Fallen Saint #2

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|7.| ▪A Cry for Help▪


Last night was a nightmare. Zion screams, his pain, his pleads. It was like when we first met. When Noah came and asked me to help him.

It was all playing again like that time when he was in pain, begging for someone to save him from his misery.

I rubbed my temple and stared down at Zion’s sweaty face. He’s been struggling all night with himself, with the soul inside his body.

After our heated discussion and using my powers against him, we went to bed, but I didn’t have two hours of sleep when Zion started groaning and screaming in pain.

I spent the rest of the night assisting him with my healing powers.

But the odd thing about this was that his stone hand returned to normal for a while.

It wasn’t the first time I saw it. It happened the first day Zion dragged me into the castle.

At first, I thought I had imagined it, funny I didn’t because right this instant, his body looked entirely normal. Like nothing ever hurt him.

Sighing, I grabbed a towel and draped it over his forehead. Unfortunately, the fever ran all night, which confused me because I wasn’t sure if my powers or the punishment caused it.

“Mila?” Zion’s weak voice called.

I glanced his way, smiling softly.

“How do you feel?” I asked, leaning closer to him.

“I’m sorry, Mila,” Zion mumbled.

It seemed he was delirious from the high fever he had.

“Sleep, I will make you something to eat,” I whispered and kissed his forehead.

Grabbing the bucket of water, I head down to the kitchen to prepare something.


The smell of soup reached my nose, making me smile.

I’ve been coming and going from Zion’s bedroom back to the kitchen to cook.

I needed to be sure he was still asleep and in bed. I didn’t want him going berserk around the castle and making a mess of everything.

It was enough for a night.

Washing a plate, I stop. My head moves towards the boiling soup.

Are the prisoners down there eating?

I stopped washing the plates and dried my hands on a piece of cloth.

Turning around, I looked over my shoulder where the door was.

A chain with a lock stopped me from going further. It meant to stay that way so no one could know what was down there. But the thing was that I already knew, and now it called for me.

But how could I open it?

I needed the key for it, and if Zion had it, I would have to search for it.

The question was, were?

I bit my lower lip. Then, with a sigh, I turned and continued cooking.

Zion has to set them free.


“Better?” I asked Zion, who nodded silently. “Have some water.”

Zion took the water in silence.

I didn’t know what he was thinking. It was so hard to guess because he would occasionally look lost in thought, distant.

“Zion, I will go to the library,” I said, grabbing the empty plates. “I need you to stay here and get some rest.”

“Why are you going there?” Zion asked. His eyes following me.

I sighed and set everything back down. Then, taking a seat next to Zion, I grabbed his hands and squeezed them.

I need to find a way to help you. It’s for you.

It was half a lie.

“Stay,” Zion whispered while looking somewhere else.

I sighed and stood up. Leaning, I kissed his head.

“I will be back in an hour. Promise me to stay here,” I begged.

Zion’s pale face looked at me with hesitation. Didn’t he believe me?

“I’m not going anywhere, I promised you, remember?” I said, smiling.

Finally, he nodded. I pecked his lips, making him smile.

“Sleep, so you get better, all right?” I said, waving my hand.

Drying my hands on the cloth, I make my way to the library.

As Noah had suggested, I was making my way to the library to look for clues. Hopefully, I can find any.

Reaching the enormous doors, I slowly turn the handle which causes the doors to creak.

Dust flew everywhere, making me cough. It’s been a while since someone had cleaned this place; maybe I could clean it in the future.

I looked around the quiet place.

“Hello?” I voiced out. Why was I even saying hello? Surely no one would answer me.

Shaking my head, I walked down the small stairs and then to one of the hallways, where they displayed a few books about curses and magic.

My fingers graced the spine of each book. Some titles were in an unknown language, while others were simply related to magic.

I furrowed my eyebrows while searching for a specific book.

I knew my father used black magic on Zion. All the lights pointed to that, and Bishop Archer also confirmed it was dark magic.

My question now was what kind.

I wasn’t expecting to find any here since my father is a gypsy, and knowing how certain kingdoms thought of it as taboo assured me that maybe Noah never had this kind of book here. Nevertheless, he sent me here for a reason which confused me.

As I grabbed a couple of books, my eyes shifted to the end of the hallway where two familiar doors were.

