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Lilith, Nine Levels Of Hell, Moloch, Lucifer etc..

Mystery / Thriller
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I am the first human woman created, by God to be the wife of Adam/
Yet when commanded, I refused to bow to him, so with Lucifer I then fled Eden
I was later replaced by Eve by God, as I was now a godlike powerful demon/
And for this God casted me in to the ninth circle, along with Lucifer for treason
Hundreds of thousands of years later, Amen Hotep opened a gateway to Hell/
Leaving the portal opened, I made my escape, & built an army to destroy the world
Even the second prince of Hell, Leviathan, does not have the power I possess/
They call me the Queen of Hell, I summon demons and resurrect the dead
I drink the blood of newborn babies, that were kidnapped by my chef/
I’m known to possess very young girls, and torture their family to death
I am the mother of many a little girl, whos demonic spirits seduced the watchers/
A manipulator of any rank of demon, I can control any concept, being or object
Due to my status as the first demon, I am therefore the last of the sixty-six seals/
As Heaven fights to keep Lucifer contained, as well as me from being killed
Because if I am killed, the last seal, will release my master from his cage/
Hastening the epic battle between him & Michael, as it was written, was this day.

Copyright 2014 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)

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