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Human to Cat Journey

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The Three cats Stark, Milo and Beauty get lost in tge woods of terror. They find a watch in the middle of it anf the time was wrong. Stark Changes it to the right time but then he turns into a black cat. The watch sets back to the time it was set. Milo Sets the time and turns into a white cat. The time sets back again. Beauty sets the time and she turns into a Grey cat.

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1 Lost in the woods

One day Stark and his brother Milo went for a stroll. Milo Came across to a watch that was set as the wrong time. first there were words in the watch asking if he was a Human or cat. He obviously awsnserd human so the watch was set to human and Milo just set the time to normal before he new it he turned into a white cat And he gets teleported to a place called cats to never land. Stark was looking everywhere for Milo. Of course he went inside to get Beauty. "Beauty Beauty I can't find Milo anywhere!" Stark sobbed.
"Dont worry Stark we will find him" Beauty exclamied. Stark and Beauty go out into the woods of terrior to find Milo.
"Milo Milo!" Yelled Stark.
"Milo where are you?!" Beauty Screemed
Stark and Beauty go off on their own but then Stark can't help to notice a watch just laying there
"What is that?" As Stark slowly got closer.
Stark notice the watch was set as the wrong time. The watch asked a random question. The watch said are you a human or cat. Stark said human because he wasn't curious at all. Stark just set the time to the normal time and before he new he turned into black cat and got teleported to a place called cats to never land. He was so confused but then in the distance he saw a white cat he didn't know what was happening so he went to the white cat
"Hey uhm excuse me where am I?" Stark asked.
"Oh I don't know either I just got put down here like 40 minutes ago" Milo awnsered.
"I'm Stark what about you?" He asked
" I'm Milo" replied Milo.
"Wait are you my brother Milo?" Stark asked politely.
"Wait you are my brother!!!!" Milo awserned without a doubt.
"Woohoo!" Stark said.
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