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Grace And Truth - The Divine Right

By viviz All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Adventure


Evan Gerarden, is falsely accused for murder because of his psychic abilities. But one day a strange man appears and promises him his freedom, if he is to go back to an old era, through a time machine, and find not only the criminal who commited that crime, but also how he or she Escaped. How will Evan survive to an era that walking on Sundays is even a crime? And how he will find the criminal and the way he escaped without getting caught? A story that shows us that we make our chances and choices, even if we have none.

1. Inside The Dark Cell

The cell was dark and with no lights. There was no window either, but only a hole in the right upper corner of the cell, which probably another prisoner had made. So unlucky for him, the hole was just big enough for only one eye to see outside. And plus it was too high.

Heavy footsteps were heard and keys unlocked the iron door of the cell. A fat man, with a blue uniform and a big moustache came in and closed the door behind him, pressing the password to a little machine next to the door wall, so he could make sure that the prisoner wouldn’t escape.

He made some steps and got in front of the prisoner, kneeling to face him.

“So, this is your last chance buddy. Say you did it and you’ll be free” he said.

The prisoner peered into the officer’s brown eyes, but he didn’t say a single word.

The officer sighed. “Tell us where the weapons are” he demanded.

The prisoner looked at the officer and he answered to him with only one gesture. He put his right hand on his heart. That was the place where all the weapons he had were.

The officer got mad and kicked him. “Where are the damn weapons?” he shouted and showed his teeth like an angry animal.

The prisoner put his hand again on his heart, although he knew that the man wouldn’t believe him.

The officer kicked the prisoner’s food this time, throwing all the stiff soup on the floor. After that, he kneeled again infront of the prisoner, so their eyes could be in the same height.

“Now look what you have done. You lost your chance of having a great meal today. I truly pity you.”

The prisoner instead of answering, he spat on the fat man’s face.

Now he had done it for sure. Noone still knows, how the officer kept his rage and got out of the cell, before hitting the prisoner harder. But the prisoner was already hitten and wounded. He didn’t have any clear surface anymore for them to wound him.

At least now he was alone. The only bad thing was, that he did lose again a chance to eat his food.

The next day heavy footsteps were heard again and the same officer from yesterday came in, with a man with brown long hair and round glasses on his perpetrator nose. He wore a suit with no tie and black shoes, and he was holding some documents in his hands.

“Thank you very much” said the man to the officer, who looked like exploding by even staring at the prisoner’s face.

He didn’t actually have many visitors at his cell, but when he did, they were officers or cruel people. But he never had a man with a suit as a guest before.

“Mr. Gerarden I assume” said the man and looked at his papers flipping some pages.

The prisoner looked at the man, who looked back at him.

The man nodded. “Definately” he said as he was observing him. “Black hair and eyes, tall, mole under his left eye, normal color of skin and nice body structure.”

The prisoner nearly blinked. What did this man want? To hit him? He was already in pain and the chains on his wrists and legs, that their end was connected to the wall, didn’t help the situation at all. Some times he thought, that he might die from less oxygen that his lungs were taking, because of the position his hands were.

The thin and tall man closed his files, but kept his distance from the prisoner. “Evan Gerarden, twenty eight, born in Unkuville city outskirts, by farmer parents. Younger sibling, Freda Gerarden, died from sickness fourteen years ago. School knowledge, highly leveled. Evan finished school and continued his studies as a police officer. His promotion to Special Forces dedective came five years ago. Congratulations Mr. Gerarden. Up until now your bio is really nice.”

If that man came here to laugh at him, he should of done it and leave already. He needed to sleep, before they put him to do another stupid job, such as cleaning the wing cells or mining.

“If you came here to tell me about my past or to mock me, you better leave. I am not in mood to have one of you over my head all day” Evan said, his voice barely getting out of his dry mouth. He had to speak for days, probably months. Because he knew very well the dedective logo that said ‘Whatever you say or do will be used against you in a court of law’.

The long haired man smiled. “Evan means warrior. You truly speak up for your name Mr. Gerarden. Well, spoke. Before you did what you did and got in here” he pushed back his glasses with his index finger.

“I didn’t do it. I didn’t hide those weapons and I was framed for murder” Evan said and gulped hard.

“I know” the thin man answered. “That’s why I am here today.”

It was the first time that Evan looked at the man closely. Not looked. Stared. Because he didn’t believe what he heard. Did this man believe him? Who was he? And why he came here? And mostly, why did he believe him? Why was he even talking to him? Just who exactly was this man?

The man took only a step closer and kneeled a little bit down, but far away from the prisoner. He didn’t want his new suit to be ruined by the dirt the prisoner or the floor had. “I know you have a lot of questions, but no time. You know that you’ll be in court in five days. That’s where your punishment will be given to you.”

Evan looked at the man, with a serious look and kept his urge to spit some dirt from his mouth on the floor. “Why do you believe me?” he asked. “And why exactly are you here?”

The thin man smirked and got up to his feet. “You’ll see soon enough Evan. We’ll meet again.”

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