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As a Murder Plot occurs in the United States, Connor Winters Questions his sanity as he Chases down the reaper himself.

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Chapter 1

??? POV

Journal Report

-Friday, 11:41 PM EST March the 21st 1985

-I have been relying on caffeine lately to keep me up and awake, My life has been a living nightmare I find objects in places where I did not put them. I hear strange sounds from all around me and my searching for a new place to stay closer to civilization is going horribly.

-I see something when I sleep, Two dots of bright red in complete darkness with a smoke-like matter coming from both of them I’ve tried speaking with an expert and even gone to therapy. The therapist asks me questions I don’t feel comfortable or safe answering but if I don’t find a fix to this I will lose my mind.


“That’s my phone, maybe someone found an apartment for me to stay in.” I walked slowly to the phone even though caffeine kept me awake I still felt weak due to the lack of energy. I eventually made it to my seat and sat down looking at the spark of hope that lies within the ringing of the phone.

I pick up the phone and put it to my ear and hear nothing until.

“Do you remember me, Doctor Sean?”


...Doctor Sean???

My whole world starts flashing I get up with the phone in my hand and walk briskly to view the outside but with each step, something weighs on me that holds me from taking another step, I almost drop the phone in my hand due to how sweaty my palms have gotten.

“w-w-who are you? How do you know me?” Nothing made sense as all as what flashed in my mind was the two red dots

Huh? That’s weird, was the moon always this dark?

“I suppose you wouldn’t remember me, but I remember you, doctor So much so I wasn’t surprised when I found you living alone in a cabin like a Hermit.”

“WHO ARE YOU?!?!” My attempt of intimidation seemed nothing more but a squeal of fright.

every part of the human body can be used to identify what someone is feeling from a person’s voice to their eyes down to their palm. Those were all the more apparent I figured sitting down may calm my nerves but in truth, I needed to leave.

“You want to know who I am?”


“I am


The destroyer of Worlds”


Fear of the Unknown is one of the most primitive forms of fear but the most primitive is Fear of Death. Every Evolution humanity has gone through was built on avoiding death but as everything flashed from a long time ago, it all made sense who this was and the two red dots but as I was remembering I came to a realization

those weren’t dots.

They were eyes. The eyes of pure bloodlust

I came to this realization too late as I saw something

I saw The Reaper wearing long black clothes, holding a great Scythe.

My soul is to be reaped, I would have imagined I would have lived a decent life before being shipped to the flames, and yet I stare at the sign of the end as with every moment the reaper’s arm is lifted and his Long weapon is illuminated by the Light of Midnight, it illuminates death itself but as I dawn my eyes on the form of death I feel nothing but guilt.


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Connor Winters POV

The sound of jazz music rocked through the building as I saw countless bodies move in an inconsistent fashion trying to dance, I must admit I’m not sure why I come here other than the penetrating music and a good drink I haven’t made any connections through this place despite my daily appearance.

I take another gulp and try to stand up only to fall from my feet it seems I had too much to drink however before I attempt to get up a lady I knew rushes to my aid.

“You sure do drink a lot, come on I will help you up.” She said using both of her arms to try and pick me up, I help her by trying to stand up

“Why are you drinking like this? Are you feeling lonely? You know if you are...” she said trying to touch me

“Amanda I’m not paying for you because you’re too expensive,” I said bluntly and blunt is what she deserved. All the money she siphons from men is admirable but I’m not falling for her tricks

“Are you saying I’m not worth it? HMPH and I thought we had such good times together.” She said crossing her arms and pouting in an attempt to make me feel bad for her.

“It’s not my fault you cost more than a steak and wine at a good restaurant,” I said while trying to pull a cigar out of my pocket when suddenly


“WELL I’M LEAVING LET THE STEAK AND WINE TAKE YOU HOME.” She said walking away with her arms fisted up. At this point, I’d preferred to not go home alone however so I ran after her.

“Hey, you’re walking me home? How sweet of you” I said as I matched my pace to hers she pulled out a cigarette and started smoking.

“What? Steak and wine can’t walk you home?” She said with a smirk and a look of victory in her eyes.

“The wine is too whiny and the steak is in the casino,” I said taking out my cigar and lighting it up.