Recalling my encounter with the ghost and Noah back then, I frowned. What if what I’m looking for is not her but inside that place?

I nervously set everything down on the table and looked towards the library entrance.

No one is supposed to come, and I ordered Zion to stay.

Taking a deep breath, I start to head towards the doors.

The air around me shifted as I got closer. I could even feel someone staring at me from somewhere between the shelves of books.

My hands nervously clasped my dress. What if it was a ghost again?

“Stop it, Mila!” I muttered under my breath.

As I stop in front of the door, someone chuckles behind me.

I shrieked in surprise and turned around. My head moved from side to side, but I was alone; there was no one.

Putting my hand over my chest, I closed my eyes so I could calm down.

“Are you all right?” a voice said, making me scream.

Bumping against the doors, I let out a scream.

Fear took over my mind making me scurry away from whatever was in front of me.

“W-who are you?” I asked, looking around, but I was alone again. So, where did that voice come from?

“Seriously, last time, you didn’t panic like that,” the voice said this time from behind me.

“Holy fucking gods!” I screeched and crawled away. “Can you stop doing that?”

“Doing what?” the voice said as I looked up the table where he sat. “You’re the one acting like a coward.”

“Y-You!” I screeched.

The ghost chuckled and got down to the table. His footstep surprisingly echoed in the room.

Wasn’t he a ghost?

“Here, let me help you,” he said, offering a hand.

I looked at it hesitantly.

“I won’t eat you,” he said. I frowned.

“No, thank you,” I said, shaking my head and dusting my clothes.

The ghost or whatever it was stood straight, studying my face as I fixed my hair.

“What?” I snapped.

“You looked different,” he said.

I cleared my throat, confused by his remark.

Did I look so different after four years?

“Why are you here?” I asked, dusting my hands. “Who are you?”

The man stared at me, bringing a smile to his face.

“Call me Theodore,” he beamed.

I blinked at him in confusion.

“Yes, I’m dead, a ghost,” Theodore said, turning his back to me. “I’m trapped here.”

“What?” I stuttered. “Trapped?”

Theodore smiled over his shoulder. A hint of sadness on the corner of his lips.

“I’ve been trapped here for over a century,” Theodore mumbled. “So Mila, or should I say, Saint?”

“Mila,” I answered.

“You’ve come in time,” Theodore said and moved to a nearby shelf pulling a big book out. “Here, this is what you’re looking for.”

“What? How do you-“

“King Noah sent you, right?” Theodore said as he eyed me. “This book has what you’re looking for.”

I moved to the book, but Theodore put his translucent hand over it before I could grab it.

I froze, confused by his behavior.

“Let me warn you, Saint. What’s inside this book isn’t for the weak heart,” Theodore whispered. “If you’re not careful, this may have its consequences.”

“May I ask why you say that?” I asked curiously.

Theodore gave me a side smile.

“That’s how I got trapped here in the first place,” Theodore explained. Then, moving his hand away, he starts to leave. “If you need anything, call me.”

I watched Theodore leave over my shoulder. His body disappeared through the darkness of the place.

How did he get trapped?

My curiosity was getting the best of me, but I had no time to waste.

I was turning my attention back to the dark, dusty book. I quickly trace the title.

“Dark Magicians,” I whispered to the air.

I took a seat and flipped through the first pages.


It’s been an hour, and my time was almost up. I promised Zion to return soon, but I had not found any clues.

Resting my cheek on my hand, I sighed.

So far, all the pages mentioned dark magic but nothing like the one Zion had.

It was strange because if Noah and Theodore said I could find anything here, it meant something. But what was I missing?

Sighing, I shut the book. My eyes roamed the small private room.

Strange books laid neatly organized on the shelves. Some had history, while others were about spells and magic.

Standing from my chair, I grab the book to place it back in its place. But, as I lifted my arms, something fell off the book.

I frowned, looking down at the floor where an envelope lay.

Making sure the book was in its place, I bent over and picked the yellow card up.

I flipped it over to see if there was a name, but strangely it was empty, not a single word or smudge.

I crooked my head while my hand rested on my hips.

“Strange,” I mumbled.

Shrugging, I place the envelope on the table and start to leave.

Before I opened the doors, I heard a rustling sound behind me.

