Eyes wide, I looked at Zion.

“Zion?” I whispered his name, but his eyes were back to that strange color. “Zion, what are you doing?”

This time Zion smirked, sending a shiver down my back. This was not good.

“Zion, wake up!” I ordered, but he chuckled instead.

“The saintess,” Zion said, but it didn’t sound like him. “I can feel it.”

I confusedly watched him.

“Yes, it’s running in you,” Zion mumbled in a daze and smirked.

Leaning suddenly, he sniffs me. My eyebrows shot up as I stayed still.

“Yes,” Zion mumbled against my skin.

A delicious shiver ran down my body, making my chest heave.

What the hell was he doing?

“Mila, I missed you,” Zion said. This time he sounded like him. “Leave Mila, leave.”

Zion’s hand tightened on my wrists.

“Please, I don’t want to hurt you,” Zion said, placing a kiss on the crook of my neck. “I love you too much to hurt you.”

Tears welled in my eyes once again.

“I love you too,” I whispered in tears.

Zion groaned as he struggled with himself.

I didn’t know what I was going to do. But one thing was for sure. I wasn’t planning on leaving. I was going to stay and fight against whatever was inside him. No matter what it takes, I’m not leaving my true love in this battle all alone again.

I already made a mistake once. I’m not making it twice.

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