The Lycan Twin's Abused Mate

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Ava is a beautiful young girl who has faced more than a fair share of hardships, she was terrorized and ill-treated by her father who accused her of the demise of her mother, she works day and night to pay off her father's debt, but she was jinxed as she was being sold by her own father to a sex-slave master to pay off his gambling debt. She was ruled by her harsh master. “Slave, you should know your place and who you belong to. Slaves are meant to satisfy their masters. You are my property, my chattel, your life is owned by me. You are my slave, you have to be submitted towards your master. Mine to Beatrice. Mine to take advantage of. Mine to possess. Mine to command. Mine to fuck or mistreat anytime I desire. Mine to rule and control. I am your master, your supremacy, I will mount and dominate you. Do you understand?" You are impelled for me, your torso is only meant for me, your cunt is meant for my plaything, your torso is meant for my shaft. My rod Is meant to fucked you, day and night any time and whenever I want to, and you have no say in it, just make your master happy?

Mystery / Romance
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I'm not easy to be bullied, Bitch.

I'm not easy to be bullied. Bitch.
It's been years since I started residing in this town with Oliver, I was not really fitted in this place. I was still frightened and scared of having friends, many girls wanted to be my friend and guys wanted me as their girlfriend, but I never give any of them my scrutiny. Oliver advised me to move on with my life she asked me to give one of the guys some chance, go on date with him to know him more better. I try to, but I always end up shivering in front of them, so I decide to live on my own. Ever since I crawled out and fled from that hell I have never heard or seen my father again. This is the safest place for me to hide from him, he is a devil, he abused me more than I can remember, and he has done things to me that I should never have experienced, I will never forget and forgive him.
Oliver's parents were so sweet and kind to me making me recall a little memory about how my father was before, the father who was once my protector, bullied me for more than years torturing me day and night and breaking me until he finally decided to gave me up and determine to sell me off to Mr. Drake, I finally escaped my hell after Mr. Drake and Mr. David harassment. I was saved and adopted by Oliver's parents.
I walked into the school with Oliver.
“Hey, what happened? What is wrong with you? Oliver asked.
“Nothing I am just feeling uneasy, I am feeling something big is about to happen, but I don't know what is exactly the thing,” I told her
“Nothing is going to happen to you, with me here by your side, you should feel relaxed okay” she assured me
“Okay! Thanks" I respond, smiling at her.
“Ava Garcia” I heard someone call my name, a voice that only belongs to my stalker Lucas.
He rushed up to us, “God, I am not interested in this guy, why can't he just leave me alone” I murmur to Oliver.
I am still trying to overcome my anxiety and my fears.
He hurried towards us.
“Hey what's up” he greeted me with a smile.
“Hi, Lucas, tell me. Why did you call and stop me?” I asked him feeling angry now.
“Ava I loved you I am sincere with you, can you give me a chance to prove myself right I promised to cherish you, we can start from being friends with me, you won't regret it” he confessed?
“Stay away from me Lucas, stay far away, I am not interested in you or being friends with you, can't you understand a human speech, don't you get it, do I have to imprint it in your brain” I yelled at him attracting a crowd to us, I don't want a boyfriend,” I tell him while hauling olive away with me.
“Ava” Oliver called, if you don't forget your past, you will be trapped forever in it Lucas seems sincere about you, he seems to love you, why can't you give him a chance, everyone deserves a chance, Ava, as he says start from been friends with him, that won't hurt, what do you think? She murmured and asked.
“Okay, I will do as you said” I promise her
After the class, I met with Lucas.
“Hey, I greet him feeling guilty and bad about the way I yelled at him earlier, I am sorry for yelling at you, Lucas” I apologize
“It's okay, I am also sorry for forcing you to be my girlfriend, I promise I won't do that again,” he says
“It's okay, actually hm mm… I cough, if you don't mind, we can start by being friends with each other" what do you think? I asked him.
He stares at me speechless and he was scanning me.
“Did you just say, we should be friends, are you for real?” He asked, sounding like a little boy.
“Yes, only if you don't mind” I repeated myself.
“Yes! Yes!!, I don't mind, I am the happiest guy on earth for accepting to be my friend” he says, jumping up and down. He held me by my hand, I flared, trembling and freaked out.
“Don't touch me” I screamed at him again, I hate the touch of a man, I refuse to love or be any man's play thing. Not again in my life.
“Hhhh! My bad, I am sorry” he apologized when he realized what he did.
“Mm mm, it's okay,” I told him I have to go now Oliver must be waiting for me
“Okay Ava but can I walk you up” he whispered giving me a cute puppy eye? Who cares.
“Okay, we can start from there” I force a smile as we both walked together, but I make sure I keep my distance from him. Oliver was already waiting for me beside the car by the time I reach the car park.
“Hello Oliver” Lucas greeted her with a smile, he is always smiling.
“Hi Lucas” she responds
“Lucas, we need to go now, see you tomorrow,” I told him.
He nods his head, “Alright Ava, see you tomorrow”.
I entered the car with Oliver, and we drove out from the school, I saw Lucas still standing, in the mirror, he is still looking at our car.
“Guess you guys are friends now Ava,” Oliver says
“Maybe we will when we get to know each other.
Everything went on smoothly, I have been happy being Lucas's friend, we went on date together including Oliver and I got to know little about him, he aims to touch my hand, but I never allow him to near me talkless of holding my hand. He invited me again, on a trip, but I never fail to drag Oliver with me.
“Why do you always bring me along with you, I thought this is just a trip of you two, how will you get to know more of him, if you keep dragging me along with you” she yells?
“You told me, to give him a chance my darling Oliver” I smirk.
“If I told you too, but I never told you to bring me along with you, I am not willing to go with you, but you keep towing my ass with you” she yells angrily.
“If you are not going, then I am also not honoring is invitation" I smirk at her
“Okay___ okay, you win, I lose, let start leaving, we don't want to keep him waiting,” she says feeling defeated against me.
On the trip, we discuss a lot, and we dine as a friend should.
The next day, at school, I walked inside the classroom, the sound of chartering was the first thing I noticed, students were laughing and discussing among themselves.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a girl yanked my hair before I could take my seat. “WTF, who is that? Who are you?" why do you grab me by my hair?" And what do you want? I asked her.
“You bitch, stay away from my boyfriend, or else I am going to show you hell in this school” she yelled, attracting the other classmates.
"Bitch” I am tired of hearing this word, “Hell”, I just crawl out from one.
“Mind telling me, who is this boyfriend of yours?" I am fooling around with?” I asked her.
She sneers “Lucas", He is mine bitch, back off, and don't you dare go near him again,” she says as she clenches her hands tightly on my hair.
It's does not hurt, I twisted and grab her hand.
I smirked like the baddest, I have told myself many times, I will never be intimidated or being bullied again by anyone. I am not weak.
I shoved her and bestow her cheek a thunderstorm slap.
“Bitch, I am not easy to be bullied, you want to show me hell," JUST YOU" I grin and give out a horrible laugh, No, baby girl, you can't, you know why because I have been there before, and I have experienced what its means to be in hell. I crawl out from there by myself. Bitch, I am the Queen from hell, and I am your boss” I sneer at her gripping her hair tightly and if you dare come after me because of this kind of bullshit issue, I am going to show you the real hell itself, because I am the Lord and I am the queen of hell, you got that” I yell
She nodded pleading to me to let go of her hair, I toss her away before dashing out to look for her so-called boyfriend. I never walk long before I saw him, wow he is a playboy, he is busy flirting with another girl.
“I love you, Diana, will you be my girlfriend?” he asked the shy girl, as he goes on to flirt with her.
“Awwwwwwn, don't you have a girlfriend?” She asked him while hitting him gently on his chest.
I feel so disgusted looking at the scene in front of me, I stood there eavesdropping on what they are discussing, they never notice my presence.

