Ascension book 3: Shadow Priest

By Crystonist All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 6

Robin walked though large black gates and up a few steps to the Russian Embassy. Standing guard were burly men with thick beards.

One scowled at Robin blocking his entrance into the building.

" We do you think your going human?” It hissed at him flicking his snake tongue.

" I’m one of her majesty’s guards. ” Robin growled at him.

" why would our New monarch need such a small white haired human. When she has us.” Both men transformed into the giant serpent humanoids. Robin nodded at the transformations.

" you guys were right. what a sight to behold.” He said. He took one step back. he removed his jacket to unsheathed a massive pair of golden wings. The french sun made the wings glisten. An angelic choir sang as a halo appeared above his head. In awe the serpentmen stepped aside never looking upon Robin. The wings and halo vanished. He walked passed them trying to catch up with Mel. He was grabbed by the shoulder from behind.

" Will you of all people walk passed an old friend” a voice with a heavy spanish accent said to him.

He turned to see An old Spaniards in a robe. He wore a rugged silver cross.

" Pope Adrian what do I owe this pleasure?” He said with a grin. The two walked together taking in all the Russian art in the hall. They both made their way to the social area.

" I hear you are playing babysitter to the Russian monarch. Does ole’ Sunny hates you.” He snickered.

" What is the papacy doing here? If I remember right the Russian royalty Orthodox?” Robin asked.

" Yes but I am technically the Vatican is a monarchy.” Pope Adrian said as Robin opened a set of glass doors. He bow like a servant las the Pope walked pasted him. He shook his head in disapproval. Inside the room was a plethora of creatures. The Werewolf of Lichenstein, The Nordic giants of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the Spanish minotaurs king and queen. One of the Nordic kings lumbered over to Robin to put a large finger in his chest. This man towered over Robin. He had a thick white beard paired with a thinning head of white hair. He wore a equally large dark blue suit.

" Barchiel my old friend come drink with me. Magnifico please join us too” he shouted loudly. Pope Adrian gasped at the name.

" Your majesty please don’t call me by that name. it is.. Those days are over.” He said wiping the sweat from his salt and pepper brow.

" My name to you is not your majesy or King Haakon X. It is and will always be Hannibal.” He shouted. He to the took them both almost by force to the bar. He slammed his massive hand on the bartop. The three bartender scrambled to make drinks for them.

" We didnt order?” Robin said confused.

" I remembered them from the old days. Back when I was a spare, Pope Adrian was The Spectacular Spaniard El Magnifico.” He shouted in praise.

" And you nothing on this earth nor any of the realms could stop you” He continued slapping Robin on the back.Tear welled up in his eyes when he paused.

" What his happened to us Duty took away my Lance. The papacy took away your mask. A tragedy made you change your name.” He welped raising his glass. Pope Adrian patted King Haakon on the back.

" A toast to The Might, The Madman and the Magnificent.” He smiled through his tears.

" Shut up you old fool!” A raspy voice in the corner snarled at them.

“I am here to watch the Romanov dynasty die again. I took my Great great great grandfather from me when he married a Romanov. Europe doesn’t need thia type of chaos on our hands again.” he said annoyed. The voiced belonged to the Druid King of the Netherlands.

" If you knew any better Angelic you wouldn’t venture into the Capital city.” He said solemnly.

" Moscow?” Robin asked.

" No you buffoon St. Petersburg the capital of Russia is St Petersburg when there is a monarchy!” he laughed. His laughter stopped abruptly.

“Or wait I’m confused where is the little bitches coronation? Also what House does she belong too.” These words started to stir conversation among the royalty.

" isn’t she Danish?” One said

" Heavens no she isn’t one of my family.”

" She isn’t English, nor germanic what the hell is she?” the Duke of Saxony asked. The room was filled with chatter.

" So how is she even considered an heir to contest the thone?” yelled a very drunk king Haakon.

" She is a Russian Hapsburg!!” The chatter went silent. A bent over old woman being held up by a stone cane.

" Russian Hapsburg? I’m pretty sure those to words together makes that an oxymoron.” Shouted someone with in the mass.

" You will not question the Czarina divine right to the Russian throne.” Khabib shouted opening the double doors to a conference. Robin snickered at the divine.

