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Lia Donnon was kidnapped when she fifteen to become a bride, but she doesn’t know that, Theo Ivanov, heir to the Russian Mafia. These two became best friends but their feeling were more. It might be love, but neither one would admit it. When they agree to the marriage everything can only go up. But when Lia’s life is threatened and her abusive mom returns, Theo has to protect her. One thing is, Lia isn’t a damsel in distress.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

Six years ago

-Lia Donnon-

I shifted the bag in my back as I continued up the slope. The top of the hill mocked me as I shuffled onwards. I noticed the car following me but I tried to not pay any attention to it. I was just paranoid. Nobody wanted me, not even my own mother. Why would a kidnapper?

My breathing was uneven as the car pulled to a stop next to me. The window rolled down to reveal a man that looked to be in his late thirties. “Excuse me, miss,” he said. I stopped, looking over.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Is this your mom?” He held out a photo of my mother. I shared the same hazel eyes with her and we had the same features. My brown hair came from my dad though.

“Yes,” I shifted the bag once more, “why?”

The man smiled, “your mother is in the hospital. I was sent to come get you. She wants to see you in case anything happens.” I raised an eyebrow. My mom wants to see me? I thought.

I gave him a pitiful sigh, “is this your first time trying to kidnap someone?” I asked.

He gave me a baffled look, “what are you talking about?”

“Listen, if you are going to use the ‘relative in the hospital’ thing, make sure it’s believable to whoever you are talking to.” I said, beginning to walk again, “it was a good try though.”

I didn’t see the car following me so I relaxed. I made it home to find mom on the couch, passed out. ’Hospital my ass,’ I thought, rolling my eyes. I quietly made my way down the stairs into my sad excuse of a bedroom. I set my school bag down, hating the fact it was summer. Now, I would be at the mercy of my mom when I wasn’t working.

I sighed laying on my back. Someone knocked on the door, the sound faintly making its way to my room. I rolled over, not caring who was here. No one ever came to see me. Not since my grandFather passed away. “Lia!” My mom yelled, “get the door.” I grumbled, sitting up.

I could’ve easily ignored her, but that would lead to dire consequences. I trudged back up the stairs and back towards the door. Mom was still lying on the couch, a beer bottle in her hand. I opened the door to see the man from the car. “Hello,” he said, “I need to speak with your mother.” I rolled my eyes.

“Mom, the doors for you,” I said, walking into the living room. Mom sent me a bone chilling glare before standing. She made her way towards the door and greeted the man.

“What do you want?” She snapped.

“Ma’am, I would like to talk to you about your daughter,” the man said, “I have someone who would like to buy her.” My jaw hit the floor. He wanted to buy me? Like an object?

I knew mom would never sell me or get rid of me. I was worth too much. Grandfather’s will left a hefty amount of money and land to my name. Mom glared at the man, “listen here mister,” she snarled, “I may not care for my daughter but she is worth more than you could ever offer.”

The man smirked, “ten thousand dollars,” he said.

Mom scoffed, “do you know how much money she has in her name? Money I get when she turns eighteen? I’m not selling my daughter when she is still useful to me.” I rolled my eyes, walking back down to my bedroom. I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation. I didn’t need to. Eventually, I heard the door close and mom made her way into my room. “I hope you know what I just did for you.”

I bit my tongue. I had a smart mouth, no doubt. But after years of this hell, I learnt to control it around my mom. “Thank you, ma’am,” I said instead. She threw me a look of disgust before walking back up the stairs. I laid back down on the hard mattress and sighed, closing my eyes. I didn’t have to wait long for sleep to claim me.


“Get up!” A voice snapped. I groaned, hating my mother for waking me. I slowly blinked open my eyes, looking around. I wasn’t in my room anymore. I was in a basement, tied to a chair. ‘Not much worse,’ I thought. A dark chuckle filled the air, “finally, you’ve woken up. Didn’t think they drug would be that bad.”

I turned to my side to see a man. He looked like the man before, but he didn’t have the same eyes or hair. I noticed I was in ropes, tied in knots. “First time kidnapping?” I suddenly blurted out. The man’s face turned sour and I cursed my mouth.

“No, actually,” he replied.

“You look like the man from the car,” I muttered. The man gave me a smirk.

“That was my twin. He and I were in a race to find you. He tried to do it the easy way, less of a chance you’ll get hurt. But that didn’t work, so I came in.”

“Do you have daddy issues?” I asked, slapping myself mentally.

The man looked at me for a moment, surprise etched into his features. Then, slowly, he smiled. He walked closer, trailing a finger up my leg, I squirmed, feeling disgusted, “oh, how I would love to break you,” he muttered. “But the boss wants you unscathed.” He pulled back, a sick, twisted grin on his face. “It’s fine, once I take him down, I’ll have my fun.” I gagged in disgust, fighting the bile that rose.

“Listen, I don’t know what is going on, but can I get some water?” I asked, “if I am used to you, I would like to be treated as a guest.” The man chuckled, placing a hand on my cheek. I cowered away from the hand.

“Ivanov is a lucky man,” he whispered, “I can hope I get a fill too.” I wanted to throw up. Sick bastards. I squirmed in the chair, feeling extremely trapped. “Don’t worry, the trade will happen in a few hours.” He left the room, leading me with my own thoughts.


-Mark Ivanov-

“Boss,” one of my men ran into my office, “John has the girl.”

