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A group of scientists discover Teleportation...In trying to teleport a humans they find themselves on another planet...Have a look at their amazing adventure... HAPPY READING !!

Mystery / Adventure
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“Hey, everyone come here…..You all got to see this…I’ve made a teleporting machine!” Austin exclaims. The whole group of scientists gathered around him. “What the hell are you bragging about! Things like teleportation aren’t true unless they are in some stupid SCIENCE FICTION movies......” said Mr Allen.
“NO Mr Allen, I’m really serious this time……I will not disappoint you all….” Disgusted Mr Allen told Austin’s father to ask him to shut up. “This time I’ll not listen to you Austin…Last time we all believed in your teleportation machine , but it resulted in a huge mess…. I’m really sorry .“ After this conversation everyone went to their work in the lab… The group was recently working on what they thought was the discovery of the 119th element of the periodic table…Some were operating in the particle accelerator and some we working on the structural components…
Austin was really sad, because his theory was disregarded as a false one. But he had a way in his mind. After a few days when he was alone at home with his dad he just asked him for permitting it…“I can understand your passion my child, but we have the best reputation as a science lab in the entire world and after your last experiment the media brutally assaulted us with all of the hate comments…” ,said his dad ,”Yeah dad I know that I messed up last time but I am pretty sure this time you wouldn’t regret trusting me…Please just one last time…Alright let’s have a deal, if I mess up this time I will give up science and go into some other business…”,stated Austin.. ”Ok fine.”
Next day Mr Spinster somehow convinced everyone to listen to the thesis formulated by Austin…He also mentioned the deal Austin gave him…Everyone happily accepted it…So Austin started explaining the theory, “So first of all thank you everyone very very much for accepting this idea.. “ Mr Brooks interrupted,” Come to the point you are going to leave the field anyway..” Everyone laughs at Austin.. ,”SHUT UP EVERYONE !!” exclaimed Mr Spinster…
“Thanks dad, ok so yeah last time when I worked the whole teleporting thing, I made 2 different machines and the object was supposed to go from one machine to another…And everyone of us knows what was the result of it. But this time it is totally different, this time I am going to work only one machine up… Once the button is pressed the object will go to the desired spot…This all will happen through GPS…Let’s try apple…(puts an apple and chooses a spot in the office…) Now this apple will land in Mrs.Bailey’s hand..” The apple disappears and them immediately reappears in her hand.. Everyone was astonished.. AUSTIN was praised by everyone….
Mrs Patel who was considered to be one of the smartest of the group suggested to teleport a human and see what happens… Everyone gave an affirmative reply, even Mr Allen surprisingly… Mr Spinster declared he will be the one to go to get teleported.. Austin told him not to… But he didn’t want anyone to get hurt.. Everyone affirmed and left the office…
(Mr Lee accidentally slipped and changed the location which was previously set to Melbourne, Australia but not the machine was showing him the sketch of the entire universe… She chose a place which looked pretty similar to Melbourne of the planet which actually wasn’t planet earth… But it actually was a planet which existed in our Milky Way galaxy since a billion year without anyone knowing…. Later he just ran out of the office to celebrate Austin’s incredible achievement…)
The next day everyone gathered around the teleportation machine and everyone of the scientist was worried as well as excited to make a new discovery which would be revolutionary for humanity… Mr Spinster was scared as he was just blindly trusting a 19 year old ’s gut feeling, though he just went on the machine… Austin pressed the button without even checking the location because he had done it yesterday according to him… SWOOOSH !! and Mr Spinster disappeared it was later that the machine showed that it was on some other planet named as SPEXTIN… “WHAT THE HELL !” Austin shouted at the top of his lungs… “What happened my child? “’ asked Mrs Patel… Austin told everyone that his father was teleported to a planet named SPEXTIN instead of Melbourne of Earth… “Did anyone play with this machine… TELL ME!! “, exclaimed Austin…
“Yes I am sorry Austin it was me but it was totally unintentional I am sorry “ , apologized Mr Lee… “You could’ve said atleast, what are you, crazy?”, said Austin…”Calm down Austin we should rather think how to bring your dad back… “
While the group was scared of how to bring him back the 60 year old scientist was totally confused to be in a completely strange place… He was really scared too… The place looked like he was on earth but it was definitely not Melbourne….The old man walked forward and saw some animal species….. They didn’t look a bit of humans… He was just about to run away but those animals saw him and the teleporting machine and instantly caught him… Those species were technologically very advanced supposedly… So they just locked him up I one of the cells…. The planet was confusing because if felt like it was earth but it wasn’t actually earth…
Going back to the Earth… Austin decided to go there himself and rescue his father… “ I’m sorry to interrupt you Austin but I can’t let this happen… We have already lost one of the most brilliant minds we had… You are one of the geniuses our world needs to progress…”, said Mr Allen… “Calm down Mr Allen I got an idea…”
The alienic species was just about to kill Mr Spinster with some weapon… They had a weird ritual so as everyone was surrounding him with weapon and one of them who was looking as the most well built went near and near to him with a huge bazooka like thing…. Apparently it was a weapon to kill him…
BOOOM!! It was no one but Austin with a huge bazooka as well and he killed the animal who was about to kill his dad…. But the war had just begun Austin had a teleporting machine and a bazooka which had the capacity of killing like 20 30 more people… Well there were about a 100… He somehow made it through the crowd and rescued his dad…Mr Spinster found something strange about him because Austin’s hand was hard as concrete… But ofcourse it wasn’t a perfect time to ask him about the hardness of his hand…
They made it to the teleporting machine but the animals caught Austin’s clothing and ripped it off… Austin pressed the button of the teleporting machine and pushed Mr Spinster in it… And Mr Spinster cried watching the death of his beloved son….
He made it to the earth and saw something really shocking…
He heard a voice, “ THANK GOD YOU ARE BACK SAFE DAD”…. Yes it was none other but Austin… “ I just saw you die! How are you alive, I mean I am happy but how?? “ asked confused Mr Spinster… “ Let me explain to you everything dad” ,said Austin , “So first of all the reason why you were teleported to that planet was that Mr Lee accidentally changed the location… And the reason I am still alive even after you saw my death is the I had been creating a dummy robot of my own for times exactly like these… It wasn’t me it was a robot... “

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