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What If He Didn't Die?

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"He is talking to me. Why can't you understand?" "Easter, the dead don't talk to the living!" "Oh well, then maybe he's not dead. Or maybe I am not living." _______________________ Nothing this bad had ever happened in the town of Drakedon. Daniel Smith, the shady and mysterious but absolutely gorgeous new boy at Drakedon high died during a school trip leaving her rich and popular girlfriend. Easter, devastated and broken beyond repairs. She was struggling to cope with a loss that she couldn't even believe was true. Daniel Smith couldn't die, him of all people. And as if to only confirm her doubts, a notification popped on her phone: Yours. She clicked on it and her heart dropped as she heard Daniel's voice note, it was him and he was talking to her. But how? With clear but vague evidence right in her front, Easter was compelled to question herself; What if he didn't die?

Mystery / Thriller
Hanifa Jalal
4.6 54 reviews
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"Death wouldn't be so dark if we could know for certain what comes past it."

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