Ascension book 3: Shadow Priest

By Crystonist All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 5

Robin waited for Mel at the table. Mel plopped down in her seat to see her food waiting for her. She cut into her steak and took a bite. She nodded at the flavors. Robin rolled his fork in a plate of shrimp alfredo. They both eat quietly watching looking around the empty dinning car.

" I think a private jet would have been safer and faster.” Mel said starting to cut into her second tuna steak.

" That makes too much scenes Mel. It is the season for Royal stupidity?” He groaned while a waiter removed his empty plate only to add another full one.

" We have about an hour til Paris..” she paused.

" what do you think wait for us?” she asked.

He watched as the English country passed them by. He started to daydreamn not answering her. He saw a woman in a robe and a little girl with snow white hair. He grinned at them right before a slash cut the woman down. The little girl runs toward him.

" Robin!” Mel shouted. He snapped out of it.

" I’m not sure.” He answered trying to play off his little episode.

" What do you see or think about when you space out like that?” She asked pushing away her food.

" I see all the worst thing I ever done replay in my head over and over.” He said in a grim tone.

" It not my place to ask but what happened?” She asked disinclined to his answer.

" It was a day I wasn’t able to protect someone I loved and for that she and her family will always hate me.” He sighed visibly distressed.

Khabib entered the dinning striding over to the two. The both looked at him breaking the tense.

" We will be pulling into Gard du Nord in less than an hour. I will be briefing the Czarina about our tour in Paris.” Khabib said with a slighty patronizing tone.

They followed Khabib back to there seating compartment. The Czarina was dressed in a light colored dress with a complementing hat. Khabib closed the shades and a projection of the Louvre.

" First her majesty will tour the Louvre with the French president, the EU chairman and the Head of the Royal Society.” He paused as the Russian Embassy appeared.

“We will next hold a conference with all the royals of Western and eastern Europe.” Mel and Robin eyes wided.

" Are you fucking serious!!! This has Murphy’s Law written all over it. We have all the royal kings and queens of all these nations in one fucking place. The idiocy why?” Mel shouted at them.

" Miss Bisping watch your tone!“Khabib shouted.

“Oh yes I will watch my tone with the child that can’t even tell me what Royal house she was from.” Mel shouted turning to Alexandria.

“Speaking of which what one might that be?” She growled. The Czarina was in tear from Mel’s shouting. Khabib grab her by the shoulder. In a swift motion she had Khabib forced up against the wall.

“Let knock it off.” Robin said separating them.

" Look we are putting alot of people endanger with this Grand Tour.” Robin said calmly. Mel sat back down and sighed.

" as I was saying then we will spend the night in Paris. Make our why to Warsaw. Where we shall receive a peace offering from the staff of Ivan the Terrible from their government. Finally we will make the final trekk to St Petersburg to begin her majesty coronation.” Khabib rubbed his shoulder. A voice came over the intercom.

“Now approaching Gard du Nord in 15 minutes.”

Robin heard another whisper from Ahmed.

" Brother angelic be very vigilante in Paris. Robin nodded at the voice.

The fifteen minutes flew by and they arrived at the station. A crowd of people and paparazzi snapping pictures.Khabib Lead the Czarina out first. Mel and Robin followed behind them. They reached the exit where the roar of the crowd was deafening. They were greeted by a french dignitary. He shook Khabibs and bowed to the Czarina.

" Hello your Highness my name is Hugo ,and I will be taking you to the Louvre for the tour.” He said with a smile. He lead them toward the exit. A unriped apple was flung from the crowd at the Czarina. Robin caught it and crushed it in his grip. Then venomous chant began.

" Russia need a Democrat not an Aristocrat.” They shouted in french.

In the crowd stood Azazel in a hoodie and sweat pants. “The Czarina is in route to the Louvre. Begin the Nightmare.” He grinned when he said those words.

Atop the Gard du Nord was another woman. She had a Slash across her right eye. She was looking through the scope of a high caliber rifle. She watched as the Czarina enter a Limo with three others. She loaded the rifle with a hollow point. She fired the deafening shot. It hit a man with white hair in the back of the head. The Limo speed off.

" I got one I missed the Czarina send the hounds to clean this up.” She said pulling the bolt to send the hot casing flying.

