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Evelyn's Walk

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A young nurse with drive and ambition meets an old woman with a secret that she may not make it out to tell.

Mystery / Horror
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Evelyn's Walk

Elizabeth is determined, focused and motivated. She moved from New York City to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She attends nursing school and works full time taking care of elderly, disabled patients. Elizabeth decided that she needed a second job to keep her busy on the weekends. She searched online and decided to look through a few personal ads that were posted in a local newspaper. She sat down at her small kitchen table in her apartment which overlooked a park. Elizabeth twirled her black ink pen through her fingers out of habit. She noticed a small ad that looked promising. “Wanted: Nurse Aide, weekends. Must have your own transportation and references required.” Elizabeth circled it and called the number listed 555-5686. A woman answered the phone. “Hello” she had a light tone in her voice that Elizabeth was not familiar with. The woman repeated her Hello, this time with venom in her voice. “Hello, this is Mrs. Hatch, who is this?” “Oh, hello, I am sorry. My name is Elizabeth Circle. I am calling in response to the ad posted in the Bethlehem Ledger. Is the position still available?”

“Yes, it is available, Elizabeth. When are you available to come in and meet my mother and I?” As soon as possible, Elizabeth retorted. She tried to contain her excitement and paying off her car was on the top of her list of important things to do and this extra job would be a big help. “Well, I have some free time later this evening around 8 PM, Mrs. Hatch snapped. What is a good phone number for me to reach you at if something would come up? Elizabeth was quick to respond with all of her information. She rambled off her phone number, address along with apartment number and even provided her references although it did not sound like Mrs. Hatch was jotting any of this information down. Elizabeth had thought that her ambition would make her look her good. Mrs. Hatch cut Elizabeth off after she was on to her second reference. Young lady, my mother is ringing her buzzer. I must go. I will see you at 8PM prompt, no later or you will not be seen.

Elizabeth thanked her and said, Yes Ma’am I will be there right on time. Fifteen minutes early! Elizabeth quickly opened her laptop and updated her resume with her latest job and centered it to make it look as professional as possible and printed three copies out as she felt three was always a good number. She put all of her paperwork into a folder that she picked up at college and fed her cat and quickly undressed and jumped in her shower. She washed her long brown hair and rinsed off and reached out of her shower for her used, worn but comfy terry cloth robe. She stepped out onto a fluffy bathroom rug she picked up at a dollar store and slid into a pair of pink slippers. She wrapped her hair in a towel and looked in the mirror and started to brush her teeth and then took her hair out of the towel and began drying her hair.

Elizabeth’s hair was dry and she wore minimal make-up. She put a small amount of mascara on and a little blush to give her some color. She was pale and looked a little tired from winter. She searched her closet for a clean pair of scrubs. She settled on a navy blue pair of scrubs and tied her hair back in a neat pony tail and made sure she had no little cat hairs on her from Sonny her black cat that she found near her apartment. Elizabeth was anxious and she did not want to be late. She gathered her folder and placed everything in her back pack that she used for college and and Elizabeth was already freezing at the thought of venturing out into the cold.

Elizabeth grabbed her phone and her keys along with her purse in which she carried a few things in, including a charger for her phone, some make-up, tissues and some girly essentials. She looked at Sonny and said wish me luck big boy! He meowed and purred at her as he watched her walk out the door. Elizabeth locked her apartment door and headed out into the cold. She headed to the apartment parking lot and opened her car and got in and quickly turned the car on. She had a little more than a half an hour to get to Mrs. Hatch’s house. She turned her heat up in her car and began to pray that it would kick in soon! She was freezing and not happy about the cold but she was determined to get this job. Elizabeth drove to the destination. She turned onto Mrs. Hatch’s street and looked at the houses for address numbers. She looked at house after house. The houses were all Victorian homes and some of them looked older than others and some of them looked as if the owners had begun remodeling. Elizabeth finally pulled up to the second to the last house at the end. 1566 Bell Point Drive. Elizabeth looked at the note she jotted down and looked at the worn mailbox with numbers on it that were slowly peeling off.