" if everyone would please come in and stop your mindless prattle about my nations rules right to rule.” Khabib shouted.

King Haakon lumbered over to him and leaned down. His nose on Khabib’s forehead. The hulking king grab him by the collar and lifted him up high in the air.

" Listen here Slav. I am the king of Sweden head of the Nordic Union. Not a Slavic nation that started of as a vassal to the Mongol or had to kill a poor innocent children to keep the throne.” He growled.

" Furthermore My nation nor any of the ruler in this room will budge until” his words were cut short when he was hit in the back with a bullet. He didn’t yell he simple dropped Khabib and turned his head to the window.

" Barachiel it looks like its about to be a party” he said smiling while digging out the bullet. A grenade rolled into room. In a simple kick the Duke of Hanover punted it back out the window. A Rocket crashed throught the stone wall. In lumbered a nightmarish creature. It let out a blood curdling shriek.

It was about 7 feet tall. Skin grey that ruffle like an elephant.It’s Eyes glowed a stange purple. In a swift motion King Haakon tackled the beast. It flailing it long black limbs as he slammed it to the ground. Through the same hole in the wall walked a man with a ballad head head. He wore shades and Black robe. He stroked his long black as he studied the crowd. Everyone froze when they saw him. He tasted the air with a snake tongue.

" Mmmm Virgin Romanov blood. The feast shall begin” he laughed .

Robin jet black scythe appeared in his hand. He smiled at the bald man, as lightning began crawling from his hand down his scythe. The bald man laughed at Robin.

" There isn’t a river this time so you might just burn alive this time.” Robin spat at him.

" I will kill the Scum of Russia an then I will kill you Angel.” He hissed back. A black cloud materialized behind. The lightning leapt from his scythe, but the cloud blocked it. The bald man’s body grew spider appendages from his back. His face split at the checks revealing a mouth horrid jagged teeth. Two extra sets of eyes opened on his forehead. He spit a long thick thread out of his mouth. It grabbed Khabib and slung him out of the way. He spat another thread that Robin grabbed it sending a charge down it. The charge crawled down the thread, but before it could reach him he erupted in a million tiny. King Haakon took a deep breath through his nose and blasted a great flame at the pests. The were not deterred by the flames. They just moved toward the conference hall.

Inside the hall was Mel and the Czarina. Mel was kicked back in a leather chair with her feet up on the table. The Czarina panicked began screaming at the small spider.

" Quiet down!” She shouted at her while gesturing for her to get on the table. The Czarina jumped on the cherry oak table. Mel never adjusted in here seat. The Spiders poured into the room the sped toward the Czarina. The floor table began to melt. Mel lifted her boots in disgusted. She Flicked a hand and the Czarina floated up toward the Ceiling. The horde of spider now moved toward Mel. She flicked a hand creating a flame to destroy the fire. The spider formed a man. He wiped his face to extinguish the flames.

“My My what hot flames you have almost as hot as that Angel friend of yours.” He said with a sinister grin.

" Well I most say your little melting trick is pretty vile.” She sighed as she rose from her chair.

" Thanks” he laughed. A black cloud welled up behind him. The room began to melt faster. A dark orb of matter shot at Mel. She slashed it with her Khukuri. It began to melt on contact. Anothed flew at her she ducked to pull a revolver. She dropped a clear bullet into the chamber. She quickly fired creating a pack of silver wolves. The mauled the man pinning him to the ground. He just began to laugh as he vanish.

Robin walked into the still melting touching the wall to inspecting the damage.

" well looks like things got a little runny” Robin joked. Mel glared at the bad joke. She gestures for the still floating Czarina to slowly fell to the floor.Robin felt the gooey wall. He sniffed it and raised an eyebrow.

" Well this is pure black magic. Grade double S. This is either Rasputin or a really good faker. I am praying it is a fucking faker. If it isn’t we are going to have a long trip.” Robin said in a low alarming tone.

King Haakon entered the room looking around in glee. He and Pope Adrian had a child like excitement in there eyes.

" If the Czarina is in real danger I will take her to Sweden. I can produce a doppleganger to play the role.” He said stomping his foot producing a Large stone slab. In one hard smack it looked exactly like the young Czarina. A projectile slammed into the look alike. Everyone leaped to the floor. Khabib threw himself ontop her. Another shot rang out screaming pasted Khabib’s head ripping through the marble floor.

