Forever Quests

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Mystery / Erotica
Devin J. Matheny
Work in progress
Age Limitation:

Eternal Wonders Enthusiastically Mesmerized Be Medieval Rituals and Enveloping Silhouettes

Eternal Wonders Enthusiastically Mesmerized Be Medieval Rituals and Enveloping Silhouettes

Makeup smeared eyes in broken mirrors bloody tears of a twilight hexed valentine

Potions enveloped vicious silhouettes that fear her

Crossing my fingers the hour glass is done blowing a kiss

Echoes of chance emerge a prowler’s horrified fascination

Exotic low lives lurk beneath gloomy vengeance

Snarled chuckles drifted gullible escorts

Genuine anguish crept glorious amazements involved

Replicas astonished tranquil passenger’s instinct –

Barricades embrace as tremendous smugglers approached

Marvelous archways prevailed gleaming bewilderment

Excalibur optimist casually veered loathsome opportunities

Dusk expected gestures clench banished stowaways

Brutal depths eke a harmonic jesters’ glimpse

Triumphant terror howled towards spectacular cleverer bliss

High horse and carriages tip-toed as icky consumptions hissed…

Persuaded devastation invites curious nominees

Appealing ignorance marvels in traumatic grievances

Vulnerable empowerment intertwine mischievous characteristics’

Organized sophistications service rendered privileges

Naïve attitudes radiate estranged consulted magnitudes

Enforce formal, determined pledges to spontaneously clarify

Fanatic resources investigate evasive procedure’s

Fatigue sincere abilities examine motive

Equalizing skeptic credentials advanced formally

And manage obligatory theories intriguing

Vigorous positions that enthusiastically impress

Fertile dismissals to formulate prestigious sarcasm

Diagnose massive vulnerability with intimidate perspective

Exclusivity dominating alias invasions precisely gorged

Statuses to ensure accomplished debris of controlled chaos

Anonymously with menus of persuasive disposal…

Eternal Wonders Enthusiastically Mesmerized Be Medieval Rituals and Enveloping Silhouettes

Melancholic anticipation proclaimed benevolent

Unity, essential devotion remain spiritually indulged in

Significant (or) momentous proximity occasionally

Eliminated contingent tolerance. Responsible, pragmatic

Suggestions venture promoted interests in-inferior

Logistics encourage assisted vengeances magnificently

Practical that orderly occupies entwined conversationalists

Whisked idealistically into brilliant societies! Verifying

Remarkable enthusiasm agitates digestive coincidences

Juncture typically monopolizing apologetic competition’s

Acquiring frequent grievances’ secretly communicating

Absolute ethics grasped into eliminating transparent

Endorsements concerning scarcely, preserved collaborations

Announcing major navigational expressions devoted

To securing prerequisites’ entirely protested with

Narrowly ripped cringes that boycott vapid realists…

Primary surveillance and oriented testimonies reassure fluent

Involvement that admires sacred agendas by chanting astounding

Sacrifices with endless triumphant destructions-inevitability

Assembled features granting urgent profaned reverence, and

Critical organizations of compelled gestures. Solutions recognize

Crucial prophecies vaguely qualified necessary while motives

Isolate tolerances and travel coverage inherits anxious pacifists that maneuvered efficient, radicalized broadcasts

Before reviewing incinerated epitaphs and generous sanctuaries

And ignore diversional protocol’s, as assigned contro-vericial

Witnesses with automatic equilibriums ominously presenting

Ancient writings, emblems and decorative blemishes for

Direct purpose of prerogative concentration…

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