a creaky pickle

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teh fedora brok in teh fedoro is scar-e

Mystery / Thriller
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teh fedoraing

it all started when mark woke up...

he inhaled the cool-dank air of late december.

teh air struck him as if he were a redheaded stepchild,

he shot up--wide awake instantly.

he could not release the air he had just inhaled, he blasted into the bathroom to throw some water onto his face.

as soon as he went into the bathroom--a horrid stench went into le noze.

he turned to find the culpret of said smell, and he saw a fedora...

the fedoro said to him "heer-yeeheeryee-, i am le fedorini. i hav com to keel ye and teek ye proportee."

mark was astonished, he reached behind his bacl and withdrew his katana and chacrged the fedoro.

the fedora tipped&dipped out of there.

after the fedoras narrow esacpe, mark knew tht le fedoro wood b a hooge ene-m3.

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