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Murder of a Valentine

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JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY It was supposed to be a night of promise, of a new beginning, but for one unfortunate, rich, socialite it turned out to be the end of her life. Detective Pete Cannatelli had been alone in his office when he was first called to the murder scene, the rest of the team he worked with were away on vacation. This new investigation drew him into contact with some not so honorable people from his past, could they be considered suspects in this murder? But there was also a number of people involved in a special Valentines speed dating event who had all had contact with the victim. Not to mention a fiancé who had broken off their engagement that very evening. To make matters worse, an obnoxious detective from another precinct was making things difficult and insisting on assigning a temporary resource to Pete. So many suspects to interview, no immediate evidence to support the investigation, no witnesses and a new detective. It seemed a fruitless task, how was Pete going to proceed?

Richard Hewitt
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Chapter 1

It was Valentine’s day in the heart of New York City and at the center of it all was Houlahans, an upscale bar packed with revelers. Not only was the bar full of couples expressing their love for each other, amongst the throng of people, there were also those seeking love. Especially among those individuals that had attended the special Valentine’s Day Speed Dating event in the hope that their hearts would be lovingly pierced by Cupid’s arrow. Some individuals were fortunate and did indeed find partners, but was it to be just for the night or for eternity?

As the night wore on into the early hours of the morning, the crowd in the bar finally began to dwindle. Some left with the same partner they had arrived with, while others returned to their apartments and houses, sadly, still alone. Regardless, as far as the speed dating organizer was concerned, it had been a very successful venture and the owner of the bar was also more than pleased with the evening’s take.

But one lustful couple couldn’t wait until they returned to their respective homes, their amorous overtures just had to be satiated. The tête-à-tête between the couple had begun inside Houlahans after they had both been smitten by Cupid’s arrow. The young man, in his early twenties, had been there attending the speed dating function. Although he was unsuccessful in meeting a suitable partner at the event, he had been fortunate enough to meet a perfectly acceptable young lady who had been stood up on a blind date. She was also in her early twenties and they had literally, bumped into each other at the packed bar. There was an instant attraction and as they say, the rest was history.

Now, at the rear of Houlahans, hidden behind a dumpster, the passionate couple stood against the wall partially concealed by brick outcrops set into the building. Their tête-à-tête had developed into something a little more than a pleasant conversation. Not exactly the most ideal venue for a romantic tryst but neither of the couple had contemplated entertaining such a move when they had first left the bar via the rear entrance. At 6C, it was a little cool for their exploits but the alcohol they had consumed and the passion they were displaying appeared to have dulled any ability to feel the cold. Although anybody passing may not have seen the couple engaged in anything untoward, they would most certainly have heard them. Suddenly, in a fit of passion, the young lady made a sudden move and accidentally hip-checked the dumpster. The dumpster had been emptied just under 24 hours previously and because of the busy evening’s entertainment, the bar staff had yet to replenish the bin with any of their garbage. Consequently, the wheels on the four corners of the dumpster shifted ever so slightly, but the young couple remained oblivious as to what had happened.

Unfortunately, the sudden movement of the dumpster was going to cause the young lady to experience nightmares almost every night for the next few months. She felt fingers gently caressing through her hair, then it suddenly occurred to her that the man she was with had both of his hands occupied elsewhere. She turned her head a tad sideways and then, much to the surprise of her young suitor, she emitted a loud, blood-curdling scream, disturbing their quiet surroundings. He immediately stopped what he was doing to try and determine what the problem was. That was when he saw a lifeless arm with beringed, fingers reaching down from the lip of the dumpster.

Friday 15th February 2019

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