“Why’s the steak at the casino?” Trying to grasp my incomplete joke

“For the high stakes gambling,” I said with a smirk, she rolled her eyes so hard I thought it would roll to the back of her head however as we walked in the night the street was empty and so our laughter and our steps were the only things that echoed on the lone path.

Once we had reached my apartment I would have imagined she’d leave by now but this made more sense she wasn’t trying to walk me home to be kind, she’s after my money!

“Why are you still here?” I questioned as I fell over on the couch as I entered my home.

“Do you clean this place?” She asked trying to find the cleanest spot in the house to sit although that comment hurt It was sadly the truth that I don’t clean this place often.

“What a nice way of avoiding the question,” I said to try and steer the conversation back to why she was being a total creep and coming into my house.

“Maybe I can wear you down and get you to pay after all.” She said with an unapologetic smirk. She’s a succubus to the core.

“Well, that’s too bad because I plan on sleeping,” I said pulling a pillow and placing it directly under my head.

“What right on the couch?” She asked confused “well that isn’t fair I don’t get a spot next to you to try my tricks.” She pouted

“Yea that’s The Whole point of it,” I said and closed my eyes trying to block her out of existence however like a demon whispering in your ear she can not leave which is ironic because she did start whispering in my ear.

“Aww come on I will listen to anything you want to say. Like why you’re drinking so much or about your past.” As she said the last part I was reminded I don’t remember any of it, not a single aspect from before the last 3 years was a memory in my mind it was all empty.

“Can’t tell you what I don’t remember,” I said trying to push her away but she latches on to me tight where it would require enough force to knock her down just to get her off me.

“come on you gotta remember something or other?” She said looking me in the eyes I quickly put my hand on the center of her face when her guard was down and pushed her away.

“You know if no one remembers a memory that did happen did it even happen at all?” I said as I sat up, she grabbed the controller and opened the TV

“Well well didn’t know drinking makes you all philosophical”

She switched to a news channel that was reporting a murder however one symbol that the killer behind was what was being discussed

“Doctor Sean received a phone call just before his death”

a Red-eye that seemed familiar however I paid it no mind people familiarize things all the time she switched off the channel and got up.

“Well I guess I won’t be able to wear you down” she got up and dusted herself off and started walking to the door.

“Well, you didn’t put up much of a fight,” I said with a smirk, she looked back at me and said

“I know when to give up Connor, have a good sleep maybe I will try again tomorrow” she followed that statement up with a wink and left I laid down on my couch and slept


Wait? Where am I?

I felt as if my body existed and did not exist I was standing in complete darkness, the only sounds I hear are screams and the sound of metalwork being done I feel like a dominating force holding me down and yet I feel a strong urge to move.

all sounds dwindle however the darkness seems to grow darker I start hearing the screams of a man I feel my mind flashing a thousand times as space condenses yet expands and time moves forward and backward and all that’s left in this darkness is me.

...and two red dots?

I hear ringing as a storm grows as I am teleported to a desert I feel a strong force blowing me back and sand flying past me the sand reddens my eye and a mirror appears in front of me as my pupil and iris turn red and my sclera turns black.

Lifting my head I looked, and behold, a pale horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death, and Hell was following with him.


I rise from my couch to realize it was but a dream however it felt so real, they say dreams are a portal to the subconscious could this help me find out about my past? No that’s a silly thought after all it was just a dream.


I get up to try and begin my day however I hear ringing from the phone.

“Doctor Sean received a phone call just before his death.” Echoed in my head however, I paid it no heed and picked up the phone.

“Who’s this?” I heard nothing but silence and then

“Who else would be calling you? Don’t tell me you’ve replaced me already??” I hear Amanda’s voice and I’m immediately disappointed.

“What do you want Amanda?” I said taking a breath in she continues speaking

“I was thinking we can go to the bar later what do you say?” She requests me to go with her although I would have rejected even if I didn’t have plans I did have plans

“Sorry no I have plans maybe another day though,” I said and I heard radio silence for a moment

“Stop lying we all know you don’t do anything and besides what could be more important than hanging out with me?” She says energetically trying to persuade me but the first comment offended me enough to accept any of her words after.

“I do have plans, bye now.” I close the phone before she can respond.

I have to go to Doctor Sean’s house.

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