This is it, she looked out her passenger side window and looked at the huge house. She did not know what to expect but gathered her belongings and lowered her visor to check her face and hair once more before heading inside to meet Mrs. Hatch. Elizabeth did not park in the driveway out of respect for the owners. She walked up the long winding driveway and up a set of stairs to a large wrap around porch and she stared for a moment at the large front door. She searched for a doorbell but could not find one so she grabbed on to the lion shaped door knocker and knocked twice. Before she could knock a third time, a rigid looking woman in her early fifties opened the door. You are early! I am impressed, I am Mrs. Angela Hatch. You may call me, Mrs. Hatch. She shook Elizabeth’s hand and barely gave her a chance to introduce herself.

I, I am Elizabeth Circle, I have my resume and references. We will get to that shortly. I would like to give you a tour of the house and the house rules first. Mrs. Hatch took Elizabeth’s folder from her and placed it in a large darkened office on a large cherry wood desk that had only a few papers on and a laptop. Where should I put my coat? Mrs. Hatch pointed to a large wooden coat rack and advised she would have a room of her own to put her things if she got the position. The house is very old, Mrs. Hatch stared at Elizabeth. She had piercing dark eyes and looked as if she had worn the same dark skirt suit every day. This is the kitchen. There is an entrance to my mother’s room from the kitchen and your room would be in here, Mrs. Hatch opened a door to a room that was bare and had a twin size bed, a dresser and a pair of shabby floral curtains.

Mrs. Hatch showed her the kitchen and went into detail about her mother’s needs. My mother cannot walk and she is bed bound, you must be able to lift at least one hundred pounds. Mother’s weight fluctuates. She eats jello, pudding and she likes soup. She is on a very strict diet. Mother cannot walk at all. She has a buzzer that is hooked up to every room in the house. You are not to disturb her unless she calls you. You do not go in her room unless she rings for you. Do you understand? Yes, I do. Elizabeth was anxious but a little nervous now. This woman made it seem as if this were a prison. Mrs. Hatch looked at her and said let’s go. We are going into my office now.

Elizabeth followed her and stayed close as she looked at the old photos on the wall and creepy paintings that hung in the hallway to Mrs. Hatch’s office. Mrs. Hatch turned on another light to reveal several strange paintings and she sat down at her desk and advised Elizabeth to sit in the chair directly in front of her. Tell me, why do you want this position? Elizabeth thought about it for a few minutes and began to tell Mrs. Hatch her story as straightforward and quick as possible considering Mrs. Hatch’s mannerisms. Elizabeth smiled and told Mrs. Hatch about her education and she wanted to pay off her car and continue to work every weekend. Okay, I heard enough! Mrs. Hatch cut her off and looked at her resume. I am going to have to call your references to verify and complete a back ground check. Are you able to stay tonight and start since it is Friday? Elizabeth looked baffled. She had not left out enough cat food for Sonny but she could call her neighbor and ask her to feed him. She was desperate and needed the money. Yes, yes, I can start right away. You did bring a change of clothing I presume? Mrs. Hatch stared at her. I do have extra clothing in my car.

Go ahead and run and get them so I can take you to meet mother. Elizabeth got up and walked through the long hallway and grabbed her coat off of the big coat rack and bundled up to go and grab her overnight bag packed with extra essentials. Mrs. Hatch was waiting at the door for Elizabeth and startled her slightly as she entered the house. Oh My! Elizabeth gasped! Boy, you are quite the jumpy girl, aren’t you! Mrs. Hatch smirked at her. I am okay, you just startled me for a brief minute. Mrs. Hatch looked pleased with herself. She directed Elizabeth back to her room and then beckoned for her to follow her. Follow me dear, we are going to get Mother ready for bed. Elizabeth took off her coat and placed her overnight bag on the bed and walked into the bathroom in her room to wash her hands and get her box of gloves out.