My heart leaped as I snapped my head around.

The same envelope was again on the floor.

I hesitated in picking it up. What if it was a joke from Theodore?

“Theodore?” I whispered confusedly. I waited for him to appear, but there were no signs.

Walking over, I crouched and grabbed the envelope. Before I could stand, my vision black out, and I got transported somewhere.

I gasped as I frantically looked around. Then, feeling something in my hand, I looked down where I was holding the yellow envelope.

“What?” I muttered, confused.

Shaking my head, I look around me. I was no longer in the library. So, where was I?

My heart was beating like crazy as I tried to guess where I was.

Standing, I lean my weak body against the wall. I had lost all the strength in my body.

Closing my eyes for a while, I try to regain some strength. I felt suffocated and light-headed.

Once I started to feel better, I opened my eyes to the tiny flames dancing on the walls.

Where in the world was I?

I was tempted to call for someone, but I knew best that it was stupid. I was alone, and I could hear not a single sound.

Pushing myself from the wall, I start to walk around.

A few scattered clothes lay on a chair while some books were piled up on the floor. An enormous chandelier hung from the roof covered in cobwebs, and some well-lit torches hung from tall pillars.

The place looked majestic, yet it lacked life on it.

Looking back down at the pile of books, I grabbed one, dusted it, and read the cover.

~Black Magic~

My eyes almost balled out as I quickly went over the rest.

Kneeling on the dirty floor, I flipped through pages of magic spells and black magic used to enchant people.

A smile played on my lips as I read the word gypsy. It was what I was looking for.

Grabbing a few that looked important, I make haste to return to Zion. But my problem now remained, how would I escape this place?

I didn’t even know where I was.

Was I still inside the castle walls?

Feeling disoriented for a second, I shook my thoughts and focused on getting out.

I decided to follow the path which would hopefully take me somewhere else. However, as I quickly rushed down the trail, I realized the place looked familiar.

I scrunch my nose, stopping in my tracks.

“The dungeon?” I whispered as I recognized the place.

It was the same place Zion had everyone locked.

Running up the steps, I looked around until I saw Noah’s face.

“Noah!” I called, running to his side. “Noah!”

“Mila?” Noah said, confused. His eyes moved to my arms, where I was holding the books. “How-“

“I found the clues you told me,” I explained, interrupting him. “Listened, this,” I said and pulled the envelope. “It brought me here.”

“What?” Noah frowned.

“Yes, and down there, I found this,” I showed him, but Noah was still frowning.

Noah seemed he was trying to say something, but we got interrupted when a loud banging made us jump in fright.

I quickly stood, trying to find a place to hide.

“Hide Mila!” Noah hushed.

I nodded and found a wall. My ear was alerted of the footsteps that descended the stairs in a rush.

Hiding in silence wasn’t what I wanted. If it was Zion, I needed to check on him, to know why he was here.

As I peeked from the corner of the wall, a shadow covered my vision, making me scream.

The books dropped to the floor as my hands moved to my head.

“Let go!” I yelled while being dragged away.

Throwing me to the ground, I wince. Then, opening my eyes, I find Zion seething in anger.

His eyes were unfocused and covered with that black swirl.

“Zion?” I stammered in fear.

Zion moved and grabbed my arm, yanking me up.

“Zion!” I snapped, but he wasn’t listening. So I summoned my powers.

I had to make him regain consciousness. But before I could do anything, Zion pushed me again and stomped my hand.

I yelled loud as his shoe pressed on my hand.

“You lied,” his mixed voice said. “You promised.”

I could hear the pain mixed in Zion’s voice.

“You lied to me,” Zion said as he stumped harder.

I cried in pain.

“Stop, please!” I begged between tears.

Zion smiled and removed his feet.

I turn to the side, holding my wounded hand. Tears covered my face as a growl left my lips.

“I was heading back!” I retorted.

Zion bent over and grabbed my arm, forcing me up.

“Really?” Zion snickered. His eyes shifted to the cage where his brother was.

“Are you happy to see him?” Zion asked, making me frown.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“HIM, MILA, HIM! THAT BASTARD!” Zion yelled as he pushed me to the barred caged. “Happy to see this bastard?”

I gripped the metallic bars as he forced my face to Noah’s.

