Into the Solitary

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This books sees into the life of Layla Fleming who gets sold into a famous corporate that exercises human experimentation. The mystery carries on as the mass disappearences and mass killings increase from with in.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

In the loving memory of Layla Fleming

Passed away June 23, 2021

19 years of age

I stare in bewilderment at the writing infornt of me. I thought, I really thought that she was joking when she said it a few months back.

"You ready?" John puts his hand on my shoulder and looks at me with sympathy.

"They are getting a bit impatient, we should be leaving."

We head out of the grave yard to the bus when I see a girl, no more than 18, screaming at us for help. Every body is ignoring her, like she doesn't even exist.
Two people are grabbing her by the arms, dragging her into the bus.

"No! no! Leave me alone!! Some body help me please!! Let go of me!!!" She screams with a look of terror on her face. They must have kidnapped and brought her here. She looks oblivious of where she is.
This is a scene that I have probably seen thousands of times. I've been involved in one my self. I remember begging on my knees to madam Rosa not to send me away, I remember screaming, mad at everybody for not helping me out but I know better now, I know better than not to get involved in these things.

"Move it" one of the men rushes us into the bus, it was full. He was the one that took me away from Madam Rosa. He is wearing a grey shirt and black trousers, they all are. We all get seated according to the alphabet of our names and I sit beside a middle aged man that smells like weed?

We sit in silence for a while, he gets bored with in a few hours of the ride. The only thing we're hearing is the roaring of the engines, the loud snore of the woman at the very back of the bus. We weren't aloud to have our phones with us.

"How'd they find you?" He says, I can't help but look at his teeth, it's weird.

"Orphanage." He nods his head in understanding.
I turn my face back to window and start to get immersed in how thick the den is. There are no humans in sight just trees, trees, and trees. There isn't a single infrastructure either, the bus was riding through a dusty road that seems to have been paved just because of the repetitive crossing of cars over it.

"You know, I had a wife, she used to be a maiden. I promised her a better life but you know, I couldn't. She left me for another person; I was happy for her believe me."


"They looked so happy together, I went to their house one day, it was Christmas. I spent the night there. I remember going to the fridge to get some cold water, when I heard her moans, when I heard their skins slapping, when I heard her screaming his name.

I went into the kitchen, he had her bent over the table. You know what I did when I saw that?"

He took out a pen from his pocket,
"I grabbed a kinfe from the drawer, stabbed him in the back while he was balls deep inside of her. It was fast, he didn't even see me there. He fell to the ground and that's when I turned to her and stabbed her again, and again and again."

He starts stabbing the seat in front of him while repeating the words and starts screaming the words. I freeze in place, I can't even speak. That's when two guards come and pin him down to the ground. Every one is acting like this isn't happening. I stare as they inject a sedative into his arm and they put him at the back of the bus with the lady that snores so hard.

I don't even want to know what happened next, I just start to imagine how my life would have been If this didn't happen. I'd be at the orphanage with Frank and Selena. We'd play monopoly hiding in a room till Madam Rosa would call us over for dinner. She's not a very open person, nor did she know how to love people but we always knew that she's loved us. I wonder how they are know, are they happier now that I'm gone, are they thinking of me? I'd never know that. I slowly fall into the slumber to the roaring sound of the engine.

We wake up to the sudden halt of the bus that send most of us crashing into the front chairs.

"All of you, get up!" The driver commands. We all grab our bags and go out of the bus, there are several others that came here in other buses. There are about two hundred of us right now. And old lady together with an old man come to our bus, it doesn't take them that much time to steal our attentions.

"We will be leading you to your rooms, we won't be starting anything today as you are all tired and have had a long journey. The females and the males will have separate rooms, make sure you get out of your quarters and arrive to the dining room at seven sharp. Now Ladys, follow me." The old woman says as she starts walking back to where ever she came from.
The place looks pretty well kept. The buildings have an old vibe to them, the clay bricks almost makes them look like highschool buildings, the vines growing on some of them make them even more appealing to the eye. A huge green garden is located at the centre of the place. But the inside's a pretty different story, the all white paintings and the polished concrete makes it look like a hospital. She, at last, turns to us and hands out the keys to what I suppose are our rooms. From what I have observed a room consists of maximum four people. She calls out thier names and gives the key to one of them.
Minutes later we are all assigned to our rooms. The one I was in had two bunk beds each placed in the opposite sides of the room side, a coffee table at the very centre is placed on top of a grey rug which matches with the grey painting on the walls; there is a huge cupboard to the right side of the door. It also has a pretty simple bathroom.

"Well, I guess I have to go first. I'm Hannah, I'm 25 years old and well... I don't know." She chuckles weirdly. She has a petite figure, blonde hair and baby blue eyes.

"So any one in here wants to go next?"

I deliberately ignore her and start putting my folded clothes into the drawers of the cup board.

I've learned not to make friends in this place. Especially after that guy inside the bus. I don't feel the need to trust anybody here.

We all ignore each other's presence and attend to our own businesses. I change into a plain white shirt and sweat pants. All the top beds were occupied so I just went straight to one of the beds and slept.

writing here…

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