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Dead fire

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A story of the three amigos!

Mystery / Adventure
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The three in a tree

“Millie and Kyle sitting in a tree, k. I. S. S. I. N. G, first comes love, the comes marriage, then comes a-“ Alely interrupts them. “Stop! They are just freinds, so shut up.” While Alely is trying to calm down, Millie and Kyle walk up to her. “Alely.” “Yes?” She says.

“Can we talk in prívate?” “Yes of course!” She says. They climb up the tree to the tree house. They sit down, and Millie, Kyle Sit right next to each other. “We are officially dating!” Alely stares at them with a confusing look. “Repeat that please…”

“W-we are together?…” they say again a little worried of her reaction. “ I know what you said…” Alely says. “Then why do you ask?” “Well” alely says. “You really can’t be serious, how long has this been happening, this is crazy, we are best friends!” “Yes, we know that, and we didn’t want to upset you” says Millie. “Then…why are you doing this?!” Alely says. “Break up with each other, right now, what are you waiting for?!” She says furiously.

“You are really selfish…” Kyle stands up. “No!” Alely stands up. “How could you say that to me, I am no where near selfish, you are the one who is self centered!” Alely says. “Stop” Mille says quietly. Kyle speaks “you listen to me Alely van quest!” “DO NOT USE MY FULL NAME!” Alely says. “Already did” says Kyle. Alely gasps. “You little-“ Millie interrupts. “STOP!” Millie screams standing up.

“Listen!” Millie says. “You heard her.” They both speak at the very same time. “No, Im talking to the both of you!” Millie tells them. “Stop acting like children, be more mature about the situation, you both should know how to handle this, those kids down there, now they are immature.” “B-but” alely stutters. “ no buts!” Millie screams. “We aren’t in elementary anymore, come on, we still are developing, so I don’t expect you to be perfect, even adults have their problems.”

“Millie…” Kyle speaks. “Is this about your parents…” “KYLE!” Alely screams. “WHAT?!” Kyle screams. “ come on, you know you were thinking it too!” Millie stares off into the distance. “You know…” Millie starts to tear up. “I don’t get it, my parents were good, but then all of a sudden…” Millie starts walking towards an open window. “ they just fell apart, and I get it, they just don’t love each other anymore, but did they have to bring it on me?…” Millies voice trembles. “It’s always me, I wish they would just love me like they are supposed, and stop pushing it all on me.”

Alely mumbles “look what you did, now she’s upset, this is your fault.” Kyle with a confused and angry look, “how’s it my fault?!” Alely looks up to see Millie isn’t standing by the window any longer. “Millie…?” Alely looks around. “No…she couldn’t have.” “ shut up, don’t even think about it.” Kyle says. Alely looks down the window from where she was standing ignoring what he had said. “Well then…who’s down there?” Alely tells him. Kyle walks over to the window looking down in horror. “I- she no, why I-“ Kyle says. “ I told you.” Alely says.

Kyle stays silent. “Kyle?” Alely says. He starts to move backwards, he then trips on something. “Look Kyle!” Alely tells Kyle. Kyle looks down. “It’s a note?…” Kyle says. “Yeah, I wonder what it says, it’s weird timing for what just happened.” Alely says curiously. The note reads: dear friends,

If you’re reading this, I’m dead. I have not much to say. I love you guys, with all my heart, just couldn’t bare myself or anyone else, so I ended it all…

- love Millie

“Wow, what a cringy letter.” Says Alely. “Are you serious right now…” Kyle says seriously. “What, it was, what did you want me to say?!” “ well maybe you don’t have to say anything, I’m going now!” Kyle says. He starts to walk back….

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