Ascension book 3: Shadow Priest

By Crystonist All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 2

Present day ( more or less)

Robin awoke in his bedroom to the pitter patter Lisbon drizzle. He reached to turn on the lamp that sat atop his night stand. One swift pull of the cord, and the bulb flashed to life and back out. He groaned in annoyance as he rolled out of bed with his blanket still wrapped around him kicking discarded clothes on his floor. He hit the wall switch for the room light. He flinched at the burn of the light. He pulled open the door with his sheet covered hands. The hallway was cold but refreshing. He trudged down the hall to his bathroom still wrapped. He pushed the door open with his forehead,and to his surprise a woman was sitting on his toilet.

“ To whom might you be?” He asked in a pained voice.

“ I’m Bruna we met last night at the Hellhound.” She stammered with a nervous smile with a wave of his hand she vanished.

“Not having that this morning.” He sighs as he began to brush his teeth.

His cellphone began to ring loudly back in his bedroom.

“ Answer!” He shouted with a mouthful of toothpaste.

A picture of a Red head woman with a deep scar on her left check appeared.

“ Good morning ass hat.” she grinned showing a mouth full of white teeth.

“ Good morning jackass also who the fuck is Bruna?” Asked right after spitting.

“ A good time I would hope.” She answered biting into a donuts.

“Yes a good time. The bitch was pooping in my house.” He said frowned up when he glanced down at his toilet. He flushed the waste and put his head under the faucet to rinse his mouth.

“ So what do you know about the Nightmare Order? ” She asked just before taking another bite.

“ Well lets see I killed all but one before the End of the First World War. He was a friend and I got him a pardon.” He reminisced.

A picture of an old man in a Sikh head dress decorated in strange Russian letter. His face carved deep with wrinkles.

“Ahmed Mustafa the forgiving” she paused at the name when she saw the visible change in Barchiel face.

She continued.

“He’s dead.”

He remembered that he and Ahmed watched the Rise of The Byzantium and the fall of the Ottomans. He was ancient and incapable of dying just like him, but under different circumstances.

She continued ” He was found in his home in Munich with the words in Russia ” As long as Romanov blood flows...”

“ I shall walk the shadows” they said in unison.

“ How did you know?” She asked raising a reddish brown eyebrow.

“ Well those are the words the Dark lord Rasputin shouted when he was hauled out of Tsar Hapsburg court had him carried out.” He answered

“ You mean Tsar Nicholas ?“she retorted.

“ I believe it King George V. Who cares near about every Dynastic Romanov that could contest the throne are dead.” He chuckled.

“Well I don’t like Royals either but we are playing babysitter for them when he finally return to St. Peterburg or Moscow. I’m not sure where they will have this whole coronation thing.” Mel groaned slightly annoyed.

“Ugh Mel I don’t want to go to eastern Europe every time I’m there something ridiculous happens. Where shall I meet you.” He moaned

“The London branch of the Ministry we are getting briefed by some Russian ambassador. He is going to escort us introduce us to her in Paris future majesty.” She said glancing down at their itinerary.

“Mel are you downstairs?” He asked studying her image.

“Yes on your ottomans where I sciss.”

“No stop a simple yes was all that I needed” he yelped to cut of here egregious comment. He ended the call, and he left his guest bathroom still wrapped in a blanket. He slowly trudged through the hall in addition to his slow walk he kept hearing a voice.

“ Don’t leave France Barchiel evil of the old world lurks past the Balkans.” It whispered. He looked around before he spoke back to the voice.

“Angelic trumps all magic and beings of this world over and under.” He whispered back.

“ I do not worry about you nor your partner I worry of her majesty.” It answered shaken.

“ Rasputin won’t be a problem I will personal see to his death again.” He growled.

“ Brother Angelic there is more to this Romanov versus Rasputin thing than you know. If you set foot in St Peterburg the chaos of the Romanov curse and the dark priest will do the will of the Duke. Heed my words old friend please.” The voice faded out.

“ Ahmed thank you for the warning, but I haven’t got a choice.” He grinned while he worked his way down the stairs.

Mel sat on a maroon sofa with her feet up on a low sitting table. The living room was decorated with all types of furniture from different era of different kingdoms. In her lap was a box of glazed donuts. There were only 4 left.

“ Morning Robin how was your evening last night you sly dog” she joked.

