My Son's Mother

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A 24 year old cheerful, sweet, kind girl Anna get married to a cold, rude billionaire for his 7 year old son. She is kind hearted and polite with every one and values every relation on the other hand Daniel who doesn't trust anyone because of his past decision. Daniel took the big decision only for his son whom he loves a lot. He is cold arrogant for world but when it comes to his one and only son he is sweetest person. They are bound to be together only for Daniel's son but what will happen when the son himself is not ready to accept her as his mother. How she will win their trust? What was his past that change him? What will happen when two opposite personality live in under one roof?

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter - 2

Daniel got up and saw Abram sleeping peacefully in his arms. He smiled and kissed his puffy cheeks. “Wake up champ, you will be late for school” “mmm just 7 minutes more Dad”, Abram said still closing his eyes. “No, just wake up already otherwise you will be late for school and miss your school bus. Come on get up”, Daniel said while poking his bum playfully. “Ugh okay fine I am up now” Abram got up and pouted adorably. “Good boy, now go get ready, I’ll be waiting for you outside for breakfast okay?” Abby nodded, smiling at Daniel.

In the breakfast table they were munching on their food. Daniel and Abram just finished eating when Mrs. Alves came. “Good morning boys” “Good Morrniiing” Daniel and Abram said in unison. Abram ran and hugged Mrs. Alves’s legs as he could reach there only. Mrs. Alves chuckled and picked him up holding him in her arms. “How are you, my son?” Mrs. Alves asked him. “I am fine grandma, I missed you” Abram said and kissed her cheek. Suddenly they heard a bus honking outside. “OH Abby, your school bus has arrived, come on pick your bag.” Abram nodded and ran with his tiny feet towards his room to pick his bag. He came carrying his backpack behind. “Bye grandma, bye Dad”, Abram said, waving at Daniel and Mrs. Alves. “Wait!“, Daniel said suddenly. Abram stopped and looked at him with his doe eyes. Daniel bent down to his level and said, “Where is my goodbye kiss?” Abram smiled and kissed his cheek. Daniel giggled. “Bye Dad” “Bye Abby.” Daniel closed the door after Abram left for school.

“Did you think about what I said to you yesterday?” Mrs. Alves said to Daniel. Daniel turned around. “Yes Mom, I thought about it all day. And I have decided that I’ll get married, but for my son only. I love my son, he is just 7 years old and deserves all the happiness in his life. Find a girl Mom who can love my son just like her own son.” Mrs. Alves smiled proudly at Daniel. She held his shoulders and said,” I am so happy Daniel, I knew you would make a sensible decision for your son.” Mrs. Alves said feeling extremely happy. “I’ll tell you whenever I find a suitable wife for you and if you find any, do let me know.” “No Mom, I am not finding a wife for myself, I am just finding a mother for my son. I’ll marry her but I won’t be able to accept her as my wife and you know the reason. She will be Abram’s mom, nothing more, nothing less.” Daniel said, being all straightforward to his mom. Mrs. Alves’s smile faded and nodded sadly in defeat. “We’ll see Daniel, you never know when you fall in love with someone.” Mrs. Alves thought.

Daniel was on his way to work in a car, still thinking about his decision. He was completely lost in his thoughts. He was contemplating whether the decision of wedding is better for his son or not. The driver was driving the car at a constant speed.

Meanwhile, a girl were walking on the pathway street for work when she saw a little kid who was picking something on the road near to the pathway which he dropped on the road. Then, her eyes went to her right where she saw a car coming at a faster speed towards the little boy. “No no no no”, her eyes widened and she immediately rushed towards the little boy to save him. The car was coming closer to the boy. She came in front of him. “STOP!” she shouted from her lungs out and bent down and covered the little boy in her arms.

Suddenly the car stopped, making Daniel come forward a little due to sudden breaks. “What happened? Why did you stop the car suddenly?” “Sir, a kid and a woman came in front of the car suddenly.” The driver said to him. Daniel looked through the front windscreen and saw a woman, who was covering a little kid like a shield. Daniel got out of the car and walked towards her.

