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Married To The Mafia Dom

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"Come on, the party is still going on."
"I don’t feel good."
"Come on flower, or we’ll have everyone asking where my beautiful wife is and we don’t want that, do we?" He asked his face hard showing no emotions whatsoever.
"I guess not."
"Come on." He said holding his hand out.

She slid her hand into his, lacing her fingers with his. She couldn’t believe she had just married this man not four months ago who had a gun to her head making her beg for her release, now here she was married to the asshole prick who she couldn’t stand to look at or touch, it made her physically sick just the thought of him touching her that thought made her skin crawl.

This man was indeed the devil in disguise but had saved her from a fate worse than him. Andrew Anderson. The narrow-minded psychopath who thought he owned her because they had dated for six months.

All she knew is that when he came to get her from the mansion she had lived in for the past two months he had sent Beau the guy she had feelings for and thought that she could trust to get her to safety so that deluded prick couldn’t get to her that day she had never been more grateful to these scary mafia men.

Now here she was married to one cause her father had refused to give his fucking gang up to him but now she was going to find out the truth why he refused the one thing that could’ve brought her home.

He led her down to where the reception party was still going on. Everyone greeted them as they entered. She felt nauseous. She hated crowds. There were well over five hundred people here and she felt suffocated and anxious. "Come on flower, let’s get you a drink and something to eat before you collapse."

She nodded She couldn’t be more grateful to him right now for suggesting that she hadn’t eaten all day and this damn dress was so fucking tight.

They made their way over to the table. "Grab us some food and I’ll get some drinks okay?"


He quickly pecked her cheek and left. She picked up a plate filled it with all different food and cakes and sat down to eat.

A shadow overcast her sitting beside her. "I’m sorry for all of this Amy. I was sent to your school to do my job."

"I don’t need to know Beau. I trusted you. I told you things my friends didn’t even know, things about my family, my life, my upbringing. I trusted you that much and you deceived me."
"I know and I’m sorry."
"Like everyone in my life is fucking sorry. I don’t need to hear it, Beau. I’ve heard it all my life. I get close to people. I put my trust in them and they throw it in my face and you're no different. Just leave me alone!"

"I’m sorry Amy. I truly am."
"Here you go flower."

I looked up and smiled while taking the drink off Dominique. "Thanks."

"Anything for my flower." He said, and then diverted his glare to Beau. He gave a questionable look and then said. "I’m putting you in charge of looking after my flower whilst I am working."

"No buts flower, Beau will take care of you whilst I’m at the office no questions asked."
"Yes, boss."
"Yeah, sure but I was hoping to go to college, you know, to finish off my education."
"I’ll sort something out. It may be a little late to enrol but I’ll see what I can do."
I smiled.
:I’ll leave you two to it." Beau said getting up and leaving.
"So what did Beau want?"
"Nothing much just to congratulate us, seen as I haven’t seen him all night."

He nodded, believing my lie. I couldn’t tell him the truth though I pretty much hate Beau right now I couldn’t get him in shit with his big bad boss.

The night grew in and Dominique was filtering in the crowd as I continued to drink. I knew what was expected of me tonight.

I needed as much Dutch courage as possible. He slanted over to me. He'd been drinking shorts all night, he looked drunk too. "Come on flower, everyone heading home now we can go to our room and consummate our marriage." He grinned. Holding his hand out.

I gulped, placing my glass down, slipping my hand in his. He led me out of the reception and up the stairs to our room. He closed the door pulling me close to him. "I’ve waited all damn day for this." He said, smashing his lips on mine waiting for me to return his kiss when I didn't, he squeezed my sides, making me gasp and driving his tongue into my mouth. Kissing me fiercely. He unzipped the back of my dressmaking it slide down to the ground pooling at my feet. I slipped out as he continued to ravish my lips before throwing me onto the bed. He began to strip off his suit jacket, tie and shirt, climbing onto the bed hovering over me pressing his lips back on mine, kissing me passionately with his tongue.


What the fuck? He pulled away as more shots were fired. "Get dressed." He jumped off the bed. I was dazed but I got up as he threw me a dress.

I slipped into it and buttoned up his shirt, grabbing his guns out of their holster, buckling them around his waist and kicking away a rug revealing a trap door. "Get in, follow the path that will lead you to where Beau took you; he'll meet you there."
I looked at him nervously. He kissed me. "You’ll be ok Amy, just trust me. I’ll come for you when this is all over."

I slid through the opening and the trap door closed. I had to follow the path to where I and Beau were last time this happened and hope that he would be there waiting.

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