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The Villain's Story

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When facing the world head on, do we find peace? We read stories of old and modern. Each one found to be a gem lost in the sand of time. The one that they all have in common always holds these two roles; the protagonist and the antagonist. A rivalry lasting until the end of time in stories told by many. Despite that a question still remains. What does it truly mean of the cliche? As we leave this question in our minds, we follow Akemi and Haru in an investigation against a criminal known in all of Japan. The villain in a forgotten city in Japan where only the people who live there remember its name. Their desperate attempts to unmask who ever is stepping over the lines of humane leads them closer to unmasking the mastermind. At what cost? What cost will they finally uncover the one that makes them pay their dues? A question, one left in thick layer of dust, will finally revealed to the people who wish to know. Note: As you read chapters of the book, please leave a review comment on that chapter. Thank you!

Mystery / Action
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Droplets peak at the gravel. Clouds discolored in a black and white movie. Blue and red lights reflect against the tears of the weeping clouds. Sirens that wailed were heard from miles away. A tall skyscraper almost pierces the colorless clouds. That particular scent of water radiates from the droplets.

I wonder. . .would things have turned out this way? Would such a tragedy have been remembered had it gone differently? Printed inside history books and shown to students across the globe. Nine-eleven. World War three. A day remembered as such. A tragedy. The clouds weep for the poor souls. I could say the curtains are coming to a close, but this is only the beginning. The beginning of something that you never saw. The tragedy. The dark part of this story. If you’re a weird sucker for endings,. . .you’re in luck. A fairy tale of a game of musical chairs. One that turns the tide of time for all eternity.

Indistinct ticks echo in the room shadowed in midnight blue. A golden pocket watch peeked from the shadows, reflecting off the moon peering through the limpid window. It’s finally time. To tell the story of a untold fairy tale.

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