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What would you do if you lived alone and kept waking up to a bathtub full of bubbles each morning? What would you do if there were no logical explanation and the bodies kept piling up?

Mystery / Horror
Patience Hackney
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For the past several mornings I’ve been waking up to an astonishing amount of bubbles left in my bathtub. I thought it was strange due to the fact that I only took showers in the morning and lived alone. I didn’t think much of it until now. This morning when I went into my bathroom, everything was knocked over and the window latch had been unlocked. I assumed someone broke into my house trying to find something, however, when I did inventory, nothing was missing.

Acting upon my curiosity I decided upon myself to set up a few video cameras. I thought that maybe if I'd caught something out of the ordinary then I wouldn’t be completely losing my mind. I was possibly making the biggest mistake of my life, but I went ahead and set up a total of three cameras’ anyways. Where to place to the first camera was a no brainer, since the incident happened in the bathroom. Figuring out where to put the other two were solely based on where I'd think there'd be the most activity. So, after double-checking that everything was in place, I went about my daily routine and went to sleep later that night.

When I saw the bubbles inside of my bathtub that following morning, I decided to play back the captured footage from the video cameras. Unfortunately, nothing unusual was found on the camera facing the front door nor was anything seen going in or out of the bathroom judging by the hallway camera. However, when I checked the bathroom camera, I found something very strange. The cameras’ battery had been drained and no footage was recorded. I searched online for an explanation as to why this would occur and found that there could actually be a paranormal entity residing in my apartment! I phoned a paranormal specialist in hopes to verify my suspicions. Half way into the phone call I was cut off by what was undoubtedly laughter. He explained that he simply couldn’t take me seriously, and kindly told me call him when I came up with legitimate evidence.

How could I blame him, I thought. I sounded crazy, even to myself... But I just KNEW something was there. I felt it.



The following night a loud screeching sound emitting from the bathroom awoke me. I turned to look at my clock and noticed that it was 3:33AM. I quickly stumbled out of my bed and cut the light on. My heart seemed as if it were nearly racing to leave my chest. The sound was so unusual I couldn’t pinpoint as to what animal and or thing it could have been.


As I made my way to the bathroom I noticed the hallway camera had been knocked over. I turned towards the bathroom door to the sight of it cracked open. I then cautiously opened the door and cut the light on. That’s when I noticed all the mirrors had been smashed and the camera was on the floor facing downward. I didn’t go back to bed that night, instead I stayed up watching what little footage I could actually accumulate via the cameras.

First I checked the camera that was facing towards the front door to see if maybe perhaps someone broke in. I found nothing, again. Second was the camera in the hallway, the one that was somehow knocked over. As I played the footage back, a brief static covered the screen, blurred, and went blank. I couldn’t debunk it so I shrugged it off. Lastly, I checked the bathroom camera. Now I know you’re all wondering, why didn’t I just check that one first? –I didn’t check that one first because once more, the battery had drained so I left it to charge.

When I finally played the footage back my entire body engulfed in shivers and cold chills. I couldn’t believe my eyes as to what I saw. On the screen there was what appeared to be some sort of creature. It didn’t come from the window, the window never opened, it didn’t walk through the front door, it was locked, it didn’t come from the attic, I don’t have one. Where on earth did it come from? I thought. The creature looked so depraved and repugnant I couldn’t describe its features clearly. It sure as hell wasn’t human or any earth-like creature from this planet.

Nervous and scared I didn’t think twice before leaving the apartment that night, so I went to stay at a friends’ house. I told them about the incident and they couldn’t believe it. They laughed and thought it was a mere joke I was playing. Eventually I forgot about it, moved on, and went to bed, until the next morning.


I couldn’t believe it. The bubbles were back again! I called to my friends and showed them. None of them could explain as to why the same exact bubbles were in the tub. They swore up and down that I did it, so the only way to make them believe me was to once again, set up more video cameras. We placed one in the hallway and in the bathroom since we all stayed up that night watching movies to make sure no one went in or out of the bathroom without our knowledge.

It was around 7:00AM in the morning when we all decided to check the bathroom and to our sight, more bubbles. Of course I was a bit relieved that I wasn’t merely seeing things, however, now my friends wanted to comprehend. Even though we were skeptic, we decided to play with the Ouija board. Yeah I know, bad idea, but we had no choice we needed answers. We asked it countless numbers of questions but got absolutely no response.

Confused with no possible reasoning I decided to go home. I cleaned up the glass in the bathroom, called a repairman to fix it, and decided not to worry anymore. It wasn’t until I was watching T.V when I realized a homicide occurred within a few miles from my apartment. Shocked and in disbelief, it was my friends. John, Sierra, Deb, and Tyler. They were all dead. DEAD!

I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I assumed that maybe perhaps it was the board game, that maybe we summoned something. Unable to find a logical answer, I ran into my room and tried to make a reasonable explanation about it. I’m sure I checked the bathroom a few good dozen times for any clues but found nothing. Was it the bubbles? I didn’t know.

The cops came to question me later that day and asked if I knew anything about it since I was one of their closes friends. I said, “no,” which wasn’t completely false because I honestly didn’t know what happened. I was more at a lost than they were.


It wasn’t until the next morning when I found a package at my front door with no return address. As I opened the package to my disbelief there was my video camera. I thought I brought it home with me the day I left my friends house. I couldn’t think of a single person that would have mailed it back to me within one day shipping.

Clueless and curious I decided to plug it into the big screen and watch it back. It took a few hours before anything out of the ordinary occurred. It started out with John playing video games around 3:19AM and then a few minutes later Deb is seen walking towards the bathroom and that’s when it got weird.

