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Dylan Campbell's Cousin, Wyatt was accused of murders he didn't commit, will he find a way to prove the innocence of his Cousin? Male Main Character| Female Love Interest| Will be Completed on March/April 2022

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Hoc est initium

Chapter 1
Hoc est initium
10:18 P.M. GMT
April 1984 Cambridge, England
Wright Residence

Maxwell opens the door as he hears the doorbell ringing,
“Hey mate! how have you been”, his friend was at the door.

“Ah, I should have known it was you, I’ve been well lately, Me and my wife have are going to London tomorrow.” Maxwell said enthusiastically. “Let’s go inside, we have a lot of catching up to do” Maxwell continued.

They went inside the dinning room and sat down at the dining room chairs parallel to each other.

“So how’s it going?” Maxwell said as he grabs them a drink
“It’s been rough these past few weeks, I still haven’t found a job yet and I don’t want Celeste to work for two jobs to support our family.”

Maxwell pats the man’s back

“I wish I could help you mate, I can ask some of my colleagues if they know someone who can hire you.”

“No, It’s okay, I don’t want to bother you about it.” the man replied
" Are you sure about it?”
“I am, don’t worry that much about it.” the man reassured him.
The man finishes his drink whilst Maxwell is still half way done with his drink.

“Hey mate, Do you mind if you grab me one more drink?”
“Sure, I’ll be back in a few”
Maxwell grabbed the man’s glass as he got up from his chair and left the dining room to the kitchen

“Let’s see if you will still be able to go to London tomorrow” the man muttered as he sprinkled some Powder in Maxwell’s drink


The man checked his watch to check the time, ” It’s about time”
Maxwell enters the room with a glass of beer

“Here you go, the best beer in town” Maxwell hands the glass to the man. “My wife is calling me non stop to go pack my things upstairs.”

Both of them giggle, “I see she hasn’t changed a single bit” said the man as he finishes his drink and placed it at the table. “I need to go now, my wife might think I have slept in the bus again, here take this.” Wyatt takes out a small envelope from his pocket and handed it over to Maxwell then placed it in the table.

“Open it in a while, I suggest after I have left your residence.”
“I hope this is not what I think it is.” Maxwell said as the man got up from his chair. “It is not, I promise you will like it” the man replied. “Let me escort you out” Maxwell continued. “It’s okay, and I think your wife is calling you upstairs and cursing you”. Both of them giggle

The man bid goodbye to Maxwell as he leaves Maxwell’s Residence.
“Maxwell!“, his wife shouted from upstairs. “I’m coming honey!” Maxwell replied. He finished his drink and started cleaning up the kitchen table when he suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous. He took the small envelope in the table and opened it. “This better be good”, he muttered. He dropped the letter after he finished reading it, ” I--” he fell face first on the floor. “Eleanor-- ” “I--” . he tried calling for his wife but he couldn’t he started to feel more and more pain until he couldn’t feel anything anymore and died.

A few minutes later his wife, Eleanor Wright went downstairs to check on him. “Maxwell, I’ve told you countless times to go upstairs and pack up so we can leave for London early in the mornin--“, she gasped as she saw the lifeless body of her husband in the dinning room floor. she sobbed, she was too shocked to move or do anything else then she saw a note on her husband’s hand and grabbed it immediately

Hoc est initium
- W.C

“It can’t be....”

June, 1986 Cambridge, England
11:09 A.M GMT
Campbell Residence

Dylan Campbell, age 23 is sitting in the living room couch with his older sister, Dawn Campbell, age 26.

Dylan Campbell looked a bit young for his age, he has a crew cut chestnut brown hair, with round Deep set Downturned blue eyes, fair skin tone, a bit of facial hair and He and her sister Dawn have almost the same facial features with no facial hair and instead of Chestnut brown hair, she has long and wavy ginger red hair, which she loves playing with.

“Where is Wyatt?” Dawn groaned, “He said he’ll be here soon.”
“Maybe he just needed to buy a few more things.” Dylan reassured his sister. “But we’ve been waiting for him for three hours now, maybe he won’t come anymore.” Dawn continued waiting impatiently until the doorbell rang.

“That must be him!” Dawn said excitedly, both of them got up from the couch and opened the door. Wyatt was standing at the front porch holding three cups of hot chocolate. He was a charming young man, he is a year younger than Dawn, He has round hazel dark eyes, a short tousled dark brown hair and arched eyebrows and also a fair skin tone. “Sorry I was a bit late, I had to pick up a few things from home.” Wyatt said as he went inside the house. The siblings grabbed the hot chocolate from Wyatt and the three of them sat down in the couch.

“I’ve heard that both of you were invited to Mrs. Wright’s Housewarming Party tonight.” Wyatt said
“We are, but I’m not sure if I will come, I’m not a big fan of housewarming parties.” Dylan Replied.
“Why not? They’re fun, I will definitely go later with Charles.” Dawn said to the two.

Dylan sipped his hot chocolate and said “Hmm, I’ll think about it, I guess it’s time to try other things too”. Dylan is an Introvert, his Best Friends are his Cousin Wyatt and Sister so he doesn’t really go out often except for when he needs to buy food or groceries, going to work and doing other essential things so he rarely goes to parties, when he does, he is only there for less than two hours.

Dawn and Wyatt are ambiverts, They are both outgoing persons from time to time, They knows the latest gossip of the town and sometimes They just want to be with Themselves or alone.

“Do you want to come with me, Cousin?” Dylan asked Wyatt
“Sure, why not. Mrs. Wright seems nice, she is just five years older than Dawn.” Wyatt answered Dylan.
“Wait, Haven’t you two heard?” Dawn said
“Heard what?” The two said simultaneously
“Mrs. Wright’s husband was killed two years ago in their Dinning Room, she saw a letter that read ”Hoc est initium“, she didn’t know what it means so she just kept the letter inside her small wooden box and never opened it again” Dawn said in a slightly low toned voice.

Wyatt and Dylan Gasped, “Wow that’s traumatizing, did they found the killer?” Wyatt asked and took another sip of hot chocolate. “Sadly, They didn’t, Mrs. Wright didn’t said anything about it, the only clue they had was the note.” Dawn answered
“Others say she moved here to move on from it and start a new life while others say that she wanted to avenge her husband’s death. I Reckon in the first one.” Dawn Continued.

“That’s sad... But I hope she will avenge her husband’s murder soon.” Dylan Replied. “People don’t talk about it that much because of how terrible it is, Hopefully she’ll have a good life here in our neighborhood. ” Dawn said.

“Wait-- you said that there was a note in her husband’s hand right?” Wyatt asked.

“Yes, why?”
“What was written in it again?”
"Hoc est initium, does it ring a bell?” Dawn replied

“What does it mean?” Dylan asked
“She doesn’t know what it means and neither do I, she didn’t give the letter to the police as evidence, she just said to the police what was written in the paper and hid it.” Dawn answered.

“I think it’s in Latin, as far as I know initium means beginning"

You Have reached the end of the first Chapter

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