Ascension book 3: Shadow Priest

By Crystonist All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 10

Mel cheetah paws slammed on marble floor in pursuit of Ventress. She shoved the Czarina in a van and hopped in. The van peeled out of the Mosaic driveway. Mel cut through the lawn in front of the palace. She uttered a spell making her move faster. They pulled out into a busy intersection. Mel leaped from car to car behind the van that weaved in and out of traffic. The back door opened revealing a werewolf with an Uzi. He recklessly fired shot at me and the motorist behind them.

“ Whistle” Mel whispered. An arrow made of jade about 3 feet long slammed into the werewolf eye. He howled in pain falling out onto the street. He was crushed by a semi truck that was behind the van. Ventress came out of the back of the van with an RPG.

“ Fuck” Mel groaned. She shot the RPG. Mel spat some Latin making the RPG vanish into a black hole.

Ventress shouted something in Mandarin. The van made a turn into a back alley and stopped. Ventress hopped out in Chinese armor. She clutched broadsword with red horse hair tassels. Mel still in cheetah form turned down the alley. She growled at Ventress who simple smiled back.

“ What say we make this interesting" she hissed. Out of the brick walls materialized Terra Cotta soldiers. Hundreds of them pulled themselves out of the wall and the ground. All of them carried a stone bow and a quiver of arrows. They all took aim at Mel with their bows.

“ Let see how fast you are miss cheetah.” She shouted. She and the van were swallowed up by the earth. Solider cam out of the ground. The army of stone archers loosed their arrows at her. Mel skillfully ducked and dodges the arrows as she ran to the other end of the alley. The van emerged out of the earth and was off again. Mel was back in pursuit now she was being chased by the deceptively fast stone soldiers. Some were even in chariots still firing arrows at her as she gave chase.

“ Full testudo “ She shouted. A wall of Roman shield halted the stone solider. They shattered on contact. Mel blew a sigh of relief as more and more solider pulled themselves out of the earth.

“ Fuckin’ hell these things” Mel groaned in annoyance. She uttered more Latin making large pilus appear above her. On flew at the front tire sending the van out of control making it flip multiple times before crashing into a light post. The soldiers quickly pulled themselves out of the ground surrounding the van with stone shields and swords.

“ Good doctor have you no more experiments for me” Mel growled in her cheeta. Her body transformed back to her normal form. She still wore her blue strapless dress. She kicked off her heels and cracked her neck.

Ventress kicked the back door off of the Van emerging her clutching her broadsword enraged. Mel pulled out a crooked wand out her cleavage. It glowed as the Terra Cotta soldiers creaked closer to her.

“ Entangle.” Mel whispered. The solider sprouted vines out of their cracks before becoming immobilized.

“ Now we are finally alone.” Mel said giving the battered Ventress a wink.

“ I am never alone” she roared. A loud crashed came from behind them in a woodland area. Then a loud cry shook the ground beneath them. Out of the woods lumbered a massive cockatrice. The crown was black with jagged edges. the abomination squawked at Mel. It’s body covered in blackish feathers and scales. It's beak was crooked with a streak of red down the side. It had the eye of a serpent and the claws like a falcon. It tail flared up as it inched closer to Mel.

“ Giant rooster” Mel said with a grin. The creature leaped at Mel talons beared. She leaped back waving the wand creating large mass of water. The water washed over the monstrosity then froze instantly.

“ Discutio” She shouted. The Cockatrice shatter in an instant. Ventress frowned as the street light flickered. Mel bolted toward her only to grasp at nothing. She spun around looking back and forth. She reached for the van door. The Czarina laid unconscious on the over turned van wall. Mel reached in to hoist her out when Ahmed voice touched her ear.

“ The puppeteer is still pulling the strings dinner may be your last meal.” his words hissed in her ear.

“Ahmed if you can hear mean who is the puppet master.” Mel whispered back.

“ The Shadow priest!“ It said back in a grave whisper. Mel snatched up the Czarina, and sprinted back to the castle.

