Ascension book 3: Shadow Priest

By Crystonist All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 7

Robin sat with King Haakon who was being looked by a paramedic. Haakon glared at a painting in the social room.

“Something wrong Hannibal. I mean king Haakon” Robin asked correcting himself

" Why do I feel that this painting of the late Nicholas and his family were under someone else control.” He said to Robin.

“like a puppet?” Robin asked raising an eyebrow.

" They said that Rasputin was the master puppeteer, but they believed that there was a fourth member of that pulled strings from the safety of the American. We aren’t sure who he or she is but” he trailed off when he noticed that Robin was staring off.

" Do you still think about her old friend” he said while putting a hand on his shoulder.

" Every waking hour I relive that moment when she was taken from me. He sighed fighting back tear. Mel walked up with a trouble look.

" What goes on spitfire” King Haakon shouted. His booming voice shook the earth beneath them.

" Your Majesty” she said with a bow.

" Robin we need to talk. I have..” before she could finish the lapdog himself walked up accompanied by a the Russian Ambassador. Who was getting an earful in Russian. None of the three could understand them. The paramedic snickered at the Russian conversation.

" What are they saying stretch?” Robin asked the paramedic. Who had just finished the dressing on King Haakon’s back.

" oh yes I do of course.” The paramedic grinned. Robin gave him a look.

" uhh yes the Ambassador is being yelled at for uhh poor security. oh and how he was suppose to put some sort of potion into the peoples drinkss to uhhh make them submit to her will.” He trailed off as the mountain of a man stood up. He strided over to Khabib to grab him by the throat.

" Cold as a Winter snow.” King Haakon hissed at Khabib who was gasping for air. The Russian Ambassador attempted to intervene. King Haakon lifted a hand making the earth beneath grab the Ambassador.

" Stay put chemists I will have a word with you nexted.” He Hissed at the trapped man. He turned back to Khabib slowly turning blue. A stone throne sprang up from the earth. Haakon plopped down into the throne dropping Khabib. When he tried to stand the Duke of Hanover struck him in the legs with a stone staff. Rock and water figure sprang up in viking armor. One stone figure axe pressed to the back of Khabib’s neck. The water figure held a scale.

" What is this about drugging us Russian filth?” Haakon growled.

“Enough” shouted the Czarina who ran up only to be stopped by the intense glare of the duke of Hanover. Every King, Queen, Duke, and Liasin to the nation surround her. Among them was an old woman who came forward. She wore a simple teal dress and held the arm of the Dutch liason.

" Little girl we as the Royal committee of Europe and Africa have dismissed you from our court. You will not venture no further west than those filth satellite vassel states you call independent countries. We don’t know who you are nor do we care. You have burned any bridge you had left. I as head of the Royal committee of Europe Queen Esperanza of Portugal dismiss you Houseless scum. Board your train and leave and never venture into any of our nations.” She hissed. The figures released Khabib to help him up.

" Haakon my dear have your men accompany Barchiel and Miss Bisping to that train and make sure they leave this place. Thank you” she said forcefully King Haakon smiled at the request.

" For you I would have executed them” He said with a touch of intimate.

The figure stood next to Khabib and the Czarina then vanished. Queen Esperanza who walked over to Robin and Mel.

" I don’t know but something seems off about those two a little girl claiming to be the lost heir to the Russian throne when the Dutch royal family has more right to it then any. I don’t know what is going on but please agent be vigilant.” she said in a solemn voice. Robin and Mel both nodded in concurrence. She put her hand out. Robin leaned down to kiss it and Mel curtsied. King Haakon waved a hand and they both teleported back to the Train station.

" Well that could have gone better” Mel sighed.

" Ya fucking right it could have” he said in agreement.

" Oh crap what did you have to tell me?” Robin asked as the neared the platform where the train waited.

" That Rasputin and that abomination summoning bitch are going to act in Warsaw. I’m not sure how or what but they made it very clear.” She whispered as the came up to the entrance. Amhed voice touched both Mel and Robin’s ear.

“Two puppets one master”

They looked at each other before boarding the train. Upon entering the train the young Czarina was yelling at all of her servant. Robin nor Mel acknowledged it. She turned to speak to the pair, but quietly backed off. The train steamed out of the station toward Warsaw.

Robin and Mel sat in there compartments quietly. Mel read a book about the creatures of Warsaw. Robin skimmed a Playboy magazine. The Czarina stomped her way into their compartment. Mel looked up at her from her book. Robin turned his periodically sideway to view the centerfold. The czarina cleared her throught neither of the moved. She stomped her foot in an almost tantrum fashion.

" I am Royalty you will stand when I enter a room” she shouted frustrated with them.

" Look little Princess of house unknow even to your European counterparts. Help me and my mate her understand who are you where did you come from and what are you tell olde fixer to do for you.” Mel asked in an alarmingly calm voice.

" I am 17 Generation Romanov my branch was banished to Siberia but our blood holds strong.” She answer.

