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Prequal Volumme 1 - Muted Whisper

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The series is mind bending so be warning, it does back track and link through the books. Its about a family called The Quints then goes into the bigger picture. I do have illistration that I hope to one day publish as a hard copy.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Balance of Power

You wouldn’t have guessed that 500 years ago things wouldn’t be any different than today, beautiful green grass, crystal clear water, wide blue skies, right. Not quite. 500 years ago there was a terrible accident that accurate that change every generations life before they even began. A scientist from a peaceful Valley began researching some very inhuman thing, like curses and witchcraft. He was always seen as different but after this he was seen as so much more. You see we didn’t have technology we only had what we knew, unfortunately for a man named Robert Gill who desired something more than knowledge, power. Mr Gill researched elemental power, which has come to be known as magic, very few believe magic is real but it’s out there. He created what he likes to call elemental stones, no one knows how many or how he was able to create them, for that matter.

Due to Mr Gills success and his assistant being overlooked, his assistant broke into the lab and took one of the very stones he created. It was rumoured that Mr Gill created a fire, water, earth, wind, and curse elemental stones. The stone the assistant chose to take was the cursed elemental stone. These stones were created but untested, unable to know what was going to happen all they could go was wait and pray he didn’t use it. Giving them time to research its elemental power to make a prediction as to its level of destruction. The level was higher than they could have ever predicted. Soon after stealing the stone about 3 years to be exactly the stone as the stories say called out the assistants name slowly consuming the human soul until it was gone. The assistant was consumed by the stones power and completely taken over day by day, year by year. This was the start to a massacre in the making.

Mr Gills tried his best to find the stone but came back empty handed, Mr Gills then made it his company’s goal to find and tested the stones powers. he left his work at his company he called Prime equal that in the future takes form in a new way.

“Morning Bill,” exclaimed a lady.

“Morning Lisa,” said Bill as they carried on with his normal day.

“Hey Lisa, what’s that off in the distance there I can’t quite make it out,” asked Bill.

“I don’t know, better stay inside it’s probably the storms the newspaper mentioned,” said Lisa.

“That sounds about right, they love coming at bad times,” said Bill pouting as he went inside.

“Maybe it’s a sin,” laughed Lisa.

Roberts original lab had built on the peaceful valley of his hometown. He created these stone with good intention, but we all know that it doesn’t always go to plan. His assistant finally surfaced and turned the power of the curse stone on the town, the very people it was designed to protect. Being simply recognised would have avoided this whole ordeal, but the stubbornness of men was to great. The once green grass died, the sky changed from a crisp blue to a crimson red with smoke stealing the air. Homes were crushed, the grounded was torn. Robert had two options, to hide his creation from the world or to run. Robert being a wise man hid the stone, since not even he knew how to stop it. Robert found a cave filled with rare gems hidden deep in the mountain, he created a seal or rather an alter that would hide the stones from unwanted eyes.

“I never thought my work would end up like this,” he continued muttering to himself, “Will my work ever be known, perhaps one day someone will step forward and put an end to evil I have created.” After consulting with himself in the cave it was decided that his work should be destroyed and forgotten. However, before he destroyed it he would first have to release the assistant from the stone he created. Little did he know this fight would create a whisper of darkest that will travel through history. Not all believe it the story of the stones but for those few who believed past it down through the ages.

With his mighty weapon of knowledge and a silver dagger, he found the heart of the darkest and sliced it in two. The assistant was freed but as for the stone it was gone. It was too dark to see, but they say it rests in that cave to this day. Robert Gill was rumoured to have researched for many years but was unable to recreate such a stone. Why he would do such a thing is unknown, but didn’t he lie or tell the truth we will never know. Robert Gill lost his way after that day, his parents Lisa and Bill died on that day. Robert died 5 days later by drowning, it was said it committed suicide, taking his secrets to his grave.

“Mother I know magic is real and all, but how can a mere human have created elemental magic,” she asked, “He’s just a human peasant.”

“Rhythmic, what have I told you?” yelled mother.

“Don’t call humans peasants,” said Rhythmic.

“And” asked mother.

“Don’t underestimate them, but still,” cried Rhythmic.

“When you’re older you’ll understand my child,” she said.

“What does that even mean? You know how I feel about riddles,” cried rhythmic.

“I guess you’ll have to wait and see, it shall be your adventure,” explained mother.

Young Rhythmics head turned with confusion at her mother’s outburst. What could it mean? There was a whisper in the air weather it was of good fortune or an omen that is forever unknown.

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