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A man awakens to find himself on a mysterious spaceship, restrained on an operating table, being monitored and experimented on by strange beings with unknown motives. Desperate to get back to his wife and son, the man resolves to reclaim his freedom by any means necessary. A decision that could ultimately lead to his ruin.

Mystery / Scifi
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The feeling of my wife’s lips behind my ears, oh how I love the way she wakes me up in the morning.

I try to throw my arms around her, but something’s wrong. Something doesn’t feel right. I open my eyes to find myself restrained on a cold, hard operating table, fitted with equipment the likes of which I’ve never seen, not even on television.

A floating mechanical ball hovers over me, the bright light emanating from it almost blinding. I become aware of a rhythmic whirring sound by my right ear and quickly realize that what I thought was a passionate kiss from my wife, was an invasive needle boring into my skull from the back of my ear.

Surprisingly, this proves to be the least of my worries, as I scan the room and observe three hideous creatures; and while they spoke a language I couldn’t’ understand, their tone implied they were in a heated argument. They stood outside the radius of the light above me but their glowing organs, visible from underneath their light-grey skin, allowed me to get a good enough glimpse. Thick tentacle like hair, glowing yellow eyes. The only logical explanation is that I’m still asleep in bed, with my wife wrapped up in my arms. My son is probably already on his way to dive into our bed and disrupt our peaceful slumber as he usually does. I just need to keep blinking, and will myself out of this nightmare.

I blink repeatedly until my eyes run water, but nothing. I wiggle and scream at the top of my lungs, yet here I remain. What the hell is happening?

My screaming seems to have gotten their attention, as it brings an end to their argument, and they move closer to me.

There’s a rather tall and muscular one of around 8 feet in height, and a slightly smaller one of around 6 feet.

I lay my eyes on the third, their smooth, slender body, the way their long hair tentacles cling to their curves. This one has to be a female. The more I stare at her, the less hideous she becomes.

The three of them hover over me, I look into their glowing eyes and prepare for the worst.

My incessant screaming causes me to cough profusely, and I suddenly realize that I’d been struggling to breath from the moment I opened my eyes. My throat feels like I’ve been eating nothing but sandpaper my entire life.

The larger male grunts, seemingly in frustration and exits the room through an energy field doorway.

The smaller male proceeds to leave the room as well but is stopped in his tracks by a loud beeping sound coming from a monitor the large needle to my right is attached to.

The female examines the monitor and the smaller male rushes to her side. She quickly punches some buttons on the monitor, causing the needle to retract. I look on in awe at my captors as they embrace each other and jump for joy, almost falling over in the process. Unbeknownst to them however, they also accidentally release my restraints.

The monitor suddenly ejects a vile containing a glowing yellow serum. The female grabs the vile and scurries out of the room with the other male.

Recognizing this golden opportunity, I attempt to rise up off the table but quickly fall to the floor. Why am I feeling so weak? My entire body is in pain, and my skin feels as though its on fire. I’m sweating bullets and panting for breath, but I manage to rise to my feet.

I scan the room for anything I can use as a weapon. My eyes fall on a tray of sharp surgical blades. I grab one and rush to the side of the doorway biding my time.

My patience eventually pays off as the large male walks in with what looks like an injector gun. I look closely and see its armed with the vile from earlier. I deal him several quick stabs in the neck.

He falls to the floor dropping the injector, twitching as purple blood gushes from his neck. I’m suddenly held down by the other male. The female grabs the injector and attempts to deliver the serum, but I manage to kick her back, freeing myself in the process.

I rush over to the monitor, noticing the other male charging behind me. I grab the large needle and impale him through the eye, killing him instantly.

I suddenly feel a sharp prick. I look down to see the female weeping at my feet as she delivers the serum. I see nothing but red and I wrap my arms around her neck, squeezing harder and harder. “Why aren’t you fighting back!?” I yell at her.

“It’s not your fault, we were too late, I love you, and I’m sorry,” she replies as she takes her last breath.

But wait a minute, why can I suddenly understand that language?

A strange sensation rushes over me and I scramble for the tray and hold it up to my face to see my reflection. My once smooth dark skin turning light grey while tentacles replace my hair follicles right before my eyes.

The rush of memories hit me with merciless aggression, forcing me to realize my entire world has collapsed.

My home planet had been collecting human DNA for centuries, until they were finally able to create a serum that would allow us to temporarily assume human form so we could live amongst them and understand their ways.

I was warned to abandon the mission should the effects of the serum wane causing me to change back to my original form before time. I was only to take a second dose to avoid exposing our race, and immediate extraction was to be requested after that.

But I met a human woman, fell in love, got married and had a son. I wasn’t ready to leave them behind, I just wanted to live out a human lifetime with them before I left. But that damn second dose, the mixture of human and alien DNA created an internal conflict with horrific biological consequences. Before I knew it, I infected my wife and son. The virus made quick work of them and started spreading worldwide with an ever-increasing death toll.

My brain must have been trying to protect itself and forced me to forget all the horrible things I’d done. That is, until my original family came looking for me. My wife, son and brother.

I fall to my knees and scream in agony.

I ponder to myself before finding the resolve, to make my way to the control deck.

How unfortunate, that while simply just a great inconvenience for the people of Corvekia, for the earthlings, this virus will eventually lead to their extinction.

Nevertheless, nothing awaits me back home either, but shame and disgrace.

I set a course for the sun and await my fiery judgement.

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