“Explain,” I said, leaning forwards. My intimidating nature caused the man to shuffle slightly.

“Lia Donnon,” he handed me a file, “fifteen, just younger than Theo. She goes to school full time, works at a little cafe in the summers. Dad left when she was little and is in custody of her mother. Her grandFather left her a sizable amount of money in his will to her. And she’s a virgin.”

“Everything I asked for,” I commented, “good job. When will we trade?”

“One hour. John will meet us at the docks.” I nodded.

“You are dismissed.” The man ran from the room as my fifteen year old son walked in.

“Good afternoon Father,” he said, taking a seat in front of my desk. “How’s the search going?”

Theo knew I was searching for a girl to be his bride when he turned twenty. He helped in the search. I didn’t want him to make the same mistakes I made. Sleeping around. That’s how I lost this mother.

“John has found a girl,” I said, handing the file to him, “we will trade in an hour at the dock.” Theo took in the girl’s appearance in the photo.

“She’s pretty,” he mumbled, then looked up at me, “he won’t do anything to her, right?”

“I told him she had to be untouched,” I paused as I looked at his face, “in any way, shape or form,” I added, answering his unasked question. Theo nodded, standing.

“I wish to come with you to the trade,” he said. “I don’t trust John and I don’t want an innocent girl getting in harm’s way.” I nodded and he stood. “I’ll be ready within ten minutes.” He walked from the room as I took the file. I knew who the girl was. She was my second in command’s niece. She looked like him, with his hair and nose. Winston Donnon was forced to leave his nice when his ex-sister-in-law had threatened Lia. He had always kept an eye out for her and when I told him of the marriage I wanted for Theo, his mind went to Lia.

I had servelinced Lia for years and I knew she would be good for Theo. I picked up the phone at the edge of my desk, “send in Winston.” I said.

A few moments later, he walked into the room, “Don,” he said, using my mafia title.

“We have her,” I said, “she is with John as we speak. We will make the trade in an hour at the docks.”

Winston nodded, not showing any emotions, “I’ll get the men ready.” He left the room without another thought. I sighed looking back at the file. As much as Winston wouldn’t want to admit, he wanted to see his daughter gain and meet her. This would be good for him.


-Theo Ivanov-

The car doors slammed shut as I made my way to stand next to my Father. Our men surrounded us, every single one of them armed. “Let’s go,” Father moved forwards, towards the warehouse. I walked behind him, my gun tucked into my waistband.

We entered the warehouse to hear a female voice ask, “can you believe that they changed the flavor? I always thought it was green apple flavor but then I found out it’s actually lime!” She exclaimed, “the skittles company must have some time on their hands to mess with my mind.”

Some men gave each other surprised looks as we entered the clearing. I saw John first. He looked ready to explode, an annoyed look covering his features. “Finally!” He said when he noticed us, “thank god!” He stepped towards us, “I better be paid good, this girl is insufferable.”

“Hey!” I turned to see the girl he was talking about. She looked like her picture, “if you must talk about me badly, you have to speak in an English accent.”

“Why in the world would I do that?!” John exclaimed.

She shrugged, “I don’t know,” she said, “you seem like you are English. With the dark mysterious aura. I feel like you should be sipping tea as you wait for your victims to come.” Some chuckles floated around the group and I pressed my lips together to keep from smiling.

John sighed, “Here’s the girl. Where’s my money?”

Father pulled his gun out, “I believe this pays off your debt,” he said. John also pulled his gun.

“Oh!” The girl said, “a stand off.” She looked at the group of men behind me, “can someone get me some popcorn?”

“Shut up!” John yelled, “your voice is annoying.”

The girl scoffed, “please, if I wanted to be annoying, I would be.” She rolled her eyes, “you just have the pleasure of seeing me when I’ve been kidnapped.”

A smile fought its way onto my lips as the men behind me pulled their guns. John’s eyes never left my Father’s, “getting this girl was more than enough to pay off my debt. I want at least two thousand.”

My Father chuckled, “not gonna happen.”

“Excuse me,” the girl said, cutting in, “I have a question. Are you part of the Mafia?” John’s face fell as his jaw dropped open. My Father gave her a questioning look, she shrugged, “I’ve had a lot of time to read books. Mostly about the mafia. So is this sex trafficking?”

“No,” my Father said, “go get her.” He said to some of the men. They rushed forwards untying her hands.

The girl stood and stretched, “finally! Do you know how long I had to sit in that chair? My bladder has been screaming at me for the last thirty minutes!”

“I told you to go to the cell!” John said.

“Have you seen that bathroom?” The girl asked, baffled by the idea, “even the rats wouldn’t go in there!” Father turned back to John.

“The money will be transferred into your account,” Father said, “we must go.” The men led the girl out of the building and she hummed.

Once she caught sight of Winston, she smiled, “hello uncle,” she said. Winston gave her a smile before embracing her.

“Glad to see you, Mila,” he said. He helped her into the car and I climbed in after her. She smiled when she saw me.

“Someone my age!” She said, holding out her hand, “Mila Donnon,” she said. I gave her a questioning look before shaking her hand.

“Theo Ivanov,” I replied.

“Theo,” she mumbled, “cool name.”

“Thanks,” I said, still unsure what to do. Lia turned back to face the front, playing with her fingers. “You sure do have a smart mouth.”

She turned to face me, giving me a smile, “it’s a defense mechanism. Kept me alive for this long.”

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