" see this I why I don’t believe you.” Robin chimmed in.

" 17 Generation is about 20 human year right Mel?” he asked

" naturally” she answered.

" that would put it at about 20 times 17" he fumbled as he did mental math

" 340 year so subtracted from the current year would put us at 1785. Now if memory service Catherine the great was on the throne. Pretender used to spring up like weeds. So you want me to believe that your this random heir that just happened.

" She has DNA test proving she is related to Czar Nicholas himself.” Khabib rushed in getting in Robin’s face.

" Khabib if you want third degree burns please continue on this path.” Robin said venomously.

" You don’t scare me Robin or what ever archangel name you claim to be.” He shot back at Robin.

“My divinity is as to you is servitude.” Robin said with a smile. Khabib threw a wide punch that struck Robin on the brow. Robin chuckled at the attempt.

" Well I knew I would get a turn.” He grin. In a swift motion he struck Khabib hard in the body. Robin crack his neck as he rose. Khabib stumble out into the hallway. He pull a knife stabbing Robin in the neck. Unfazed Robin pulled the knife out tossing it to the side.

" a Knife come on dude mortal weapons can’t hurt me.” Robin smile.

" Necro magic can.” He yelled back. A blackened monster emerged from the shadows. It rested its claws on Khabibs shoulders.

" ya no that doesn’t scare me buddy boy” he said snapping his finger. The creature screamed in agony as blue lightning crawled up its body. It melted away as fast as it appeared.

" I am the Archangel Barachiel the might of god no Weapons shall prosper against me.” He shouted. His back grew an amazing pair of golden wings that shined. Armor materialized on his body that was a grand Blue and White. His helmet seal of his face only showing a white cross on the blue helmet. A scythe Black as the night appeared in his hand.

" My My Angel you have quiet the transformation, but I must cut in.” Robin armored head snapped around to see Rasputin with the Czarina tied up. Mel went for he pistol but Ventress wrapped a choke cord around he neck when she reached for her pistol.

" You will die her english bitch” Ventress whispered.

" if your trying to turn me on you might want to tighten that bitch grip of yours” she whispered back with a Naughty smile

" Not this time witch. Toss it.” Mel complied with the order. Rasputin was in a full on spider humanoid transformation. His back had the long shape appendages, The extra eyes and even the disqusting fur on the body.

" and with that I shall take my leave.” The ceiling blew up ripping a hole through it. Rasputin leaped through the hole. Ventress followed behind him. The same helicopter hovered above them. Rasputin leaped to the aircraft while Ventress grabbed the rope ladder. Inside Rasputin sat her down. He bite her on the shoulder making her body go limp. Ventress grabbed Rasputin.

" What are you fucking downing?” she shouted at him.

" Did you think I was your puppet you were mine.” He hissed stabing her with a spider appendage. She stumbled back slumping against the opposite seating wall.

" I shall cleanse this earth of this god forsake curse and you nor your Master can stop me” he said in a sinister tone.

Down below them Robin still in his Angelic Armor flew out of the hole in pursuit of the helicopter. Rasputin muttered a few words and a giant Golem appeared in the french countryside. It reached for Robin who simple swung his scythe making him move faster severing it out stretched arm. He speed toward the helicopter. Dark magic projectiles flew whistle by him. Rasputin kicked the young Czarina out of the helicopter. She fell fast, but robin flew faster.

" Try and stop the poison Angel.” He shouted as his helicopter disappeared.

Robin landed back into the train the Czarina in his arms. He sniffed the poison.

“Nightmare snare” he whispered to himself.

" What is that?” Khabib asked confused.

“It renders the victims unconscious while making the experience horrific dreams.” Mel chimed in.

" how do we get her out of it?” He asked frantically.

" Two ways one Lava lily petals. If my botany doesn’t fail me than we are in the wrong hemisphere for the first one and the second one require someone to literally go into her dream and pull her out.” she answered.

" Then I shall go!!” he answered with a impatient shout.

" Well Robin has to go because you and I will be affected by the poison.” She said looking at Robin with a stone face.

" Well let make the jump” Robin said handing Khabib the czarina’s body.

Robin took a deep breath making his armor vanish. He put his index finger on her temple. Robin vanished in a flash of golden light.

A hissing noise accompanied by needle flew in through the whole in the ceiling. Loud stomping atop the train startled Khabib and Mel. She gestured for him to quietly carry the czarina to her sleep compartment. The hissing grew louder as he walked passed Mel.

" Alright good doctor what fresh hell did you send this time.” Mel whispered.

She pulled a wand from her pocket. The hissing grew closer. Then from the ceiling the head of a Huge snake jolted in. It fangs lodged into the floor missing Mel by inches.

" Flaretum” she shouted. A wall of flames erupted from the wand. It went into the beast mouth. I screamed in Agony. A set of claws violently peeled back the metal roof. It reveal a body of a porcupine, retile feet and tail.

" I hope Robin is have as much fun as me” she sighed just before turning to sprinted toward the next car.

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