Ascension book 3: Shadow Priest

By Crystonist All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

Chapter 9

The Czarina and Khabib got into the middle car of the caravan. The limousine was a cool grey with the double headed eagle clutching a septar and orb. The front had the diplomatic Russian plates and presidential tint. Robin and Mel got into the same limo and they were off.

“So where are we going” Robin asked Khabib. Before he could answer Ahmed voice screamed out to him.

" Barachiel the puppet master will strike soon.” Robin ignored it.

" We know Rasputin is the puppet master and we are dealing with it!” His thoughts shouted back. Ahmed’s voices sighed in disapproval.

" We are attending the Russian Polish gift exchange at Museum of King Jan III’s Palace. This is where the her Majesty will receive the Staff of Ivan the terrible’s Staff.

" So why do the Polish have this staff?” Mel asked raising an eyebrow.

" The polish were asked to keep it safe during the revolution. It was hidden well even during the cold war. So we are here to finally get it back.” He said with and eager glee. Robin noted the change in tone. Mel took in the city as it rushed passed them. They came up to the driveway to the former monarch grand palace. The Czarina grinned when she saw the grand palace. The palace was a cream colored with a golden yellow trim. They drove passed the beautiful green in front of the palace cut in beautiful designs. It was decorated with amazing statues of and railing. The surrounding area was covered in beautiful trees.

The group of Limousine stopped on a lovely mosaic driveway. A gentlemen in a white tuxedos hurried out with a group of other men in the same tuxedos followed him. One opened the door to the limo helping the czarina out of the car.

" Your Majesty please I will show you to your changing room to get ready for dinner before the staff presentation.” He said in a distinguished tone.

" Your help needs to change as well.” He sneered gesturing at Robin and Mel. They both rolled their eyes in unison. A gentleman with dead eyes and a brown mustache ushered the two through the marvelous halls. They were decorated with the battle of Vienna. The mighty Polish winged hussars descending upon the Ottoman ranks. Armour was displayed riddled with sword slashes. The gentleman opened a door to a changing room. Inside of Robin changing room waited 5 naked women.

" Well this will be fun” he snickered.

“These were gifts from the committee Mr. Robin please enjoy.” He said in a monotone. Mel room was accommodated with just one beautiful woman.

" Enjoy.” He said as he swiftly walked away.

" Yo you think it is strange that we have all these tempting women in a palace that a “Christian” king once lived.” Mel asked.

Robin shrugged a shoulders and entered a room closing the door behind him. Every woman had bright pale skin and red hair.

" So let me guess a doppelganger spell and a shapeshifter?” Robin smirked at her.

" Mmm and a mind reader.” She said turning into a naked asian woman. She had a peacock tattoo going up her left leg and a dragon sleeve on her right arm. Robin smirk faded away and his face was in awe.

" You will never be my Shiori shapeshifter.” He growled at her. In Shiori soft voice she replied back.

" I can do my best my Guardian Angel.” She said inching closer to them. He felt her soft hands touched his face. a Pair of hands came through the Ivory colored wall removing his jacket. Robin savored the touch. She rested her head on his chest. He ran his fingers through her short black hair. She peeled away his red shirt revealing a strange text on his chest. The shapeshifters voice changed for a second.

" What does this mean?” She asked running her fingers up his chest. Ahmed’s voice called out to him.

" The calm before the storm brother angel.” Robin just scoffed at the voice.

“Is this not your fantasy?” She whispered to him in Shiori voice.He looked down into her eyes. She flinched, as he looked deep into her mind.

" Yes it is” he whispered to her turning her to the wall pressing his body behind hers.

" But is this what you want?” He question. her moans could be heard along with claw noise on the hard ivory walls.

Inside Mel’s Room waited a beautiful Indian woman in a transparent red Shari. Mel walked into the room with a mischievous grin. The woman hovered over to Mel kissing her lips. She kissed down her neck. In a wave of her hand Mel’s clothing faded away. The room became smoky as Mel laid the woman down on a bed of pillows in the center of the room.

" Whom do I thank for my gift from Bombay?” She whispered going down to lick around her navel.

" The majesty’s fixer. No more questions my lioness” she whispered back. She pulled Mel closer and bit her shoulder.

30 minutes later Mel and Robin exited their rooms into the grand hall way. Robin was dressed in a black tuxedo and tie. He combed his hair abit. Mel had on. Formal blue strapless evening gown with a embroidered white lotus on the left midriff. Her red hair was in a low woven bun with a diamond lotus hair pin. Robin offered her his arm as they walked down the hall toward the guest line. Mel’s heels clicked on the Marble floor.

" So what did you get.” Robin asked casually.

" The beautiful of Mumbai.” She said trying to hid the excitement. They passed all the painting and armor displayed. They reached the main foyer to be greeted by a usher checking names. They could see the ballroom filled with people seated at elegantly tables.

" Name” The usher asked them.

" Ministry” Robin answered firmly. He nodded and gestured for them to go in. They stridded in and were take to their seats near the front. The room was decorated with gorgeous painting of the Russian royal crest. At the front table was the Czarina in a throne of gold and red. Mel leaned over to robin

" Does this feel like deja vu?” She whispered.

" Ya but she doesn’t have a murderous manic of a son.” He shot back.