She followed Mrs. Hatch through a set of French doors and into a dimly lit room with a television on mute and an old woman lying in a hospital bed. The woman looked well taken care of and her hair was pulled up into a bun. Elizabeth looked at her and walked towards her and introduced herself. Hello, I am Elizabeth Circle, your new nurse aide. The elderly woman stared at her for a few moments and offered a shaky hand to her and smiled slowly. I am Evelyn Hatch, nice to meet you dear. Her voice was shaky and her handshake even shakier. She gazed at Elizabeth for a few minutes and then stared at her daughter. Please, give us a few minutes dear.

Elizabeth turned around and walked out of the room. She could hear Mrs. Hatch raise her voice slightly. They sounded like they were arguing but Evelyn looked as if she had no energy to argue. Elizabeth sat down on a chaise lounge in the hallway and waited for Mrs. Hatch. Mrs. Hatch opened the French doors and stared at Elizabeth for a few seconds. Come on dear, mother is waiting for you! Elizabeth stood up and adjusted her scrubs. She walked towards the French doors and opened them. Is there anything I can get you Mrs. Hatch? No, my dear. I need my medication. It is right on my night stand. Elizabeth picked up a pill box that had the days of the week marked on it and Morning, Afternoon and Evening on the front of each spot!

Mrs. Hatch quickly went over the pills as Elizabeth poured her fresh water into a glass and placed the pills on the serving platter her daughter had laid out. She takes this one to sleep and these are her morning pills she gets tomorrow. No food and nothing but water to drink. She has a very strict diet. Elizabeth placed the glass of water in front of her and turned on a small lamp near her bed and filled a basin for her to wash and brush her teeth. Elizabeth helped her into a night gown and took her dirty laundry to an old wicker basket and dropped it in. You do not do the laundry, Mrs. Hatch snapped at her. I have a woman that comes in and does it to mothers liking! Okay, sure, Elizabeth nodded and made sure to brush Evelyn’s hair.

You brush mother’s hair ten times and that is it! Mrs. Hatch shot Elizabeth a glared look. Okay, yes ma’am. Evelyn eyed Elizabeth as she lifted her blankets and began to tuck her in. Okay, Mrs. Hatch, you have a good night and you call me if you need me. Would you like your television off or on? Turn it off please dear, Evelyn smiled. I do not need it on but do leave my shelf light on. The shelf light was a small light next to her bed. It gave off enough light to see in the room and the bed. Evelyn tucked her head into the pile of pillows she had and Elizabeth had said good night and watched Mrs. Hatch storm off into the night without saying a word. Elizabeth sat down for a few minutes on the twin bed and wished she had someone to call and talk to but she decided to do some homework until she would fall asleep. She also checked Facebook and read a little more of her English book. She was feeling drowsy and wanted to go to sleep. She examined the bed and fixed the pillow and grabbed her spare travel pillow and blanket out of her bag and fixed the bed to her liking!

She had walked through the hallways once more and checked in on Evelyn and she was sound asleep. Elizabeth thought this cannot be too bad. She was already asleep. Elizabeth wondered around the house a little and heard shuffling about upstairs and figured it was Mrs. Hatch. Elizabeth went into the kitchen and found a mug, some tea bags and decided to make a cup of tea to take back to bed. She heated her water in the newer microwave and dunked a tea bag in to the hot water and she found sugar and some honey on the countertop and she stirred the honey into her tea and ignored the sugar. She carried her tea carefully back to her room and sat on her bed and switched on her television in her room and watched some old school television shows.