“Who,” he asked.
“Everyone knows Ava is your girlfriend” she replied.
“Damn it! Never she's not my girlfriend you misunderstand everything that happens between me and Ava. I never ask her out neither did I love her, she is just forcing herself on me, chasing and stalking me all day without giving me any freedom to breathe” he says as he conceals his mouth in her neckline.
I was shocked, my mouth widened. How dare him.....
I raged to where he is, he looked up at my burning gazes, he was shocked to see me, he tosses the girl away from him.
“Hey Ava, I can explain, let me explain. This is not what you assume, she is just one of my stalkers who confess her love to me,” he says
I was even beyond shocked, damn it, this asshole.
“She is also your stalker, just like I am” I yelled.
“What. What are you talking about? Who told you, you're my stalker” he questions me innocently.
“No one did, because I have been here, listening to everything you are saying, all your trashes about me” I smirk.
He lowered his face to the ground without saying a word.
“I am really disheartened and disappointed in you Lucas, you were just a waste, a trash, and a Playboy and I regretted being friends with a no body junk and a low life like you, you disgust me,” I said.
“How dare you call me a low life and a trash! You bitch” he screeches.
I sneer stepping towards him, I am feeling numerous kinds of emotion, hatred replenished my heart.
I smacked him hard on his face. While smirking at that garbage. Imprint this to your brain, never mess with me, I am stronger than you thought, and if you dare double cross me or my path that day will be the day of your demise” do you understand me, waste?” you got that, I said threatening him. He was speechless. He thought I am just one of the bitches that fell down on their knees to worship him.
“You got that” I yelled at him.
“Yes, yes, I got that, but you aroused something in me, something I never knew its existed.
"Interesting,” he says.
I never bothered to hear him out, they were all the same, I should have never given him a chance in the first place.
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