Ascension book 3: Shadow Priest

By Crystonist All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 11

Mel made it back to the palace. She was shocked to see the once grand castle in shambles. The symbol of Polish might now ruins. Mel carried the Czarina in her arms. A paramedic scooped her up from Mel. There were ambulance and fire trucks everywhere. She looked around through the crowd of people for here partner. She found him sitting on the marble railing looking at the palace. He looked upon the castle with immense sorrow.

“ How is her majesty?” He asked her never taking his eyes of the burned palace.

“ The paramedics are checking her out. She is unconscious but still alive.” She answered.

Mel looked him up and down his tuxedo severely tattered.

“In 1683 Jan the third drove back the Ottoman Empire in the battle of Vienna. He was Called the Lion of Lechistan by his Ottoman advise. I wish I could have saved this place it stood for a couple thousands years. Now it will be The Hanging Garden of Babylon of our day.” He said making a replica of the gardens out of electricity. Then it vanished in an instant.

Mel nodded in agreement as she looked back at the ceremonies guest. Her eyes darted through the crowd looking for this shadow priest Ahmed warned her about.

“ Robin have we had dinner yet?” She asked. He looked at her puzzled.

“ Food after all this! Are you daft?!.” he shouted at her. Mel glared at him. Ahmed voices whispered on the polish wind.

“The priest shall dine with you”

“Ah I get it, but I’m getting real tired of this cryptic bullshit.” he groaned. He muttered a long spell of Aramaic.

The body of Ahmed manifested before them in a tan robe. His figure was translucent and shimmered under the moonlight. He looked at Robin with a grin.

“ Thank you old friend” he said with a smile.

“ Ya ya ya Words of gratitude. What are you going up against?” He mocked in annoyance.

“ I don’t know what he looks like, but he is using that girl as a puppet. He is a master necromancer and shadow interpreter.” He answered cutting his eyes at Robin.

“ I feel like we have done this before with Ripper. Royalty, Necromancers kidnapping it deja vu. “ Mel groaned as Khabib walked up.

Ahmed’s spectrum began to shudder as he grew closer. Robin waved a hand making his old friend vanish in an instant.

“ We will be departing in the morning so go back to the train and get some sleep you two.” He said with a smile. Mel stretched her to crack her back.

“ Ya I could use some sleep.” She said with a yawn. She waved a hand, and all three were back on the Czarina’s train. Robin opened the door to the compartment. Mel walked down to hers. When Robin sat on his bed pondering the events before him. He quickly teleported to Mel’s room. She was reading another book on demon and creatures in Russia. She wore a tank top and basketball shorts.

“ Something keeping you up old boy?” she asked never looking up from her book.

“ Ya Rasputin wasn’t a human puppeteer back in those days. He was a master of dark magic but not that kind. It was one of the biggest taboos among even warlocks. So this person that Ahmed described is someone from a new generation of warlocks.” He said reflecting.

“ We have a couple hours until this awful escort mission is over. They will be in Russia. We will be back at the ministry, and I will begin that vacation.” Mel reassured him.

“ Mel when I was in the Czarina dreams I think I found out she wasn’t human. She may be a shell of some sort. My niece helped us out of her nightmare.” Mel tossed her book onto the floor in annoyance.

“ Are you serious. Why can’t she just be a normal human girl lying about her royal status. I am getting exhausted. Vampires in Rome, Zombies in England and now puppets in Russia...” Time stopped freezing Mel and Robin in place. Their eyes were the only thing that moved. Azazel roses out of the shadows on the floor.

“ Oh brother why must you meddle in my affairs.” He growled. He drew his Sabre rubbing it across Robin’s face. His body melted in seconds upon contact. Azazel gasped when he saw his brother become a puddle. Mel managed to grin through the powerful spell.

“ Oh the witch can muster a smile aye?” he asked brushing her face. She gave a bleak smile when he met her gaze.

“ Such a beautiful being yet you are helping my fallen brother. Do you know why he became a fallen? It because...” his words were cut short by the crackle of electricity.

“ Azazel you always knew how to push my buttons.” He barked at him. Azazel spun swinging his blade at Robin. He ducked the attack grabbingAzazel by the through. He whispered a sentence to Azazel in Aramaic. Lightning erupted from his hands sending Azazel into the wall.

“ Brother the priest has already won” He cackled trying to stand up. Mel collapsed still unable to move.

“ Robin behind you!” Mel gasped. Robin spun around to look out of the train window. Rasputin in his Wyvern form speed toward their train car. He dove to the left as the monstrosity slammed the car. The creature bit into the wall peeling metal back with its powerful jaw.

“ Mel start the train!!” Robin shouted. She struggled to get up. Azazel stabbed at Mel as she tried to get up. In a swift rolling motion she dodged the blade. She whispered a few words and vanished in a puff of smoke.

“ I finally get my dance.” Azazel laughed as he vanished as too.

Mel appeared inside of the engine car. She was inches away from the doorknob when a blade cut through the air. She utter some words to make a revolver materialize in her left hand. Azazel smile and saber both gleamed a similar madness. Mel took a shooters stance and fired one shot. Azazel laughs while attempting to deflect the bullet. When it collided the bullet sprouted into a mass of trees and vines entangling him. He fell to the floor wrapped in vines. Mel turned the doorknob to be greeted by a contorted body with a gaping whole in it chest. Azazel hissed as he flopped on the floor on the outside.

“ Those vines are hellfire proof!” She shouted over her shoulder. She studied to controls before pushing up on a lever. The train jerked forward. My was whipped forward. The revolver hit the floor and bounced under the control panel. When Mel reached down a Chinese broad sword cut the air. The blade cut a few strands of her red hair. Mel looked up to meet Ventress gaze.

“Get back” Mel shouted. A force pushed Ventress toward the door. When she reached the door frame she hurled the long sword at Mel. The blade grazed her shoulder while lodging itself into the glass windshield behind her. The force closed the door in front of Ventress. Mel quickly went to the floor snatching up her revolver.

“ fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.” She chanted frantically as she loads the weapon with clear bullets. The steel door began to melted, and a set of claws wreaked through door like butter. Mel cracked his neck training her weapon at the door.

“ Fighting in a phone booth” she said with a grin scanning the 4-foot by 3 foot room. Claws ripped the door off of the frame. Snaring on the otherside was a beast with green skin and long matted hair. The beast rushed into the room sling it claws in that gashed the train controls. Mel took two shots with her revolver that creating a web of vines. The beast was entangled in the vines. Mel pressed the revolver to the middle of its forehead. A swing of a blade from behind decapitated the abomination before Mel could. Azazel stood in the doorway with a menacing grin.

“ What a lovely witch I don’t wish for you to be harmed by such an abomination and this is where We take our leave.” He said with a sigh.

As he walked down the hall Sabre in his hand. He glanced back while walking through a smoke doorway that rose from the floor.

“ Why are you leaving” Mel Shouted sprinting after him.

“My dear I sew seeds of chaos not malice. I am done here.” He snickered vanishing through the doorway. Mel dove toward the gateway only for it to dissipate. She slammed her fist on the train floor while swearing.

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