She flipped through the channels and found Bewitched. She fell asleep to the sound of Bewitched and suddenly was woken up by the sound of glass breaking. Elizabeth sat straight up and heard the shatter. She looked through the room and it took a few seconds for her eyes to focus. She decided to go and see what it is even though it was against her better judgment. She reached down into her bag and grabbed a small flashlight. She threw her covers off of her and sat on the edge of the bed for a few seconds and felt the floor for her slippers and slid her cold feet into the slippers. She made her way through her room and looked at the television which was now playing infomercials about a chopper that chops anything!

She switched a small light on her dresser on and clutched her flashlight with all her might. She slowly opened her door and peeked out into the hallway. She looked left and then looked right. She did not see anything. She opened the door further and walked out into the hallway and began to make her way towards the large kitchen. She switched on the light and saw a glass jar shattered on the floor. Oh man, what a mess. It was a broken mason jar filled with peach jam that had been homemade. Elizabeth searched for paper towels and a broom. She opened a closet and found a broom and a dust pan. She began to clean up the jam and she did not hear anything upstairs. She decided that before she was going to clean anything up, she was going to check on Evelyn.

Elizabeth slowly crept towards Evelyn’s room and opened the door and found one cover removed and on the floor. Elizabeth picked it up and folded it and laid it on a chest at the end of her bed. Elizabeth checked Evelyn and she did not look disturbed or moved in anyway so Elizabeth headed back to the kitchen to clean up the mess. She opened the kitchen door and headed back in to clean up the mess. She wiped up the peach jam and swept up all the glass and made sure everything was safe. She put the broom and dust pan away and sighed and yawned as it was going on 3:30am, she was tired and had just wanted to go back to sleep. She had to be up at 6:00am. She headed back to her room and heard a small door creak. She stopped in her tracks and turned and shined her flashlight through the hallway and she did not see anything but felt someone watching her. She made a bee line for her bedroom and quickly opened the door and peaked out one more time and then closed the door and locked it behind her. She decided to be better safe than sorry and did a quick check in the closet and under her bed.

What are you doing? Are you crazy? She began questioning her sanity and decided she needed to go to sleep and just chill out. Elizabeth laid in bed and tossed and turned all night. Just when she actually felt rested, her alarm blasted and went off. Elizabeth hit the snooze button twice and was worn out from the restless night of no sleep. She sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes, stared at the clock as it now said 6:05am. She wanted to go back to sleep and hide under the comfortable blankets but knew she needed to be up and ready for the day. She sat on the edge of the bed and reached for her slippers with her feet and headed to the small bathroom that was hooked to her bedroom. It was fully stocked with everything including feminine products.

Elizabeth thought Mrs. Hatch had really put a lot of thought into this. Elizabeth jumped in the shower, brushed her teeth and after drying her dark hair she pulled it into a pony tail. She checked herself in the mirror just once to make sure she looked like a proud nurse. She gathered her tablet, check list that Mrs. Hatch insisted she keep with her and her watch. She also stuffed her phone into her front pocket. She turned it on mute as to not disturb Mrs. Hatch or Evelyn. Elizabeth headed into the kitchen and reached for a clean glass out of the perfectly organized cabinets and poured a bottle of water into it and prepared Evelyn’s fruit that Mrs. Hatch had on the food list for Evelyn. She placed everything neatly on a serving tray and knocked before entering Evelyn’s room.

Evelyn stared at for a moment and then smiled, good morning dear. You look professional today. Oh, why thank you Evelyn. Have you got my breakfast? Evelyn was elderly but still had a lot of spunk. She inspected the tray as if she had a copy of her daughter’s food list. Oh, you did well. Evelyn picked up a spoon and began to eat her fruit salad. Elizabeth did not want to bring up anything that happened last night but she thought why not at least try small talk. So, how did you sleep Evelyn? Oh, I sleep like the dead once my medicine kicks in. My daughter Eva has always been a night owl. She often stays up working. If you heard anything, I am sure it was her. Elizabeth never asked her about what she heard during the night so she thought it was strange but brushed it off.

