Ascension book 3: Shadow Priest

By Crystonist All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 8

Robin appeared inside of a room with tons of different portraits of Russian rules. A young girl maybe about 5 stood in front of a woman clutching a riding crop.

" What i your name?” The woman asked the little girl.

" Marie Fydor Slov...” Before she could finish the woman struck he in the face. The little girl fell curling up I a ball. The woman continued striking her. Robin rushed over grabbing her by the wrist.

" Enough you winch” he growled at her.

In the doorway behind him in rushed men with halbergs, but before they reached them the room changed. The little girl was now a teenage in the bed with a nude old man. He grabbed her by the face forcing her to drink something in a cup.

" come now drink the it will make you young forever” he snarled holding her down. Tear rolled down her face. Robin swiftly grabbed the old man by the back of the head.

" You like little girls you olde dirty bastard.” Robin whispered in a menacing tone.

" Who are you?! let go of me!! Guards.” He shouted

" A guardian angel.” He answered sending currents of blue lightning through his body til he melted in his hands.

the girl cried wiping the liquid from her cheek. Robin picked up the wine glass and sniffed it.

" Did he make you drink fairy blood?” Robin asked. She nodded in tears.

" What year did this happen.” Robin asked looking around the room trying to guess the time period.

" 18..“she broke down making her response inaudible. The room changed again this time her body lifeless. A man who’s face was blacked out made her lifeless body move like a marionette.

" A perfect proxy ruler for my plans.” The man laughed.

He caught the tear that rolled down her cheek with his tongue.

" There is nothing you can do and that goes for you too Angel!” He laughed.

" What the hell is he talking to me.” Robin wondered. Then he saw his mortal enemy Azazel. Who stormed off out of sight.

" What in the hell is going on?” Robin asked himself.

" I can ask you the same thing uncle” a female voice asked.

" What are you doing here little one?” Robin asked back.

A little girl with small brown wings walked up behind him. She had golden hair and a fair complexion. She wore a cream colored robe with a cloud emblem on her right shoulder.

" Answer me little one.” He said forcefully.

" Uncle Barachiel I.I.I. she is lost in her dreams and I was told to lead her out by the Council of Arch.” The little angel stammered.

" You are much to green to see the vices of man! Now back to the shining city little one” he said waving the little angel off.

" My name is Remiel Angel of Dreams, and you will respected that oh Barachiel the fallen!” She shouted. Robin’s smiled at her firm stance.

" I’m glad you have a strong resolve little one, but how are we going to deal with that.” He said pointing at a hung spider creature with a spiked shell. It skin a hard red with streaks of black.

" I will let the Might of God deal with this one” she smiled stepping back.

The Spider crawled slowly claws raking the floor making a horrible screech noise. Robin’s jet black Scythe appeared in hand.

" Ewww uncle where did you get that ugly thing?” Remiel asked examining the Scythe.

" You gotta work with what you got.” He said with a smirk.

Lightning leaped of his Scythe striking the spider’s face. The spider cackled at the attack. It sprayed it thread making a web with the czarina in the center.

The room shifted changing to Red square in Moscow. Thousands of Soviet solider had the weapons trained on the czarina. She stood unconscious on a platform with a steel plate behind her. She was being held in place by the behemoth of a spider. It hissed something in Russia to the soliders. They all turned around pointing their weapons to Robin and Remiel.

" Bullet won’t hurt will they?” Remiel whispered to Robin.

" I wouldn’t want to explain to your father that I let you die In a human’s dream if they do.” he whispered back.

" What humans dream?” Remiel asked. Robin looked down at her confused.

" Wait wh...” Robin’s words were cut short by the deafing roars of the Mosin rifles. Robin raised a hand slowing down time.

" Is This girl not human?” He asked.

" Sadly Uncle I can’t answer that question. I can however give you an out.” She smiled and with a wink of his eye he reappeared inside of a lavished bedroom. Czarina laid in a bed with the curtain drawn back. She snapped awake screaming. Khabib bursted into the door.

" Your majesty are you alright?!?” He shouted. In the background Mel was in a full on sprint running from what looked to be a snake.

" Robin!!!! A little help please!” She shouted.

Robin pushed aside Khabib to start walking down the hall toward Mel. His scythe rematerialized.

" Not yet” Mel shouted a few feet from Robin. She dove over Robin.

“Now” She shouted. Robin slammed the base of the scythe down on the creatures head. A quil flew at at him from behind the creatures neck. He caught it and jammed it into the beast’s skull.It’s body flailed throwing quils all over the room.

" I’m sorry big guy, It’s time for you to go back to the forest.” Robin whispered. The creatures eyes turned from yellow to a hazel.

" Thank you” It hissed in a raspy voice. Robin tapped it on the head making it dispearse in a grouping of lights. Mel exhaled loudly

" Why have I been fighting all the monsters???” she moaned

" OH BOO HOOO I had to fight a fucking horde of vampire my myself! Oh and Jack the ripper, but ya no fuck me right.” He said with a scowl.

" well I was almost eaten by a fucking snail thingy and then a snakeheaded porcine thingy. What’s next?” She shot back. A loud thumps rang out above them.