Back at the Polish castle that was in an inferno. Robin’s body burned a bright green. Azazel grinned slowly faded when he heard faint laughter. The smoldering body slowly rose reaching for the Sabre hilt. Azazel quickly stomped on the inflamed arm.

“ You will die do you hear me brother!!!” He hissed stabbing Robin’s burning hand. A charge of electricity shot up the Sabre in his back. The blade splintered sending hot shrapnel all over the room. Azazel leapt back dodging the electrified pieces. Robin’s burning body rose moving slowly toward Azazel.

“ Brother your flames have gotten weak.” he said with a smile. He simply brushed his face to extinguish. His tattered suit not even slightly burned. Robin’s mighty scythe reappeared in his hand. It hiss in delight as lightning slithered down his arm. Azazel smiles at the sound of lightning crackling.

“ Oh mighty Barachiel are you going to crack the sky?” asked he with a sinister grin.

“ I don’t think it will be necessary!” he shouted bolting at Azazel.

Rasputin blew a cloud of purple smoke from behind Robin. Azazel saber cut through the cloud igniting the smoke feeding the already burning palace. Robin ducked the slash, but had to parry a club swing from Rasputin. Robin created a field of electricity blew them both back. Azazel flung a saber at a Robin’s torso. He leaned slightly to the left.

“ The Chaotic Azazel can’t strike me down” Robin proclaimed as lightning arched of him.

The Palace’s precious artifacts melted under the tremendous heat. Azazel smirked at the challenge. He inhaled and blasted another wall of flames. Rasputin morphed back into his Wyvern form fleeing through the palace ceiling. In a had swing he cut through the intense. He turned to see Rasputin burrowing through the ceiling. He sprouted his golden wings propelling him through the burning building. Azazel grew a pair of bat wings to follow them both through the hole.

Robin slammed his scythe’s tip into the spine into the Wyvern’s spine. It plummeted back in to the burning palace Azazel was struck by the falling body. The sky lit up as a bolt of lightning shot into the burning palace. Robin landed on the lawn of the palace, as the burning palace struggled to stand under the inferno. Out of the flames walked a severely burned Rasputin. His face was missing the left check exposing the bones and face muscles. He lumbered out slowly toward Robin. He hissed a Russian spell making another purple cloud appear.

“ Angel please kill me!!!” he pleaded. Robin flinched at the request. The smoke healed Rasputin body. His pleading changed back to an arrogant smile. Azazel stabbed Robin in the back again. His entire saber skewered him.

“ Brother twice you let your guarded down.” he whispered with malice.

“ What makes you think I wasn’t ready?” Robin asked in a sober tone. In a swift downward chop he broke the blade. Robin grabbed the airborne blade shard slashing Azazel’s throat. He staggered back clutching his neck, while it leaked black blood. In a hard throw he launched the shard at Rasputin. It struck him hard in the chest. In a grasping gesture Robin made Rasputin’s body swiftly gravitate toward his closed fist. Azazel still clutching his throat materialized another saber. He lunged toward Robin thrusting his blade. He vanished forcing Azazel to stab Rasputin. The look of horror on his face when the blade punctured Rasputin’s body. Azazel tried to pull his blade out of Rasputin, but was frozen in place.

“ Barachiel! What have you done to me?” Azazel shouted.

“ Order to your chaos!!” he said with a smile. The sky flashed just before a final bolt of lightning struck them both. Azazel turned to ash just before fading away. Rasputin was still impaled by the saber. He looked at Robin with a pained look.

“ This is finally.” He sighed in relief. He faded to ashes. Robin looked upon the burning palace slowly collapsing on itself. The wailing sirens of emergency services closed in on the palace. He waved his hand and all the guest from the ceremony reappeared. He blew at the burning palace to extinguish the flames. The bystanders watch him in awe. Robin looked at the destroyed palace in disbelief.

“ Chaos little brother has just begun.” Azazel’s sinister whispered to Robin.

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