Evelyn had finished her fruit salad and she was a petite woman. Elizabeth was a little perplexed. Evelyn, your daughter advised me to assist you in eating. Oh dear I got some of it in my mouth she smirked at her. I do need a drink and would like to go to the bathroom. Elizabeth began to clear her tray and stared at the spoon and noticed her blankets were sticky. Oh, I think I should do your bedding today Evelyn. NO, the elderly woman had a firm tone and did not want Elizabeth touching her bedding. You leave it be dear, my daughter handles it. For a woman who could not walk nor was mobile at all she sure had some interesting stuff going on. Elizabeth thought she was being silly thinking an old woman would get up in the middle of the night and make such a mess. Elizabeth had helped her up after clearing her tray and rushing everything to the kitchen just as Mrs. Hatch made an early morning appearance. Oh, Mrs. Hatch, I think your mother should have her bedding done today. It is a bit sticky. Mrs. Hatch examined the sheets, blankets, pillows and comforter and despite giving Elizabeth a dirty look she headed out of the room and made a phone call. A half an hour later a young woman showed up and began to quickly strip the bed and placed new bedding on. It will done in a while and placed in the linen closet. The woman did not introduce herself or stay to see if Elizabeth would. She was in a hurry and wanted in an out as fast as possible.

Elizabeth turned away from Evelyn who was propped on the high rise toilet her daughter had got for her and she had toilet paper and a magazine dangling from her crippled hands. Oh, Evelyn what are you doing? Elizabeth darted into the bathroom and began to clean Evelyn up. She was careful and noticed her slippers had what appeared to be peace jam on them. Evelyn stared at Elizabeth as she cleaned her up and got her ready for a new day. Oh my dear you are so kind. Not like the other girls. Thank you Evelyn, I take pride in what I do. Oh, I see that my dear Evelyn sat tight and waited for Elizabeth to bring her fresh clothes and shoes. She decided on a light dress and a sweater with her orthopedic shoes her daughter had advised she must wear.

Elizabeth spent the day taking care of Evelyn and she told her stories about when she was young and talk about a lot about her sister and how much she missed her. Where is your sister now? Oh, she moved away dear. It was time for dinner and Evelyn was wearing thin as the day passed by pretty fast. Elizabeth cleaned everything up and put the dishes away. She prepared Evelyn's bed and got her ready for bed.

Okay, dear good night! Elizabeth smiled at her. Goodnight Evelyn! She looked very tired and peaceful. Elizabeth headed to her room as she ran into Mrs. Hatch. Oh, Elizabeth. I am heading out for the night! I will be back in a day or two. Will you be okay staying one more extra night! Elizabeth's puzzled, bewildered look on her face gave away her answer of No but she quickly straightened herself up and smiled. Sure, I can stay. No problem at all!

Mrs. Hatch smirked at her. Thank you. You will be compensated for staying an additional night! Okay, thank you. Elizabeth turned on her heels and headed back towards her room. Mrs. Hatch had slammed the door to make it abundantly aware that she had left!

Elizabeth sighed. She was not nervous staying alone with Evelyn, but she was a little nervous staying in the big old house by herself. I will be fine. She had a long conversation with herself and quickly called one of her friends to just to say Hi and tell her that she is staying at The Hatch residence by herself. You know, just in case she laughed it off.

You will be fine Rayan told her. Girl, you got this! Everything will be fine. If you need anything, call me and if anything is wrong call Mrs. Hatch and the police. Elizabeth suddenly felt hungry and said goodnight to her friend and headed out to the kitchen. She found the fruit in the fridge and cut up some apples and a pear. She saw a small box on the floor as she was about to head back to her room.

Elizabeth stared at it for a few minutes. Should she leave it go? Pick it up? She put her small tray of fruit down and picked up the box and here it was upside down and a bunch of newspaper clippings fell out. Oh man, why did I pick this up? Elizabeth tried to gather the articles and not be nosy and read them but she noticed the name Hatch on every article. She read one "Local, Hatch sister murdered." Oh wow, Elizabeth gasped and quickly cleaned the articles up and placed the box on the counter top.