" Really Mel” he said frowning at her. She shrugged her shoulder with a smile. The thumping stopped Mel opened her mouth.

" Well I’m going to bed before something else happened.” Robin said walking toward his sleeping compartment.

" You know there a gaping hole that way right?” Mel warned him.

" Ya ya don’t care want sleep.” He shot back. The thumping restarted.

" oh and that’s hail” he sighed. He walked passed the hole as hail fell on him. He slide the door open for his sleeping compartment, and collapsed on the twin sized bed. In a dark corner Jade appeared out of the shadows. She blew a red cloud of dust in Robin’s face. She tapped her ear to speak.

" The Angel will be occupied for a few minutes”

" Don’t leave the room keep him in that dream until we can get our men setup in Warsaw.” A voices answered.

" Understood” she sighed. She watched as Robin turned over from his side to his stomache.

" I wonder what something like him could dream about.” She thought.

Robin found himself in a cherry tree grove in full bloom. The pink petal danced in the wind. In the distance sat a woman on a bench. She wore a black and white long sleeve dress. She wore here black hair in a Bob. Her skin was a beautiful porcelain. Robin eyes wided when he saw her.

“Shiori!” He shouted. she looked up at him.

" Robin?” She said in excitement. They ran to each other. He took her in his arms squeeze her tight. She began to weep as she held on to him.

" I. I. I. Thought you were never coming back, but my guardian angel has returned to me.” She stuttered.

" No My goddess of the moon. I will always be here for you.” He whispered to her.

" But you aren’t here Robin” She said looking up at him.

“What?!” He asked confused.

" You couldn’t protect protect me.” She whispered kissing him on the lips. Then her body melted in his arms.

" I will wait for you here like a do everyday.” The melting body said quietly.

“No Shiori I will be back I will come back for you I swear it.” He yelled to the now puddle. His arm jolted upward grabbing Jade by the throat. His eyes slowly opened to look up at her. She squirmed trying to get free from his grip.

" You know that stuff doesn’t effect me right.” He growled at her. She reached back trying to touch the shadow behind her.

" Yo Mel!” He shouted. His voice echoed through the train. A few seconds went by.

“What!” She shouted back.

" Look what I found on the train.” He

Mel’s trudging echoed through the train car. She opened the sliding door with a grin.

" oohhh look what we have here. Didn’t I Harrison Ford you off this train earlier today.” Mel laughed.

" Jeez it has been one hell of a day hasn’t it” Robin yawned.

" So now Miss intruder why are you her and what do you want with the Czarina?” Mel asked pulling up a chair.

“Nothing can stop the will of the Duke” She shouted.

" Ya Ya Ya. Entangle” Mel hissed. Thick vine ensnared Jade. She struggled flopping all over the room. Mel put her foot on her chest.

" What is waiting for us is waiting for us in Warsaw?” Robin asked wiping the dust from his face.

" I will not tell you anything" She shouted. The train stopped. Robin looked out the window. He sighed when he realized where they had stop.

" Ughhhhhhh we are in Warsaw” Robin groaned loudly.

" He really doesn’t like eastern europe.” Jade chuckled. Mel caught her with a straight right. Jade yelped in pain. Mel grab her by the face and met her gaze.

" Shadows vanish when brought to the light.” She whispered venomously. Jade’s eyes widened as she felt the heat from Mel’s hands. The heat created cracks in Jade’s face.

" Please don’t do this” Jade begged.

“Shhhhh shhh no words just beams” Mel whispered. Light emitted through the cracks. They grew so bright that the entire room was engulfed in light. Jade let out a scream then her body shattered.

" Did you really say no words just beams, and you call me corny.” robin snickered.

" It seems like I’m the one doing all the work.” Mel yelled opening the slide door to the hallway. Robin followed behind.

" Oh ya you fought two of France well know creatures that are on the lower end of the danger spectrum. BOO WHO.” He mocked.

" Now lets Go to the most demon infested country in eastern Europe.” He grumble passed her.

Khabib waited at the exit with the zarina holding on to his arm. She wore a cream colored dress, and a complementary hat with a bouquet magenta Victorian Lady around the rim. She took a deep breath as the doors open. The sky opened up with rain as a crowd roared cheers of praise. She was overwhelmed with emotions. Robin could see her fighting tears of happiness. The announcer turned to the crowd to begin her entrance.

" Presenting Her Majesty Czarina of Russia Alexandria Fydor Romanov.” He Proclaimed proudly. The crowd cheered and applauded. Robin and Mel who were behind the Czarina scanned the crowd meticulous. Mel felt time slow down when she met the gaze of Rasputin. He grinned showing his unkeep yellow teeth. He stroked his beard and vanished.

Robin met the gaze of his mortal enemy the Fallen Azazel. He wore a black suit and white tie. His hair was blonde and his complexion made him blend with the crowd. He winked at Robin to vanish as he stepped back into the crowd. Robin took in a hard cold breath. Mel tapped Robin on the wrist. He didn’t look over at her.

" Mel how long are we going to be in Warsaw.” He asked anxiously.

" Too long.” She answered as the followed behind the Khabib and the Czarina to a limo caravan waiting for them.

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