“Do you have a death wish? Didn’t you find any other place to die when you came in front of my car?” Daniel started yelling at her. Girl raised her head and looked at Daniel angrily. She got up and stood in front of Daniel, holding the hand of a little kid. The kid looked so scared. “Wow, I thought the driver must be blind but guess what, his boss is 10 times blinder than him. Did you even know at what speed he was driving the car? This road is crowded and there is a speed limit for it. Your driver was speeding the car and instead of saying anything to him, you are yelling at me? He was in his own world that he didn’t even see a kid on the way. He could have hit this innocent kid if I hadn’t come at the right time.” she bursted at Daniel.

“This girl is right, the driver was driving the car at a faster speed. The boy could have gotten seriously hurt but thankfully this girl saved him.” The crowd gathered and said in unison. Daniel looked down at the kid and then the girl. “The roads are made for vehicles, the kid should be careful that the roads are not for playing.” girl looked at him questionably. “He is a little kid, he doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong. Look at him, what would you do if your son or daughter were in his place? Would you still be arguing with me or taking some serious action against your driver?”

Daniel looked at the little kid whose innocent eyes were reminding him of Abram. He melted in his eyes but didn’t want to show it to everyone.

The girl looked at him crossing her arms, expecting an apology from him, but he said something which she expected the least. He kept a straight face and said, “I’ll compensate for all the inconvenience caused to you and the kid because of my driver Just send me the pay amount with the address at Alves Enterprise, I’ll pay for it.” With that being said, Daniel got in the car and left from there, not even giving that girl a chance to reply. “HEY YOU! Waaaahh look at him! What does he think of himself? Such a rude man. Does he think money can buy anything?” she said, astonished by his behavior.

The car stopped as Daniel reached his office. He looked at the driver and said, “It was your fault wasn’t it?” the driver gulped nervously. “Sir, the kid- the kid came in front of the car suddenly, I didn’t notice it”, the driver said, coming with some excuse. “That’s because you were in your own world that you didn’t even notice the kid, he could have got severe injuries, and instead of accepting your mistake, you are constantly giving excuses to cover it!” Daniel yelled at him. The driver looked down. “l am sorry Sir, It won’t happen again” “Yes, it’ll not happen again because today was your last day here, you’re fired”. Daniel said and got out of the car, not giving any other chance to the driver, to cover up his mistake.


Daniel entered his cabin and sat on the chair. He was working when his phone rang. He looked at the caller id showing his mother. He picked it up. “Hi Mom, what’s going on?” “Son, I have something important to tell you. I have found a perfect girl. I met her a few years ago and she is lovely. Her mother was my friend from high school so I know I can trust her” “Okay Mom, but does she know that I have a son?” “Yes, she already knows and she has no problem with it as she herself loves kids a lot. She also works in an NGO for kids, she would be a perfect mother for our Abram.” Mrs. Alves said. “I have arranged a meeting with her and her mom tonight. Be free at 8 okay? I hope you’ll like her.” “She is your choice Mom, I have no doubt about your choice. “Daniel said to her mother. Mrs. Alves smiled. “I’ll send you the address, be ready. Bye.”

Daniel reached the cafe which his mother told to. He entered and looked for her mother. “Daniel! Here” Daniel looked to his left and saw his mother with a woman waving at him. He smiled and walked towards their table. “Daniel, meet Adina Kolan, Anna’s mother. And Adina, he is my son, Daniel.” Daniel looked at her and greeted her with a smile. “Nice to meet you Mrs. Kolan.” “Nice to meet you too Daniel, woah! Your son is so handsome.” Daniel smiled in a thin line shyly. “I know, he is my son after all.” Mrs. Alves said playfully while everyone laughed.

Daniel looked around to see the girl. Mrs. Kolan noticed it. “Umm my daughter will be here soon, let’s sit.” Daniel nodded and everyone took a seat.

“I am so sorry for being late, there was so much traffic on the way.” The girl said and greeted to them in apology. “No worries Anna, Daniel also has come just now.” Mrs. Alves said. Daniel was back facing her so he couldn’t see her. He got up and turned around to see the girl. Once he turned around, his expressions changed from smiling to the shocked one.

YOU! Both Daniel and the girl said in unison.

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