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The Pyramid and The Doves

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In the little city of Morgan Hill, Michigan Joann Hamilton is a girl in a town were things are not always as they seem. "If their is only one secret how many secrets were their made to keep that one secret?" - Marie Hayes

Mystery / Humor
A. S. Hartgroves
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Start of Another Day

The violent screams of the alarm clock woke Joann up with a start. As her heart raced, she swung around to look at the clock and groaned. It was 6:50 am and knowing well enough that if she didn’t get up she would be late. Joann rolled out of bed and went to put on some clothes. She put on denim bell bottoms, a pastel pink under-armor t-shirt, and pastel pink tennis shoes.

About 20 Minutes Later

Joann knocked at her mom’s door telling her she was ready. Grabbing her phone, backpack, Viola, and the keys to the moss-green Kia soul sitting outside the apartment. Joann scrolled through her Instagram feed sighing as all she saw were happy families. She gathered all of her stuff together and opened the car door

“Thanks, Mom,” She said trying not to sound sarcastic so she didn’t start a fight so early in the morning

“Your welcome, Honey, have a good day at school” Her mom responded way too cheerful for this early in the morning

Joann shut the car door before walking into the crowd of never-ending middle school children to find Abbie and Amy.

“There you are!” Amy called “We've been looking for you”

Amy Morrison is 5′2 and her personality makes up for what she doesn’t have in height. Her kindness is unmeasurable.

“It’s official, Joann showed up later than 7:00 am” Abbie teased

Abbie Stephens, 5′0 creative personality and an artist’s steady hands.

"Look at those pants! did you get a time machine and get them from the 2000's" Joann laughed

"Says the girl wearing bell bottoms on a Monday" Abbie tsked

"The bell bottoms are fine!" Joann retorted

"If your from the 70s" Abbie teased

“Oh, and Don’t trip on that rock,” Joann said as she walked away

“What rock?!” Abbie asked while she looked around panicked she tripped over her own feet

Joann chuckled as she walked away ignoring Abbie’s yells. A small smile crept up onto her face as restrained herself from laughing. As she approached Leo and his friend group. Only to be greeted by what looked to be a screaming match. Joann let out a long sigh giving up on the chance to have a quiet morning.

“Hey” Leo greeted his usual smile on his face

“Hey” Joann responded dripping with exhaustion

“Dominic and Gale are fighting again” Leo confirmed feeling as if it would never end

“Of Course, they are” Joann replied wishing it would stop for a couple of hours. But, nevertheless, it went on until the assistant principal Mr. Stratton shooed everyone inside to their advisory classes. Joann jogged up the crowded stairwell vigilantlty watching so she did not get trampled by the mob of 8th graders. She huffed as she squeezed her way into Mr. Dixon’s classroom. Joann took her seat in the 2nd-row 2nd desk. Abbie came in looking to kill and with a rip in her skirt. Her eyes browsed the room only to lock on Joann. Joann gulped as Abbie took her seat next to her. Joann looked away and pretend to be working on her math homework which she finished last night at around 11.

“So, how was your weekend?” Joann asked her voice quivering Abbie was not too happy with her for destroying her new pants.

“It was fine” Abbie countered malice dripping from every word

“That’s nice to hear” Joann responded as she was walking on eggshells right now trying her best not to start a fight

“Nice to hear WHAT that I’m dead” Abbie was taking a swing at Joann

" It’s good to know that you ‘care’ about me but not enough to stop being a dick for more than a couple of minutes ” Joann was stunned but not by much but it hurt enough to make her think who she should put her trust in


“Don’t you Abbie me, I do a lot for you and take a lot of shit for it too” Abbie whispered "The number of social bullets I have taken for you greatly outnumbers how times you have thanked me"


“Hours of my time wanted on your things because you can't bear to do it alone” She snapped

“Hey, you came on your own accord no one made you come” Joann retorted

“You would have been left alone with your diary ‘dear diary Joann did not want to hang out with I think we are growing apart’ ” Joann sneered

Abbie gasped “Wow. I can't even trust you to do one simple thing.”

“Well it sounds like someone lost all her friends” Joann sassed knowing well enough that the phones all around her were recording. Abbie lunged At Joann only pulling back when Mr. Dixon threatened to call Mr. Stratton. For the rest of advisory the two only silently fought with their eyes. Each glare is harder than the last

“You guys can go it’s 8:00” Mr. Dixon chimed like a clock with its chimes awfully out of tune. Joann was the first out of the room desperate to put as much distance between her and the hag claimed to be a teenage girl. She glared at the mural The 10-stick mural with 10 sticks pointing in a circle at the sun meant was to encourage kindness. The money was donated by the Hayes Family. Joann only rolled her eyes. It never stopped Levi from hurting another person. Joann rushed through the hall not stopping once to think about different friends' calls ringing within the 8th-grade hall. Only to be lost in the mob of students. The sound of shoes squeaking and people talking while taking up the whole hallway only pushed Joann to get to her next class sooner so she could this hell hole that they called a hallway.

She hurried to Mrs. Duvall’s class flinging open the door and grabbed her binder, sat down, and started writing the warm-up down. One of her good friends Delilah Hilton sat down next to her with her signature smile plastered on her face she gleamed like a kid who just received a gold star.

“Hello” Delilah sang like a canary.

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