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Ascension book 3: Shadow Priest

By Crystonist All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller


Man and Magic live together in harmony for Centuries. The Ministry of Demonic Counter-Terrorism is in place to uphold that peace in the . Follow the Fallen Angel Robin Yates and The Weapons Master Melissa "Mel" Bisping the Ministry's best as they attempt to uphold order. Grigori Rasputin during the 1900s was consider the most danger sorcerer in the magical world.Until he was drowned on December 30 1914 in the Neva River. Over 300 years later the new Czarina begs the Ministry for protect from a Rasputin or a man claiming to be him

Chapter 1

ST. Peterburg, Russia 1916

The heavy snow of Russia beat down on on a man hugging the shadows.He was bundled up in a large coat, gloves, scarf and hat to combat the Russia elements. He tailed man in a black cloaked. This person was extremely tall and walked with a peculiar black cane that had runes craved into it. This man walked the major street ,while his pursuer stuck to the side streets alway staying out of sight. The streets and walls were littered with propaganda from the protesting Communists. The man stepped into a tavern. The man in pursuit was stopped by a brown cat with a gold collar. It looked up at him and lifted a paw.

" Barchiel be careful you are dealing with Rasputin the most dangerous warlock from the Nightmare Order. We have tried at least 5 times to take him out...” Barachiel put a large gloved hand up.

“I will kill him as requested, and I am pretty good at killing people if you haven’t heard. So let me handle this please!!” He snarled at the cat.

Barchiel crossed from the alley to the tavern. The places was dark filled with the smell of lust and vodka. He removed his hat to reveal his short white hair and his light brown skin. He removed his glove and coat to hang them all up on the communal hooks next to the door. He stretched cracking his back and neck. He took a seat at the table in the corner. He watched as his victim peel off his cloak’s Hood to reveal a dead eyed man with a scruffy beard and long black hair. A woman with what looked to be red hair led him to a back room behind some curtain. Barchiel Scoffed at the thought of killing a “dangerous sorcerer” in a whore house.

“More like a human quenching his vices” he snickered to himself.

He was touched by a bald woman with a delta symbol painted on her neck. She had a lovely smile paired with pink translucent wings. She wore a very revealing toga that was noticeable in the dark room. She pushed the table back so she had more room. She sat across his lap running her long fingers nails across his neck.

" What is a creature like yourself doing this far north.” She asked just before licking his ear. Robin smiled at her charm.

" To indulge my favorite sin that only the women of St. Petersburg can satisfy.” He whispered while kissing her neck.

" I think I have the right accommodations.” She whispered seductively.

She lead him by the hand to a curtained doorway and down a short hallway. The short stretch was filled with moans of pleasure. She sat him down in a large room that filled with couchs.

" Could you please wait here while I retrieve the key for our room.” She said blowing him a kiss. He crossed his legs and waited patiently. He saw his target Rasputin walk out of a side room and into another room across from where he was sitting. She returned gesturing him to follow her into the room next door to Rasputin’s. She pushed him in playful. The room was lit with a red light. He sat on the bed removing his boots. she sat in his lap.

" Your after the shadow priest that is in the next roomor are you hear to ravish me demon of the sky.” Robin grinned at her words.

" Pretty fairy like yourself should only be concerned with the business of whore ,and shouldn’t ask demons like me questions.” He answered while pulling off her toga.

“I’m a whore by circumstances just like your a Demon by circumstances.“she shot back just before biting his neck to feel his warm blood run down her chin.

He pushed her head away just before sitting her on the bed next to him.

" My dear Caligula himself would envy the night I have planned for you.“He whispered as his lips almost touched hers.

He walk through the wall. On the otherside Rasputin was being rode by what looked to be a Cheetah humanoid. She leaped across the room in fear Barchiel’s appearance.

Rasputin popped up only to be struck in the chest by a bolt of blue lightning. He gave Bachiel a toothy smile.

" Not enough assassinate .”

A dark cloud grasped Barchiel slinging him through the wall he entered from. Rasputin still nude leaped up grabbed his Staff and sprinted out of the room.

Barchiel quickly rebounded to give chase. Rasputin still naked ran out on to the freezing streets of St. Petersburg ,while Lightning bolts whizzed passed his head. Barchiel still in pursuit grew a pair of ebony wings ,and launched himself in the air With one hard flap. Now that he was airborne he could see his target was coming up on the Yusupov palace. He knew if Rasputin got inside it would be impossible to complete his objective.

When Rasputin Reached for the Gothic style handle of the palace he was speared by Barchiel. The still nude Rasputin recovered chanting a spell ,but was interrupted by bolt of lightning jumped from Barchiel hand knocking him near the edge of the Malaya Nevka River. Rasputin restarted his chant when hand made from the fridged waters grabbed him. .

" I’m alittle ashamed of you Grigori...” he was cut short by Rasputin’s spitting in his face.

" I was going to give you the courtesy of an open casket funeral ,but I think Russia has been over do for a witch burning. ” Barchiel words turned the Water hand that held Rasputin into a raging black flame. He was engulfed in the flame

Barchiel smiled as he walked back toward the brothel. Rasputin immediatly leaped into the River hoping to douse the fire.

" Won’t help only your death will quench that flame.” He laughed.

The next morning he awoke in the brothel to be greeted by th fairy from the night before. She hand him a news paper and to his delight he saw plastered in all over the front page newspaper “Dark priest Grigori Rasputin drowned in freezing river.”

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