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Let this be a warning to you all, Do not let the seeker fall. In the darkness she shines the light, To find what is needed in the night. The priestess lays asleep, To be awaken, to take and to keep. Beware the hunters, something precious is what they seek. The knight shall appear in times of need, for in the darkness you will see with the help of a known enemy. The souls must pass into the light. If the light dies, the fortress will fall. Unless the seeker gives it her all.

Mystery / Horror
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The first she heard was a scream.

It pierced through the night, shattering the silence that enveloped the building like forest mist.

Headmistress Cecilia bolts up from bed. Her head was throbbing from the sudden disruption of her sleep and her vision hazy. She blinks a few moments as her room became clearer and clearer. She sits in a daze when another scream punctured through the bedroom walls.

She throws the covers off and swings her feet off the bed, not bothering to put slippers on, she dashes out of the room gripping the soft fabric of her night gown as fear for her students gripped at her chest.

The corridors were dark and she thought she might get lost but the smell of smoke filled her lungs and she knew why there was a need for a scream.

The school was on fire.

She follows the smoke to the east wing of the academy, her heart knocking in her chest and her breathing rapid. Smoke clouded her vision and stung her eyes but she desperately marched on, for the screams of girls scared her more than the raging fire.

Another scream.

She was joined by the rest of the staff moments after as she battled on to get to the east wing, where the overpass was raging.

“Headmistress!” She heard someone scream but she could not make who for the smoke had grown thick and she only saw nothing but shadows through them.

“The girls! Save the girls!” She called out in hopes that they would heed her order.

Another scream.

Where was it coming from? She panicked, the effect of breathing in too much smoke was starting to affect her. She managed to find a door and turned on the knob, praying this was the room. Her body fell in, and she landed on the floor in a coughing fit.

Then she heard them. The muffled crying from the corner of the room.

She pushed herself up as voices from different directions called her name. She just hoped and prayed that the rest of the staff had managed to save the rest of the girls.

Her eyes strain to see what was in the room when she saw two figures in the corner. She drags herself in, as the fires grazed her legs from outside the room.

“Girls?” She croaked, as her vision blurred.

No answer.

She half dragged, half carried herself to where the figures laid still. She had reached one enough to hold a leg and she stifled a scream.

The girls were dead.

Their eyes had been gouged out and blood dripped from the holes into their white gowns.

Their mouths fell open like they had been screaming.

Cecilia started crying as she realized their white gowns were not visible because they were drenched in blood.

She felt sick as she looked away from their empty stares.

She coughed and wheezed as she pushed herself up to a sitting position and leaned on the side of the bed.

She knew she had no chance of escaping or saving herself so she stayed in the room, aware of the two limp bodies that were huddled in the corner.

She let herself cry as the sounds of sirens filled the air and her fear had finally won.

She prayed and closed her eyes.

Prayed they would stop staring at her.

Prayed they would stop screaming.

And they did.

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