She grabbed her tray of fruit and headed to her room. Evelyn said her sister went away. Elizabeth was bothered by the articles but she tried her best to ignore them. She headed to the bathroom after devouring her fruit tray and checked on Evelyn as she was fast asleep and then headed back to her bathroom to brush her teeth and slipped out of her pants and slid into sweat pants and tossed her shirt and bra in the nearby hamper and threw on a t-shirt from an ex boyfriend.

During the night, Elizabeth could not sleep at all and with Mrs. Hatch gone, she was a little afraid being in the big house by herself with Evelyn. Elizabeth carefully tucked herself into bed and made sure to tuck her feet under her blankets. She did that as a child to keep the closet monster from eating her feet. I am a complete wacko, Elizabeth thought! She tossed and turned and around 3:00 AM she heard a noise.

Elizabeth awoke quickly and heard what sounded like footsteps. She turned on her small flashlight next to her bed and held it like she was holding a knife. She pointed it towards her door. She did not see anything but now she would have to get up and investigate. She was not looking forward to it.

Elizabeth unplugged her cell phone from the charger and tucked it in her sweatpants pocket. She also slid into a pair of sneakers instead of slippers. If I have to run, at least I will be ready, she said aloud. Elizabeth crept slowly towards her door and listened for a minute. She opened the door and headed towards Evelyn's room.

Elizabeth slowly opened Evelyn's door and peaked in. Evelyn was not in her bed. Oh dear God, Evelyn she gasped! Evelyn!!! Elizabeth began to call out to her and no response. Elizabeth grabbed a candle stick holder on Evelyn's book shelf. Elizabeth headed down towards the kitchen and found pudding and yogurt on the floor. She felt relief for a moment but Mrs. Hatch said Evelyn could not get out of bed?

Elizabeth took out her phone and dialed 9 1 1, This is 911 Emergency, what is your emergency?

Elizabeth hesitated for a minute after hearing creaking coming from the Library in the house. Hello? is anyone there? Yes, Elizabeth whispered I am a live in nurse at 1566 Bell Point Drive and my patient Evelyn Hatch is missing!!!! I cannot locate her. She is not able to walk and I cannot find her. What is your name? Elizabeth Circle. Okay Ms. Circle we will send an Officer to the location right away! Oh, did you say you are staying at 1566 Bell Point Drive? Yes, yes I did, Elizabeth's tone had changed from whispering to nervous terror.

Okay, Ms. Circle I need you to listen to me. I need you to get out of the house and head across the street to the neighbors. What? What are you talking about. Elizabeth started walking out of the kitchen and she would have to walk through the library to get to the front door. Ms. Circle, Evelyn.... The phone cut off. Hello? Hello? Operator??? Elizabeth had lost her connection. She slowly headed through the dining room and living room and she stopped at the library door. She took a deep breathe and sighed and slowly opened the library door. Elizabeth did not see anyone but the other door to get out was closed so Evelyn could still be in the house.

Elizabeth began walking towards the door when the door behind her closed abruptly and slammed! Elizabeth stopped in her tracks and felt terror travel through her body. She was frozen and could not move but turned around and Evelyn was standing there with one hand on the door and in her other hand, an old ax. She had a delirious smile on her face and looked at Elizabeth like she did not know her. I killed you once, I will do it again, Evelyn's tone was evil and she was walking towards Elizabeth now.

Elizabeth began screaming and threw the candle stick at Evelyn, she grabbed a chair and threw it through the glass door as the glass shattered Evelyn continued moving towards her in slow motion slowly raising the long handled ax. Elizabeth grabbed another chair and tried to hurl it at Evelyn but it did not stop her. She slithered towards Elizabeth as she tried to get out of the front door. Evelyn began swinging the ax and hit Elizabeth in the back of her arm. She managed to get out the door and Evelyn proceeded to follow her.

