Graves Beneath the Feet

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A struggling actress commits suicide in the middle of night inside a movie studio. A year later a few members of the movie crew start getting murdered at the same spot. ACP Sidharth Shrivastava of CBI is given the charge of solving the case. And he is helped by the female lead of the movie, Sana Kaul. Check out this Paranormal thriller series.

Mystery / Horror
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It's about 2:30 in the morning. A girl opens the back gate of a compound. She is standing inside one of the famous studios of Mumbai. She moves around the studio thinking about the great movies that were shot here. Some big names of the industry had walked on these paths that she is walking tonight. In the darkness she can still see the light man putting lights. In the silence she can still hear the words 'lights, camera and action.' It was a dream for her to be in front of the camera, to see herself on the big screens and to live in the hearts of millions of viewers. But tonight every dream of hers is going to end. It's 3 o'clock now, she looks up in the sky and tears roll down from her eyes.

It's 8 am in the morning, and many police vans arrive along with an ambulance at the studio. A middle aged police officer gets down from his jeep.
The Inspector asks," Kya Kulkarni what's the story?"
The Sub-Inspector salutes him and says,"This looks like a suicide. Some struggling actress named Roshini Gupta. She has done some character roles in films and television. Family stays in Surat. She was staying at a rented apartment somewhere in Malad."
Inspector says,"Send the body to post mortem. Inform her family. Send someone to her apartment to check. Get me a list of her acquaintances here as soon as possible."

He comes out and soon the press gathers around him asking questions.

Reporter1: Who is the victim sir?

Inspector: A girl named Roshini Gupta. She was a struggling actor. She has done minor roles in tv and films.

Reporter2: What is the cause of death sir?

Inspector: Prima Facie appears to be suicide but we are awaiting post mortem report to confirm.

Reporter3: What can be the reasons behind her death?

Inspector: We are looking into all angles and we will let you know once we have found out. We will find the answers soon.

One year later, a mahurat of a new film is going to be organised at the same studio.
The assistant director asks,"Is everything ready? Everyone will be here. Where is Kamal sir?"
Another assistant director replies,"Hasn't he already come? I haven't seen him."

Suddenly a girl screams and everyone rushes to the spot to find the director Raj Kamal dead at the same exact spot where a year ago a girl had taken her life.

A young girl sits in her living room. Her face looks pale and she dabs the handkerchief at the corners of eyes to wipe the tears. The television is on and the news is going on.

Director Raj Kamal was found dead in the studio by his assistant director. This is the third murder of a film personalities in the same studio who were working on the same movie.
The case of this high profile murders of movie personalities is now transferred to the CBI under ACP Sidharth Srivastava.

She murmurs,"ACP Sidharth."

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