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Never The Same

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Ashley and her family just moves to California to avoid all the problems caused by their company. She joins the Golden Sierra High with her besties. She confronts the popular Bad boy Abel Louis and temporarily paralyzes his arm. After that incident, their bickering increased. While all this is happening, Ashley's father, Thomas Althea, and his family is in danger. Thanks to her uncle, Liam who is a spy, she can find her family and defeat those guys. But she is shocked when her spy trainee is the Devil himself, Abel Louis. After her family goes missing, nothing is the same in her life. She is only certain about one thing that; she will never be the same.

Mystery / Fantasy
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“Girl, are you coming or NOT” Lucy yelled in my ears making it almost blast. “Yeah girl, you were zoning out for a long time. I’m amazed how you haven’t gone and hit yourself in a tree.” Iris’s voice was dripping with amusement.

“Yeah, Yeah, I’m coming,” I said. At last, we’re gonna start the senior year in Golden Sierra High in California, one of my favorite places.

I always thought that my life was perfect until something awful happened. But did I even have a clue that a disaster was gonna happen? No. But I was enjoying the good time while it lasted.

Well, let me tell you about myself. I’m Ashley Althea, a 17-year-old girl. I’m the eldest daughter of a world-famous businessman, Thomas Althea, and Carol Althea, a well-known lawyer, If you think that I’m like those popular mean girls, then you’re wrong. I have a sister and brother. 2nd eldest is my brother Ryder Althea who is 15 years old. The youngest is my sister who is 13 years old. Then I have my childhood besties, Lucy Angelo and Iris Carson. If you have noticed, yes my sister’s and my bestie’s names are the same. And that’s the reason they both are hardly seen together. If we call ‘Lucy’, both of them will answer. That’s one of the crazy facts in my family.

Today, we are gonna start the senior year (as I already said) with my besties. I can’t wait for this year to start!!!

“Let’s check our schedule!!” Lucy suggested. I agreed. It seems that we are in the same classes except for Biology and Arts. Well, I guess it’s fine. “Guys, what do you think about me joining the basketball team?” I asked Lucy and Iris. For a moment, they were shocked. “You want to join the football team?” Iris asked. Then Lucy and Iris did the thing that they were best at, support me. “Well, if the coach doesn’t let you in the team, We’re gonna beat the shit of coach.” I giggled at her words. These girls are the best. “You guys are the best!!” I said patting their backs while smiling at them.

By the looks of it, I think we’re gonna enjoy this senior year. But boy did I know I was wrong.

I learned a very valuable lesson, then and there that never judge a book by it’s cover.

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