" Mel we really need to find that shooter.” He shouted as another shot screamed through the room.

" I’m actually suprised she hasn’t shot through ole’ lapdog her.” She said with a smile. Khabib had to turn his head to scowled.

" But I’m on it in 3...2...1" she vanished at the end of her count.

" Where did she go? Asked one of the Duke in the social room.

" To hunt” King Haakon said solemnly.

Mel appeared on the roof of the Russian embassy. She heard another shot this time it whizzed past her . She nodded in the direction of the shot she vanished again.

The shooter looked up from her scope confused. She looked back into the scope. Mel appeared standing over the shooter who was in a prone position still un aware of her. Mel turned one of the dials on the scope. The shooter tried to leap up, but Mel quickly put her foot in the shooters back.

" Now this is a second time we met and you have yet to bring me flowers.” Mel leaned down to whispered in her ear. The shooter looked up and gave her a grin. She bumped the rifle setting of a bouncing mine. Mel was blown back. The shooter leaped down from the University building startling all the people on the ground. Mel shook of the explosion unharmed. She groaned.

" ughhhh I’m really am not in the mood for running!”

Mel snapped and vanished again reappeared in front of the shooter. They were in a back alley.

" You made a grave error English girl” she sneered in a heavy Chinese accent.

Mel raised an eyebrow. A snake leaped out of the woman’s mouth at Mel. She slashed the serpent with her Khukuri quickly before it could reach her. A werewolf grabbed Mel from behind ,but was stabbed in the throat. It blood sprayed in the shooters face. Mel snatched the Khukuri out of its throat. The lifeless body fell limp behind her.

" You got anymore abominations for me to slaughter Dr. Frankenstein.” She growled at her.

" The name is Ventress and yes I do.” She said with a smirk as a disgusting sloshing sound came from behind Ventress.

" Enjoy my French pièce de résistance” she laughed as a helicopter seemed to appear out of nowhere lowered a ladder. The sloshing noise got closer. The helicopter shadow lift to reveal a oozing mass. A long hair tentacles attempted to grab her. Mel leapt back the slime from the appendage hissed as the acid ate through the stone wall. The creature eye popped out an eyeball on a long slimy stock. It let out an roar sending it vile smelling salive at her. It sizzled when it touched her coat. Mel bolted out of the alley pulling her cellphone out of her pocket. She frantically pressed the emergency call button. She put it to her ear as this monstrosity oozed out of the alley. She stood looking at it while her phone rang. She snapped a finger stopping tim around her. The monster however still oozed out of the alley.

" Hey Mel what goes on” Said a cheerful Robin on the other end.

" Hey uhh how do you kill a Lou? She asked.

" A Lou like a Lou Carcolh. That thing is the last Serpullok. So no please don’t kill it.” He warned her.

" Ok how do I stop it ” she asked again tone more worried.

" Table salt turns it to stone then then you can send it back to the English channel.” He said almost if he was reading it out of a manual.

" do I look like a damn french... restaurant...” she said a just realizing there was an Italian restaurant in front of her. She scoffed at the restaurant type.

" I really hope they have salt.” She groaned. The Lou oozed out of the alley its full body in display. It was a grotesque globe of slims with a rock shell. The tentacles reached for Mel who had a two salt shaker in hand. The tentacles was close to Mel neck as she dashed a pinch of salt on the tentacle. The Lou let out an high pitch squeal as it turned to stone. Mel waited a few seconds before almost touching stoned beast.

" Mel!” Robin shouted startling Mel also stopping her from touching the stone tentacles.

" Do not touch it while in stone form it still secretes a potent acid.” She stepped back from the outstretched tentacle.

" Well have a Relocation team come out and put him back in the channel or sewer he came from.” she said just beolfore hanging up her phone then sliding it into her back pocket. Something whizzed passed her head and lodged itself into the street. It was an arrow with a message attached. Mel snatched it off the arrow. It read

" The Czarina will die in Warsaw witch”

It dissolved in her hands

“Well that’s not alarming” she said sarcastically. She made her way back down the street to the Russian Embassy.

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