On the ground chaos people running around screaming. Inside the limo Robin groaned in annoyance. The bullet fell out of the back of his head and the wound closed up. a man in a suit rushed toward the limo turning into a werewolf. Claws beared he took a swipe at the Czarina. Mel pulled out a silver Smith and Wesson Revolver. She blasted him between the eye blowing the back of his out. Another tried to grab her from the passenger window. Mel took another shot clipping the second beast. Robin kicked the door off sending the second flying. He stepped out of the car his Jet black scythe appeared in his hand. three more Werewolves rushed him. In a hard swing lightning crawled toward them. There bodies stiffened up and collapsed. Another shot rang out striking the limousine. Mel looked scanned the Nord rooftop frantically. She saw the glint of the shooters scoop.

" Robin in going to play sniper hunter” She shouted.

“Make it count!” He yelled back as he ducked another shot. The Parisian swat teams where on the scene. a Rpg round screamed from behind them. Robin threw his scythe stiking the projectile stopping it from exploding.

Mel ran up the side of the Nord. The sniper gasped when She jumped pasted the barrel. The sniper pulled a Glock taking aim while she jumped back. She fired three shots only one hit. The bullet lodged itself in her Khukuri. The sniper bolted toward a strange symbol further back on the roof. Mel quickly outstretched a hand where long vines leaped out to grab the sniper. Mel snatched the vines pulling the shooter toward her.

“Now my dear what say you?.” She asked.

" the will of Rasputin will be done!! Death to the Romanov reign” she shouted.

Her body writhed up and black snakes leapt from her decaying skin. Mel snapped a finger making one of the snakes hover while the rest them faded away. She jumped down from the Nord landing softly next to the limousine. The french authorities where asking Khabib and the driver question. While Robin comforted the Czarina. She pulled her Cellphone from her pocket and snapped a few pictures. Then sent them to the research team back at the ministry.

Robin was waved of by Khabib. He rolled his eyes and joined Mel.

“What do you make of this lil’ guy” she asked putting away her cellphone. Robin frowned at the snake.

" Well that can’t be right. That a Shadow Adder.” He said confused.

" What the hell is a Shadow Adder.” She asked.

" Well here is the problem with this. They can’t technically be in the plain of the living or even the underworld.” He said grasping the creature. When he touched it melted in his hands.

" Divinity kills these things. They mean bad omens if found here.” He said letting the black goo run out of his fingers.

" Well we haven’t had good luck thus far so I’m sure we can handle it.” She laughed. A second limousine pulled up behid the police cordon. The police ushered them to the limo. Khabib opened the door for the Czarina and help her inside. Robin and Mel followed them inside.

Waiting inside was only the french president who looked nervous. He gave an in easy smile to Robin. Robin nodded to him.

" President Le Salla how does it feel to be leader of France and have an international incident on your hands!!” Khabib shouted at him. Robin and Mel’s head snapped in his direction. Both there eyes wided by the flamboyant statement.

President Le Salla adjusted in his seat. He removed a handkerchief from his cool grey suit. He calmly patted the balding crown of his sweat. His uneasy smile vanished. His age carved face showed rage.

" How dare you a Child and her lapdog. No I’m sorry Do-boy attack me and criticize my country’s security! ” he shouted.

" You will not speak to me like that commoner.” Czarina Alexandria shouted at him. Mel snickered at the commoner insult.

President Le Salla pointed at her. A Rapier appeared in his hand. Its point pressed to her throat.

′ You little bitch I wanted to break the bad news gently, but now I will revel in it. No one in the European Union will accept the change in government from democracy” he put air quotes around the word democracy. ” to a Constitutional Monarch. You will not be offered a seat at our table. So like your ancestors go die in a misguided revolution. Good day cadet branch of the insert house here.” He shouted. The limousine stopped.

" Agents of the ministry I apologize to you for this spoiled brat behavior. and to you Russian scum take your bow knave. Enjoy your throne and royalty and choke on it!.” He shouted Rapier vanishing. The door opened Robin glanced out to see that they were in front of the Russian embassy.

Khabib helped the Czarina out and Mel followed behind them. Robin slide toward the exit when President Le Salla grabbed his sleave.

" Brother angelic this is where the nightmare begin. Heed my words. ” the voice Ahmed whispered through the French presidents body.

" What am I going up against?” He asked solemnly.

" The puppet will come first then the Romanov curse. The crown is poison the crown is poison.” The voice faded off and Robin quickly got out of the limo and hurried to catch up. He pondered the words the crown is poison. What did it mean maybe another monarch knew of this poison crown Ahmed spoke of in the whispers.

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