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The Complicated Road – A memoir

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How can you write your life in one sentence... So intricate with twisted fate, pain, sadness, yet GRACE... The Complicated Road... This is the beginning of the story about the courage of the girl with the broken smile... How can you write your life in one sentence... So intricate with twisted fate, pain, sadness, yet GRACE... The Complicated Road...

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

Times that Try One Soul

How can a man who has raised 7 children, one of which was a medical doctor, other, well still trying to scribble her indelible mark as a Software Engineer in one of the greatest countries on earth! How is that even possible? Such a noble man, who has worked hard, yes he did. He also did enjoy hard. He lived his life by the books, hoping he would reap all his rewards. My mom might argue otherwise, but he definitely had his own failings, who doesn’t. But I remember him as a noble and upright man. He was full of disciplined. He thought us so much. I learned most of my vocabulary from him. The only gifts I remember from him, are dictionaries, he wouldn’t give you otherwise. His brand is absolute quality education, discipline, and hard work. He would walk through the fire to give his children that. How can such a man be subjected to a life of condemnation, pain and poverty. Beats me. This man is my father. For years now, I have been bubbling with my story. My friends have been edging me on to vomit my creative writings to the world, my mentors have pinched my to get off my doubting horse and grab my laptop and just start writing, but then, I wasn't sure where to start, nor what to write. But on this Fall evening of 2016, as I fell into in a dungeon of sadness and pain that I couldn't retreat from, like I have been doing all this while... This is Adebimpe and this is my story...

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