“True but come on this is too good to be true. The cheering crowd, the kind servants and the comfort girls.” She hissed. The crowd spoke quietly before the Russian Ambassador for Poland walked up to the podium. He was dressed in a warm haze blue suit.

" Good evening my name is Jan Pokejwics. I am please to day to have the ruler of my country have her first diplomatic visit to this gorgeous castle.” He paused to take a sip of water.

" I would like to present the President of Poland Mr. Alesky Nowak.” President rose from his seat in front of the podium. He walked up to the Ambassador to shake his hand. He cleared his throat and step up to the mic.

" Good evening again. Thank you Czarina Alexandria, Thank you Mr. Ambassador and all other dignitaries in attendance today. I would like to take you back to the year 1918. This is the year that the Bolshevik stormed the palace in Moscow. In fear of the harm of the royal family they were attempted to be smuggled out with many royal artifacts. Sadly the royal family was found and gunned down, but today the sole heir to the throne has been found and shall reinstated at at....” He paused to cough for a moment. Mel and Robin exchanged looks. He continued his speach.

" Excuse me. Shall be reinstated on the throne that was wrongful taken from her family. “Today is the day that our Alliance with Russia has grown stronger. Long live the Czarina and Long live the republic of Poland .” He said with triumphant.

A proffer handed him the staff of Ivan. He stepped down from the podium, and presented the staff to the Czarina. She took it from him. He bowed to her.

" The curse shall haunted you my child forever.” He hissed. She scowled at him.

" What did you say?” She asked quietly and confused.

His back split open with a disgusting pop. Rasputin emerged from his back. Everyone in the room gasped in horror. He wore a black cloak that had a strange orthodox cross. he wipe his hand across his bald head, then slowly stroked his long black beard.

" Your majesty? Do you remember me.” He cackled. He placed his orthodox cross on the czarina’s forehead. Her body went limp. Khabib tried to stop put himself between them, but was grab from behind by Ventress. Who wore a plain red dress and black heels. She put a Jericho 941 into the back oh his head. Mel vanished from Robin’s side. She reappeared next Ventress with he silver Smith and Wesson revolver to her head.

" Looks like we have a stand off.” Mel whispered playfully. The room was so tense that you could almost hear Khabib’s nervous heart. Rasputin smiled at Mel.

" I think not” he yelled sending Mel flying to the pillar where the Sound system was set up.

" Take the Czarina to the rendezvous point I will deal with the witch.” He hissed at Ventress. She less that gleefully complied. She hauled the Czarina out and made her way to the exit. Rasputin threw a staff at Mel the was blocked by Robin’s scythe. Robin appeared in front of Ventress.

" Where do you think you’re going with her.” He said with a smirk.

" Right over you” when she finished robin was struck from behind with a heavy stone pillar. Ventress stepped over him. Azazel stood over Robin with a grin.

" Laying around aye Barachiel.” He snickered. He was clutching a long saber with a dragon hilt and hand guard. He swung the blade down missing Robin. Mel recovered as Rasputin shot a black cloud of energy missed her.

" Mel after the Czarina I will deal with these two. ” he shouted striking Azazel in the chest with an arch of lightning. He leaped to his feet striking Rasputin with another arch of lightning.

Mel whispered “call of the hunter” her body morphed into a cheetah and shot off in Ventress direction.

Robin shouted a few word in a strange language making all the people in the ballroom vanish in beams of light. Robin’s scythe flew into his hands. Rasputin Stood dusting himself off.

" I have waited many years for this day.” He laughed. It echoed through the hall. Azazel came back in grinning with his Saber on his shoulder.

“Let us burn him alive.” Azazel said joining in with Rasputin laughter.

Rasputin blew a massive cloud of purple smoke while Azazel rushed him with his saber. Robon blocked the thrust with the scythe blade, while ducking a blunt staff. He used his Right hand to produce a wind that parted the thick cloud of smoke. Azazel produced another saber slashing at his feet. Robin jumped just in time. Rasputin transformed into a purple Wyvern. It spread it hole riddled wings. It blasted out the same purple smoke . Azazel swung his blade igniting the cloud. Robin flew up as the decorations and the art crackled in the maroon colored flames. The Wyvern darted up at Robin with it’s mouth open. He caught the monster open mouth slamming it shut. He used the ceiling as support to so he could kwp hold of the beast. It's mouth leaked the toxic smoke as it struggled to get free. Robin winched at the sting of the smoke on his skin.

Robin snapped his neck to the left as one of Azaezl's saber slammed into the ceiling. Robin blasted the Wyvern with a charge of lightning from both his hand sending him back down at the ballroom floor. Azazel appeared behind Robin making him freeze in place.

" you really have forgotten haven’t you.” He giggled as he struck him in the back of the head with the blunt end of his saber's blade. Robin body went limp plummeting toward the ground. he landed hard face down on the marble floor. The Wyvern form of Rasputin blasted a cloud of his noxious smoke all around Robin . Azazel landed in the smoke taking in a deep breath. The blaze lit Azazel sinister grin as he looked down on Robin's body.

" Ashes to ashes little brother” He hissed at Robin while he thrusted his saber's blade into his lifeless body, and he grinned as Robin went ablaze

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