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The Ghost Hunt

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Leah, A selfish rude brat goes to hang out with her friends Mia and Eve and Kate at the fair. Kate sees a poster for ghost hunt. They all decide to go, but Kate trapped them all inside, will they ever be able to get out? Each one of them is faced with a challenge they have to complete. Eve and Mia both succeed, but Leah doesn't, she then is trapped in Kate's haunted house. Will Mia and Eve be able to rescue her? Or will Leah be trapped in the haunted house... Forever?

Mystery / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“LEAH, GET UP! IT’S 12:00!” Leah’s mom yelled.

“COMING MOM!” She replied. Leah got up reluctantly, and went to get dressed. She came down stomping her feet. “Where’s breakfast?” Leah asked.

“Well, you didn’t come down in time, so you’re gonna have to make it yourself.” Mom Replied.

“No way! I don’t even know how to cook!” Leah yelled.,

“Well, then, you can make toast,” Mom said.

“I don’t have time for this. I need to go out with some friends,” Leah replied. “One day, you’ll realize all the things I do for you, my precious.” Mom said.

“Whatever” Leah replied as she walked out the front door. “What a waste of time.” Leah mumbled under her breath. When Leah got to the fair and found her friends, she heard one of them say, “Took you long enough.” “I was busy Mia.” Leah replied.

“With what?” Mia said.

“Um-” Leah was cut off when another one of her friends said, “Look!”

“What is it now, Kate?” Mia said.

“This poster!” Kate replied. “It’s a ghost hunt!” Kate yelled.

“Oh please, I think you’re way too scared to even be in a ghost hunt, you probably can’t even stand a preschool ghost hunt!” said Mia.

“H-hey...No I’m not” Kate said.

“Back off Mia!” Another one of Leah’s friend’s said, “And besides, maybe you’re the scared one.”

“No I’m not Eve!” Mia yelled, “And to prove it, I’m also gonna go on that ghost hunt!” Mia said.

“Ok then.” replied Eve. “I’ll also go just incase you freak out.” “Um, I was here to have fun, not to go on dumb ghost hunt’s!” said Leah.

“Oh, I think the actual scared one is Leah here!” Said Mia.

“Me? Scared? Ok then, I’ll go on this ghost hunt.” Leah replied.

“Good to hear!” said Kate with a suspicious grin. Before the others could reply, she said, “Alright! I’ll put in the address.” Leah had always had suspicions about Kate. Even though she acted so sweet and innocent, Leah knew that she was hiding something, and it wasn’t good.

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