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Phobias. It. Girls. Boys. Men. Women. It doesn't care who you are - if you have the phobia, you are not safe. . .

Mystery / Horror
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It gave a small smile to it's next victim. Unknowingly brushing her teeth, changing into her pajamas, and turning out the light. She climbed into bed and It crouched down, ready to jump. But It would have to wait. It would have to wait until the victim was sleeping.

It was a cold, winter night. There was a full, bright moon in the sky. Wolves howled in the distance. Yes, it was an eerie sight, like one you'd see in movies.

Minutes ticked by slowly. The girl's alarm clock went off, buzzing rapidly. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The girl sat up, startled, and rubbed her eyes. "What the hell?" She reached for the alarm clock and that's when It took action.

"Damn it!" The girl cried, when she'd knocked her alarm clock over and it fell under her bed. She reached under, and It opened it's jaws and -.

"Kelly?" Another woman's voice asked, door opening. "Are you okay?"

To be Continued. . .

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