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Alpha's Girl

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17 year old Alexis or Lexi as most call her is a normal teen girl just trying to get through her high school years without trouble. But when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her then finds two random strangers at her house her life is thrown into a mess. It turns out shes a rare white she-wolf and her mate is one of the men who showed up looking for information on her father who left before she was born. When Lexi finds out her life is on the line she fights to keep some sort of control. Even if it means over her own mate. Will Lexi and her mate stay together and will Lexi find the answers she so desperately wants? Find out in Alpha'a girl.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Cheater Cheater

Chapter 1

The bell rings signaling for all students to go home. Mrs. Crosby shouts over everyone that our homework is due on Friday along with the math assignment she assigned on Monday. As I put all my papers in their designated folder one of the boys next to me taps my shoulder. I look up. “ Hey. Could you maybe explain the fourth problem to me?” He asks. Knowing he meant to just send him a pic of my work I rolled my eyes.

“ It’s a wonder how you got into AP Calculus Alex.”

“ Please!” He begs holding his hands out like a prayer sign.

“ Fine.” I sigh. “ But just this once, and you own me!”

“ Deal!” He exclaims. Grabbing my bag and slinging it over my shoulder, I roll my eyes.

“ I’ll send it to you later. But if you get caught I’m not taking any responsibility.”

“ I won’t get caught, Lex just chill.” He says standing. I give him a knowing look and walk away, telling Mrs. Crosby goodbye on my way out.

The halls are full of sweaty teenagers and freshmen who even though we’ve been in school for six months still don’t know where they’re going. I gently push my way through the crowds to my locker where I start grabbing my stuff to go home.

“ Hey babe!” A familiar voice shouts over the people. I turn my head and see Sam, my boyfriend, shoving his way through to get to me. “ Are you ready to get going?” He asks when he finally reaches me. I quickly grab the rest of my stuff and close my locker, turning towards him and placing a soft kiss on his lips.

“ Now I am.” I giggle. His eyes narrow and he grabs my arm pulling to the door and to his black four door jeep where he helps me in and quickly follows. I giggle like crazy when he grabs me like a starving man and places a rough and wet kiss on my now swollen lips. His hand goes up my shirt and I find myself leaning into him. Our tongues dance together fighting for the lead but neither winning. Sam pulls me closer until I’m nearly sitting on his lap. The hand that was on my back travels up until It’s on my bra. That’s when I pull away.

“ I should probably get home.” I remind him. He sighs heavily but lets me crawl off his lap and into the passenger seat. Most girls my age would kill to have sex with Sam even kiss him but i’m not that kind of girl. I’ve always been very closed off when it comes to physical attraction which is why I’m the last known virgin in the entire school. Everyone else threw it away the second they got the chance. Now I don’t mean to brag but I’m pretty good looking. A lot of the boys have tried to get in my bed but everytime I tell them no. Sam’s different though. He never pushes me or makes me feel like I have to do it with him to be loved. I know sometimes it’s hard for him to control himself when we’re kissing which is why I try to put his mind on something else.

My favorite song starts playing on the radio and I turn it up loud singing every word of it as loud as I can while dancing in my seat. Sam laughs and dances with me. As he pulls into my driveway the song fades away and I sigh in utter bliss, completely forgetting all the worries of being a high school senior. Sam puts the car in park and turns towards me. “ I’ll call you tonight at the same time as always.” He tells me with a smile.

“ Okay. I promise not to ignore you again.” I laugh and peck him on the cheek. He chuckles as I get out of his car. I wave as he drives away then walk up the steps to my house, finding the door locked. Sighing I get out my keys and unlock it. The house is silent and oddly cold, making me shiver as I walk in and close the door. I walk through the hallway and to the kitchen where I find a note addressed to me taped to the fridge. I pluck it off and open it. “ Working late again tonight. Leftovers in the fridge and a twenty on the table. Should be home by eight. Be safe and follow the rules. - Love mom” I neatly fold the paper and shoved it into my pocket then collected the twenty and plop on the couch. “ Have a good night at work! Love you too!” I text her even though I know she won’t be able to text me back for a while.

As the sun sets and the crickets come out to play I start to get bored of the T.V. I roll off the couch and grab my phone, scrolling through random things until a brilliant idea pops into my head. I should surprise Sam by showing up at his house with pizza and movies! I know his parents aren’t going to be home from their vacation for another three days so this is the perfect chance to go over there. Grabbing my jacket and keys, I hurry out of the house barely remembering to lock the door on the way out. After picking up the pizza and renting a movie from redbox I pull into Sam’s driveway. I knock on the door as excited as ever, bouncing from one foot to the other. The door opens and a very surprised Sam appears. “ Lexi?” He asks. “ What are you doing here?”

“ My moms not going to be home until later and I got bored, so I brought some pizza and a movie for us to watch.” I tell him, holding up the things.

“ Sam?” A woman’s voice shouts. “ Who’s there?” A tall, beautiful, blond girl appears next to him putting her arm around him in a definetely not sisterly way. Sam turns really nervous and my heart sinks to my stomach.

“ Th-this is my-my-” I cut him off.

“ I used to be his girlfriend. That is until he decided to cheat on me with you.” I tell her never taking my tearful eyes off of Sam.

“ Lexi I-” I drop the things in my hands and dash away before he can finish. “ Lexi, wait! Let me explain! Please!” I hear him shout after me but never stop. I quickly get in my car and peel away, sobbing over something I shouldn’t be crying over. I knew it was too good to be true. No boy wants the kind of relationship I want. All they want is to hump and dump. As I drive away I see Sam in the road staring after me. I almost turn around and listen to what he has to say but I keep myself in check. My hands tighten on the wheel and I push the gas a little harder. This is the last time I let a boy make me cry, the last time I let them use me and the last time I be tied down by one. I’m a free woman ready to spread her wings and fly.

Thank you all for reading this chapter! I uploaded it last night but somehow is got deleted. My next chapter should be up next Thursday but sometimes life gets in the way so please be patient. For the visuals the first name in the list goes to the first picture and so on. I know you haven't met most of the characters and won't for a while but I thought it would be better to have them all in one place. Let me know if you want me to upload them again on a different chapter. Have an AMAZING day (or night) -Koda122

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