Jane (original)

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Captured in white walls; she has to find out what happened to her when suddenly an unexpected person calls her name!

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Who Am I?

What have I done?

Where am I?

Around me are only white walls. There are no windows, no paintings, no colours. I have a single bed with a grey bed frame that has some bars at both ends. The room is small; about the size of a hotel room but only with a bed and a chair.

Everything is white, just simple and white.

Next to my bed is a door that is locked. I never saw it opening before. On the right side, there is another door that takes me into an, also white and simple, bathroom that fits a sink, shower, and toilette.

I don't know for how long I've been here but I slept for about 10 times. Every time I woke up, there was a tray with food on the chair. It is delicious with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meat. It's enough for the entire day for me to split it in multiple meals and I never saw anyone coming again. Hence, I'm not starving, but I also don't know from where and from whom this food comes from.

Since the first time I woke up in this bed, I am asking myself the same questions.

What have I done?

Where am I?

Who is keeping me here, and why?

What is behind this door?

The only object I have is a small piece of a mirror, about the size of a hand that I found under the bed. I'm hiding the piece under my mattress because I don't know why I have it and I'm sure whoever put me here will take it from me. The other day I recognized a tiny hole in the wall where I assume a mirror was hanging on a nail.

What has happened in this room before?

Sometimes, I stare for hours into the mirror and yesterday I thought I saw someone else for a second. I might get insane and should stop staring at it all the time. I hope by staring at myself I will find answers in my light blue eyes, which go along with my shoulder length, blond, straight hair.

There was it again!

This time I'm 100% sure my eyes changed to a greenish colour. What does that mean? What is happening to me?

Days went by without anything special. I ate the food I got after waking up, I thought about all the questions in my head and went to sleep again. I spent even more time staring at myself now and hoped it will show me more. For it to show me what happened. Who I am. Or why I'm here. But nothing has happened since days beside that weird dream I had for two nights so far. It is blurry and unclear and I don't understand it. I saw those green eyes in my dream, but no face, nothing else. Who do those eyes belong to? Why did I see them in the piece of the mirror, and now, also in my dreams?

Another couple days passed by and I'm already convinced those eyes are a hallucination of my locked mind. I'm probably already insane. I'm counting 15 nights so far without any contact to anyone besides the food arriving every morning. I even tried to stay awake to see who brings it without any success. I have nothing here beside this mirror and all I see is myself.

What was that?
Something changed for the fraction of a second. Then it was gone. What was it? I couldn't see it that quickly. There was it again. And again. My hair was black and my eyes were green. While I was holding the mirror with my left hand, I used the right one to grab some of my hair and pulled it in front of my head where I could see it. It was still blond. So why was this mirror showing me myself with black hair?

"Hi Jane!", my black-haired I said and I dropped the mirror shocked and scared.
What the ***** was that?
Did that just happened or am I completely insane now?

The moment stand

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