“ Bruna, Portuguese. French born will die in 16 years of a severe stroke on a plane to see here granddaughter.” He said in a cold voice.

“Do you really know that is how she will die.” She asked curiously.

“ But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” He grinned still thinking about the voice he hoped was Ahmed.

“ Well while I was waiting for you I did make coffee.” She said while flicking her wrist. Two cups of coffee and saucers floated to the table. Robin sat on the floor still wrapped up. he eyed the cup and it rose to his mouth. He took a slow sip.

“ Mel I was contacted by Ahmed.” Mel looked up at him in confusion.

“ OK what did he say” she said still baffled.

“He doesn’t want us to go to St. Petersburg. He thinks that this girl that is supposed to be Czarina or Tsarina however the fuck you say it will be stricken by the Romanov curse.” He said gravely.

Mel analyzed his word before speaking.

“Isn’t the Romanov curse just a myth a bunch of (Russia) fairy tales?”

Robin shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t fucking know I hate that part of the world remember!” He grinned.

Mel gave a scowl after she waved a had to materialize a cube of sugar. It plopped into the coffee. The liquid stirred in the cup and stopped.

“ Well we need to get a move on we have to get this damn briefing before we step out. So get dressed.” she said still scowling. He snapped his finger and he was in a pair of dark jeans and a Red t-shirt under a zip up jacket. He stood up and motioned to the door.

“ After you madam.” He smiled while bowing

Munich 48 hours earlier.

Ahmed sat in his Zen garden meditating. In front of him was a scimitar rotating slowly. In the background he heard foot steps.

“ What is scum like you doing out in the daylight?” Ahmed asked the figure walking up.

“ Only doing what I should have done centuries ago.” It hissed at him.

“ Rasputin what do you hope to accomplish today?” He asked in a calm voice.

“ I hope to save the future of the Romanov family and regain my honor.” He sighed as he fell to his knees next to Ahmed. Rasputin had a bald head and a thi bushy beard. He wore a black tunic with purple designs that reached his bare feet.

“ I was pit under some sort of mind control when the curse was casted,then that angel killed me...” he trailed off when he heard a slow clap in the background. A man and woman with red skin emerged from thin air. He continued to clap. The man wore an all black suit with a red tie and pocket square. The woman wore a dark blue body suit. She also wore a strange visor.

“Well well look who took a hundred years to wake up. Too bad you won’t get that redemption.” He snickered at Rasputin.

The woman materialized a Shashka that had a horse head hilt. She lunged at Ahmed first. He never opened his eyes,but his scimitar parried the blade.

“Rasputin run” he whispered. Rasputin nodded and bolted toward the wall at the back of Ahmed garden. The woman nodded at her well-dressed partner. The man in the suit faded into nonexistence.

Ahmed scimitar slashed and parried the woman weapon. In a hard swing she knocked the Scimitar aside and dashed toward Ahmed who seemed unfazed. The simple raised a had and an arrow struck her in the knee. She was stopped in her tracked. Another arrow struck her in the arm forcing her to drop the saber. She screamed in pain. She glared at him her blue eyes began to glow.

“ A poor performance from the once feared Ahmed.” She smiled.

He opened his eye and met her gaze with a smile.

“ I think your performance was sub par assassin.” He laughed while pulling an identical Shashka from his back.

“ But I was only an understudy to the leading lady miss basilisk’s blood.” She spat.

Ahmed eyes widened as blood rushed out of his mouth just before he fell forward.

Rasputin ran down the back alley hoping put distance between himself and the assassins. He tried to utter a spell, but his magic was useless. A voice spoke to him as he ran.

“ Rasputin why most you make things so hard.”

He ran right into the man in the suit.he fell back into a puddle. The German sun slowly set. It cast a shadow on the man. The only visible features on him was his yellow eyes.

“ Grigori Rasputin dark priest turned to healer to the Russian royal family. You are not following the rules of Chaos so I had to give you alitte push in the correct direction.” He said in a calming tone.

“ What do you want from me and what are you?” He shouted at the man.

“ I am the Fallen Angel of Chaos Azazel enforcer to the Duke himself. You have a debt to pay and I am only here to collect. It looks to me that you are the only collateral worth anything.” When he finished Rasputin figure went flat. The flat image folded itself up then leaped in into his interior pocket. The woman appeared next to him.

“ Jade I’m glad that was easy now to go see the puppet master to begin preparations.” He smiled.

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