“What a beautiful reunion,” Zion hissed close to my ear. “Too bad you won’t see him again.”

I panted, confused. What did he mean not seeing him again?

Reaching for my arm again, Zion dragged me out of the dungeons.

I screamed, fighting him with my strength. But Zion wasn’t planning to let go.

As we reached the kitchen, Zion pushed the door and then pushed me hard, making me topple over a chair.

I winced as my head hits the corner of the chair.

“How dare you?” Zion said, clenching.

I looked at him, scowling.

“How dare I? How dare you to have your people locked down there?” I snapped. “They’re innocent, Zion.”

Zion started to laugh, a whole heart laugh.

“Innocent?” Zion said as his long legs moved. His hands were behind his back. “Those people are not innocent at all, my love.”

I furrowed my eyebrows.

What was he talking about?

“You see, they’re the ones who keep me here, locked, unable to set me free. So they keep pushing me!” Zion said, his face turning red from the anger. “I’ve been a prisoner all this time.”

I watched his face contort; small back veins protruded from his skin.

I cringe in fear.

“So no, Mila, they’re not innocent,” Zion smiled. I gulped, afraid of what he was capable of.

I glanced towards the exit of the kitchen. I could run away and hide somewhere. Maybe even return here.

“It’s not their fault,” I spat back.

My voice trembled as Zion chuckled. His voice sounded demonic.

As I watch him laugh, I dash out of the kitchen.

“Tsk, troublesome,” Zion muttered as I ran for dear life.

My feet dragged me up the second floor and straight to the opposite direction of the castle, where Zion wouldn’t usually stop.

Hiding behind a door, I take a deep breath. My eyes closed as my chest rose and fell.

Would I have to keep running?

I lowered my eyes to my hands. My left hand was bleeding from the wound Zion had inflicted.

It seemed he knew my hands were the ones who held my powers.

I sighed and leaned once again, my face staring at the red ceiling.

“Mila!” Zion’s voice echoed. “Don’t run, my queen.”

I flinched to the sound of Zion throwing things.

“You won’t escape. I won’t let you,” Zion said, laughing. “You can’t run away from me, my love.”

I looked towards the corner where his shadow was visible—turning back to the opposite hallway. I notice the doors and, in the end, two glass doors.

I frowned, realizing it was the doors that led straight to the garden.

It was my only choice left.

“Here goes nothing,” I muttered and dashed towards the doors.

Looking over my shoulder, I see Zion following me. He was close.

Grasping the handle, I threw both doors open, but Zion reached for my hair.

“No!” Zion hissed and slammed my head on the glass door.

I groan while my hands and arms try to protect my face.

Feeling his grip, I grab a shard and stab it on his leg.

Zion cursed as he let go, and I crawled. The different shards pierced my arms and legs.

“No, no, no,” Zion said, yanking on my leg. I screamed and turned to kick him.

I had no chance before he pressed his body over mine, suppressing my movements.

“Look at you,” Zion said while he stared at my face.

I pushed on his chest, but Zion pressed harder.

“Your beautiful face is bleeding,” Zion smirked.

Leaning, he grabs my face, holding my place. I shut my eyes as his lips kissed my bleeding forehead.

“Zion!” I yelled, but he only laughed.

“You smell divine,” Zion whispered near my neck. His breathing tickled my skin. “So delicious.”

I was panting hard as he lowered his face and kissed me under my ear.

“Perfect,” Zion mumbled and trailed kisses.

I wiggled in disgust.

“Yes, you’re perfect,” Zion said as he breathed me. I moved my face away from his.

Forcing me by the chin, I spit on his face.

Zion stopped moving and instead scowled.

Before I knew it, he had slapped me, the burning sensation making me blink in shock.

“If you don’t like it, then should I force it?” Zion whispered. “I don’t want to, but you leave me no choice, my love.”

Worried crept into my body as Zion sat up and pulled a rope from behind his pocket.

My eyes widened as I flipped and tried to run.

“No,” Zion grumbled and grabbed my hands.

I cried as he bent my arm awkwardly.

Tying me, Zion pulls me up. I cried in pain. What was he planning to do?

“I’m sorry for this, my love,” Zion said, moving some hair strands from my face. “But it’s time to teach you how to behave.”

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