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"Adam Coleman, you are officially an orphan all thanks to me..."-Gemini. Minivill, a quiet town with a dark history. Many murders occurred in what the town calls the Gemini era but in a single day and a night of misfortune, the murders ceased. Twelve years later, the murders started again. After the murder of his father and girlfriend, Adam Coleman receives a text from the killer himself who admits to the murders and sets him on a killer hunt where he learns the reasons why these specific people were murdered. The killer hunt ends in more deaths, stab wounds and a mind-blowing reveal of the killer.

Mystery / Thriller
Joseph Lubembâ
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Chapter 1: Gemini

I still think I should stay here with you. I mean you aren't well," I suggested as he slowly played the piano.

"Don't worry about me son," he muttered. "Attend your graduation ceremony. I wouldn't forgive myself if you missed it because of my illness and besides, I 'm not dying today."

"Are you sure you will be fine?" I asked as he struggled to play his piano that he once played exceptionally well.

"Adam, Carol is a well-trained nurse and she will be with me till evening. I am sure I can wait for you without any supervision," he said trying to convince me but I could see that he was ill.

" I have made up my mind. I am not leaving you. I'm staying, " I said placing my car keys on the table.

"Adam please go and attend your graduation ceremony. Do it for your mom," he said as he suddenly stopped playing upon bringing her up.

"You still miss her, don't you?" I asked in a low tone reminiscing about how happy our family was when she was around.

"I am sure she is fine. Now off you go, she wouldn't be happy if you stayed because of me. In fact, I promise that as soon as I recover, we will go on a vacation to the Hadid Islands just like the old days," he said smiling a little as he carried on with his piano.

I was finally convinced that he would be fine and I planned to return before the graduation was over. In addition, I liked the idea of going to the Hadid Islands. Therefore I changed into my suit in preparation for the ceremony. As I was picking up my car keys, guilt got the worst of me.

"You look handsome. My little boy is now a man," he said standing up. "Your mom would have been happy to see you."

" I have always been a man," I joked. "Carol, call me should anything come up."

"I will come back as soon as possible," I said hugging him.

"I Love you son," he whispered.

"I Love you too," I replied.

Once inside the car, I waved at my father as I started the engine and headed to Minivill High.

Upon my arrival, I locked the car and noticed that the school hall was filled with students and parents who were excited.

"Excited about today's event?" My classmate Trevor asked.

" Not really mate, I just can't wait for this to end. "

"You are assured all the awards, what more can an outstanding student ask for?" he said walking away to his friends.

" Outstanding, " I thought as I wished things were a bit different.

As I walked to the school hall I came upon a poster. I paused to look at it as I felt a churn in my stomach. I slowly read what was on it, with fresh eyes.

On the poster was a picture of a beautiful blond girl with freckles. At the top were the words MISSING. At the bottom were the words Last seen 8th November 2017 and slightly above this, was the name, Debra Martins. I felt my chest ache for the girl was my girlfriend.

" She is beautiful," I heard a voice behind me.

Startled, I turned to see who it was and found Aria, my elder sister.

"You came?" I said happy to see her.

"Of course little man," she said rubbing her hand through my hair making it scruffy.

"Aria! " I complained." I'm not a kid anymore."

"You will always be my kid brother," she said reaching in for a hug as she giggled.

"I missed you," she whispered.

"I missed you too," I said.

"Don't worry. She will be found," Aria said rubbing her hand through my hair again.

"Come on," I whined trying to put it back in place.

The last time I saw her was at mom's funeral who died due to, well I don't like talking about how she died.

"Thank you for coming, considering your tight schedule."

"I couldn't miss it for the world," she said as she found somewhere to sit.

"Is Dad coming ?" she asked reaching for her handbag as the graduation ceremony began with opening remarks.

"Have you found a house in Stonevill," I asked trying to avoid the question.

My dad had been sick for some time. Carol and I have been looking after him.

I wanted to inform Aria about Dads illness earlier on, but he pleaded with me not to disturb her. Not forgetting the bad blood the two have.

"Not yet. I am still an intern and still thinking of where to settle," she responded.

"And where is Vincent?" I asked still trying to avoid the question about Dad.