Please, help me. Oh God, help me. Elizabeth screamed as Mrs. Hatch pulled up and the police had pulled up. Elizabeth was frantic as Evelyn followed her to the porch and the police headed towards the door, screaming all at once, drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! Mrs. Hatch stood at the bottom of the walkway and watched as the Officers continued to scream at her mother. Elizabeth flung herself into the arms of a paramedic. Evelyn finally dropped the ax and stood with the same blank look on her face she had before.

Mrs. Hatch walked towards Elizabeth and a familiar Officer. Elizabeth, I am Officer Harris, I was the responding Officer when Evelyn's twin sister was murdered, Mrs. Hatches mother Eileen. What? What are you talking about? Mrs. Hatch is Evelyn's daughter. No ma'am, she is not. Mrs. Hatch was anointed guardian to her Aunt Evelyn after she was released from the psychiatric hospital for being Schizophrenic. She had played a real good part for years. Mrs. Hatch turned to Elizabeth and for once had shown a different emotion. She looked at Elizabeth and said I am sorry, I wanted my mother and Evelyn was the closest thing I had. I kept her medicated and sometimes she would not take her medication and she would do things.

Mrs. Hatch stared at Evelyn as the Officers confiscated the ax and paramedics strapped her to stretcher. I believe she is free now. Elizabeth stared at Mrs. Hatch for a few seconds as Mrs. Hatch reached into her handbag as the paramedics brought Evelyn down the walkway. They slowed down to pass Mrs. Hatch as she pulled out a small pistol and aimed it at Evelyn. Mrs. Hatch screamed, you killed my mother you evil bitch! She fired two shots at Evelyn in her head. The paramedics dropped to the ground and Evelyn flew sideways on the gurney. She was dead.

Elizabeth was in shock. Oh God, Oh God, Mrs. Hatch. What did you do? What did you do? The Officers threw Mrs. Hatch to the ground and grabbed the gun from her but not before she turned it on herself. Mrs. Hatch fired one shot into the side of her head. She looked up at Elizabeth and said I am sorry. Elizabeth stood mortified. She could not even believe what she just saw. Officer Harris looked at Elizabeth who was bleeding and crying and in shock. I am sorry, this family has had a lot of problems and Evelyn was not who you thought she was.

As more vehicles and neighbors pulled up along with the Coroner and crime scene vans, Elizabeth's friend Rayon arrived and jumped out of her car. Oh God, Elizabeth, what happened? It is a long story and I never want to talk about it again. Elizabeth watched from the back of an ambulance as the Coroner began packing the bodies of Evelyn and Mrs. Hatch as Officer Harris approached her, we will need a statement then and I am sorry this happened to you. Why? Why did she do this? Well, Officer Harris swallowed hard and looked at Elizabeth. Mrs. Hatch helped Evelyn kill her mother. She helped her bury the body on the property and Mrs. Hatch was just as sick.

Oh God, that is horrible, Rayan said. Okay, Elizabeth they are taking you to the hospital. I will follow you there Elizabeth, Rayan smiled and hugged her friend. Elizabeth stared at the Crime scene examiner as he carried the ax to his van and bagged it for evidence. The paramedics began an I.V. and closed the doors to the ambulance and Elizabeth laid back and was thankful for her life but felt the terror of watching two women die in front of her.

She arrived at the hospital and stayed for a few days. The doctor told her that if she needed anything please call. Elizabeth was allowed back at the Hatch home to gather the remainder of her belongings and clothes and Rayan helped her. Elizabeth stepped around the chalk outlines of Mrs. Hatch and Evelyn. Elizabeth and Rayan packed her belongings into Rayan's car and she turned and took one last look at the house. Elizabeth, don't look back girl. Come on, lets go! Elizabeth snapped out of her trance and got into Rayan's car and thought for a second she was just glad to be alive.

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