She’s seen walking out of the bathroom and towards John. John then gets up and walks towards the bathroom with Deb. Moments later both Sierra and Tyler come to check. Sierra is seen jogging towards the camera, she picks it up and then jogs back towards the bathroom.

Tyler then takes the camera and zooms in on the bathtub full of bubbles. It was then 3:25AM when all of this was occurring. That’s when I see John pull the plug in the bathtub to let the bubbles out.

They appeared to be leaving the tub but slowly. It seemed as if it took few minutes before it reached the bottom, after that nothing. They all stood there for a moment before they all exited the bathroom and cut the light off.

Sierra then placed the camera on the kitchen counter. That’s when it went black; I assumed she cut the camera off. I’m still not fairly sure.

Moments later the camera cut back on, however everything was dark. I literally couldn’t see anything, well until I saw something move.

“Wait, who’s that?! Who the hell is that?!” I thought to myself.

The camera started to blur out. That’s right after Deb was seen running from the back room, followed by Tyler. The lights then flickered from the bathroom as Tyler is then pulled into it and what appeared to be torn apart. Deb turned and fell to the ground but then quickly got up.

It looked as if she made it out of the house but then the footage shows her stepping back slowly in an emotionless expression. That’s when I saw her walk over towards a secret compartment, pull out a small pistol, put it up to her head, and pull the trigger.

That’s when I covered my mouth. The camera then blurred out as static covered the screen. It wasn’t until I played it back a few times to notice they weren’t the only ones in the house.

“Oh, God.” I thought. It was that same creature! That same one that was at my place! It followed me there! It fucking followed me to my friends’ house!

I didn’t know what to do or who to tell so I kept it to myself. It’s not like I murdered my friends. It’s not like I was going to get murdered just like them. If that were the case I would have been killed months ago. So not knowing what to do, I did the only thing I could do. Sleep.


It wasn’t until I heard that same sound coming from the bathroom again.


I quickly jumped out of my bed and cut the lights on. I thought for sure it was my turn to die. I grabbed the nearest item, which was my baseball bat and headed towards the bathroom. As I cut the light on, there they were, the bubbles. I looked around aimlessly trying to find an answer. I thought to myself that maybe there was some sort of secret passage or something somewhere, but I was wrong. I just about checked the entire apartment that night. I couldn’t even pinpoint as to where that horrid sound was coming from. I assumed someone was playing a prank on me. That maybe the creature I saw wasn’t really there.

I even at that point assumed my friends faked their own deaths. Unable to find any logical reasoning, I decided to seek psychological help. It wasn’t until weeks later when I was released from the hospital. The doctors couldn’t explain why the things I was experiencing was happening to me. They assumed that it was stress inflicted so they prescribed me something to help me relax.

I decided to move in with my parents to help brighten up my surroundings and surprisingly the bubbles and screeching stopped appearing. I was far beyond relieved. Everything was peaceful for a good few months until one night they all came back.


I’m sure it was around 3:00AM when I woke up to use the bathroom and as I sat on the toilet I heard what appeared to be a faucet turning. I finished my business, got up, and walked towards the bathtub.

To my sight, the knob on the bathtub started turning on it’s own. Oddly, no water came out, just bubbles, but not ordinary bubbles, but black bubbles. They smelled so repulsive and nauseating I couldn’t stomach it. I called my parents to see if they knew what was going on but got no reply. I left the bathroom and went towards their bedroom. I opened the door to the both of them gone and a messy bed. I assumed that maybe perhaps they left to I assume “do” things. I wasn’t fairly sure.


That’s when that same screeching sound came back, but this time much louder followed by a loud thumping. I didn’t know what to do so I just fell to the floor and covered my ears hoping for it to vanish. That’s when moments later everything went silent, for a second I thought the screeching was so loud I became deaf.

However, that’s when I heard a small laughter within the distance coming from the bathroom. As I made my way to the bathroom, I turned towards the tub full of black bubbles and decided to wash them away with the shower water. It only took a few seconds before I was caught off guard by a loud knocking sound.

I peeked my head from outside the bathroom door and walked towards it. It continued.




As I approached the loud banging sound I noticed that it was coming from the front door, but not only the front door, it started coming from the back as well. It wasn’t until a few corresponding seconds later until it reached every last single window in the house. Frightened I didn’t know what to do so I nervously ran back into the bathroom and closed the door.

Just as I closed the door a loud thump smashed right into it causing me to fall onto the floor. I didn’t know what the hell was happening. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or if it was the medication my doctor prescribed me. Maybe perhaps it went bad or something, I didn’t know. I wasn’t too frightened until the thumping got louder and louder. I scooted so far into the corner that I felt as if the wall would collapse.


One last thump was heard before everything went silent, including the shower water falling into the bathtub. I noticed that all the bubbles were gone and decided to cut the water off. It wasn’t until I noticed both my parents lying dead in the tub when the thumping, screeching, and bubbles appeared again. I didn’t know what to do, so I cried and yelled,



That’s when the bathroom door busted open and in rushed that same creature. It didn’t flinch, it didn’t yell, it didn’t even attack me. It just stood there. It stood there with a hideous grin as it glared towards me. I thought for a moment there that my life was over. It wasn’t until I blinked to find that it vanished and cops were tackling me.


Apparently I killed my parents and friends. I wasn’t able to see the footage the cops found, however, that’s why I’m here. Here in this ward. No one believes me.

…I guess I don’t have to tell anyone about the bubbles I found in my room.

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