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Fleeing to the Oblivious despair

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This story is about mystery , depression , and the process of loosing your mind without realizing that ur being swollowed by the infinte emptyness inside your chest , will he realize what's happening or will he keep on climbing the stairs Which is the right path , and should he hold tight to the past , keep reading to find out .

Mystery / Poetry
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As I walk up the stairs , my vision gets blurry , for each step I took a forgotten story , A fading existence I am , I try to hurry but can't help but worry when I can not remember what was I , with nothing beneath me nor above me, I keep on wondering if it's Oblivion or just a ridicule of glory , wait a second where was I again and why am I climbing these stairs again , what was I saying before and what's this tiresome feeling I can't ignore , should I go up or down I can't make myself sane . (With nothing to do and no hope to hold in to he decided to sleep for the time , with just a hunch to climb and an overthinking mind will he be able to climb so he will reclaim what he lost , but that's only if he wakes up maybe inceptions exist after all , was this reality or another dream of it's own , loosing touch of reality will he be able to write after all .all he remembered is that he should end it whole with a rhyme so he might come back home .)
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