As she started talking, I heard my phone beep. It was a text from Carol which read

I am leaving. My son, Collins, is very sick however your father is fine. In fact, he insisted that I check up on Collins. -Carol

Upon seeing the text, I felt the need to check up on Dad personally hence I excused myself not telling Aria, who was busy rumbling about her boyfriend, Vincent.

"Adam! Where are you going? The ceremony is about to start, " she said.

"The bathroom. I will be back soon," I lied.

I drove through the quiet streets of Minivill as people were closing up their little stores after a long day of hard work. After driving through two residential streets, I finally arrived home and entered the yard as my gut felt that there was something wrong but I was too stubborn to trust it.

I found the door slightly open which was a bit suspicious but I ignored it. Upon entering the house, I noticed that the Television in our living room was on hence I made my way there.

Once there, I noticed my Dads legs before I fully entered the room and when I did, I found a pool of blood all over the floor.

My heartbeat increased as I immediately turned my head to look at Dad who was stabbed three times, had his wrist slit and was gasping for air.

"Dad!" I shouted as memories of moms death began to replay in my mind.

"A-A-Adam! " he stammered as he struggled to breathe.

" Don't talk. Dad don't," I said about to get my phone with my now shivering hands.

"Stop," he rumbled coughing still trying to breathe properly.

I drew closer to him as I tried to help him but I didn't know what to do for I was no doctor.

"4-9-2-2," he began to whisper repeatedly as I watched him lose his life before my eyes.

"4-9-2-2.What does that even mean? Dad. No! No! Don't leave me. First, it was mom and now you. You promised vacation to the Hadid islands. Please hold on. Help!" I blasted as tears began rolling down my cheeks.

" Wake up!" I shouted hoping that he would wake up but he didn't. I couldn't feel my legs as I felt like my heart had been pierced.

My father's death was the sixth murder in the town of Minivill and my mother's death was the third. All the murders were similar, for all the victims were stabbed to death and had their right wrists slit.

"Who is behind this?" I asked myself my breathing becoming heavy as I gripped my fist.

"Who?" I shouted punching the floor causing my hand to break.

I began trembling uncontrollably as I looked at my hands which were covered in blood. I picked up the phone, called the police and the hospital which later sent an ambulance.

When the police and ambulance arrived, I gave my statement whilst looking at Aria who was covered in tears and trembling uncontrollably, as one of our neighbors comforted her.

After giving my side of the story, the police and ambulance were ready to start off. As the police officers were walking towards their car, I received an anonymous text.

Adam Coleman, you are officially an orphan all thanks to me I read ending there for I got distracted by what Mr. Parker the chief police officer said.

" This is Mr. Parker chief of M.P.D ( Minivill Police Department) reporting two murders. The first one at Minivill high school, the victim is a teenage girl. And the second one is in Minivill residential area and the victim is Mr. Coleman. I repeat the second victim is Mr. Coleman, copy that!"

"Name Carol as the main suspect." I heard him whisper to his colleague before getting into the car.

I watched the ambulance take Dads body as I was lost for words. To start with, the murders had never been simultaneous which had made many others including me to believe that there was only one killer but this challenged everything.

"Could there be more than one killer?"

" Should I show the police the text message?" I thought.

Part of me wanted to but I wanted to finish reading the text and moreover, I knew how inefficient the police were. I mean they failed to solve the previous murders and now this one. Therefore I choose to keep quiet as I watched the police leave.

I felt my stomach become as hard as a rock at the thought of holding on to something that would be of use to the police to further their investigation.

However, my mind was already made up hence I gripped onto the phone and rushed to my bedroom leaving Aria with the neighbors outside. Once in the bedroom, I reopened the text and continued reading it.

Adam Coleman, you are officially an orphan all thanks to me.
I have killed so many people and no one has caught me.
Therefore, I figured why not have fun, play mind games and answer some burning questions, using famous quotes and selected dates to serve as clues.
Let's see if you are as bright as everyone says.
The first question is; What's the connection among these deaths? The Early Bird Gets The Worm.
Pay attention to the quote, dates and your father's funeral service to know my identity.

By the way, I will be attending the service.
Once you find the answer walk out of the service and wait for the next text.
Refuse to cooperate, you die.
Choose to cheat, Aria dies.
Tell the police, Aria dies.


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