Midnight Owl (A Joe Leverette Mystery, Book 1)

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“Just got a call from the lab,” Billingsley said as he walked up to Leverette and Marsden. They decided to stop at the office before heading to the other locations. “It’ll take two days or more to get the DNA. Maybe longer if the labs busy,” he looked directly at Leverette.

“We didn’t get a look at the other leg so I don’t know if the nails were painted,” Leverette said, a little disappointed they wouldn’t have the DNA soon. “Can’t you put a rush on it?”

“I’ll give them a call and have a uniform drive it over,” Billingsley said. “Now we have a right and left leg. You go check out the arms,” he said.

“Arms?” Marsden said. “This asshole is putting her all around the county! So what about the body and head?”

“Not sure how much he carved up the torso,” Leverette said. “Barb was at the last scene so we don’t know where Carrington will be.”

“So there’s a chance the head and body will still be together?” Marsden asked not really wanting to know the answer.

“No telling how much more he did,” Billingsley said looking at Marsden now. “He might have just cut off the head, but he could have also cut the torso into pieces.”

Marsden’s stomach started feeling queasy.

“Hear anything from Carrington yet?” Billingsley asked.

“No. He went to one of the other locations so we won’t get much yet. Barb was heading back to the lab with the other leg,” Leverette said. “They’re wondering if they’ll find the whole body today,” Leverette said. “We might even get the whole body before lunch.”

Marsden felt like he was as white as a ghost.

Leverette noticed and shook his head.

“Well, one arm was found in a factory area and the other at a home,” Billingsley said. “You may be right. The rest of her body might be found today.”

Marsden had to walk away at this point. He just couldn’t take any more of the conversation. If he just didn’t picture what they were saying he’d be fine, but unfortunately he’s always thought in pictures, like watching a movie.

Leverette and Billingsley just looked at each other and chuckled.

“Poor guy,” Leverette said. “He’s fine when we go to the morgue and doc doesn’t have someone open on the table.”

Billingsley just raised his eyebrows. “Well, he’s a good detective regardless.”

“Once he gets himself together we’ll head out to the other two,” Leverette said glancing at Marsden, who was looking out the window at the front of the precinct.

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