Don't Go There

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Chapter 2: Locked

Emily gave a look at Teresa and Ophelia and then, turned the door knob of the cottage. The door opened with a creaking sound. Ophelia had a sudden shiver.
They entered and looked around. The floor boards were creaking too. Although everything was creaking and looked old, there was no dust or trash anywhere. The cottage looked too clean to be old.

"Guys! This place is quite clean, I didn't expect this when I saw the cottage from the outside." said Teresa.

"Maybe this cottage isn't as old as we think it is" said Ophelia.

Emily wasn't talking and was just looking here and there. She slowly moved towards a small table at the corner of the room. She touched the table with the palm of her hand, then she reached for a note that was sitting on the table. She opened the note and read it to herself "5:00 pm - Monday. Johnny! This is the time you will come back to this place after completing the heist. You will give us the things you got from the heist, we'll pay you what you want and then we'll lock this place and blast it, y'know to erase any proof that we were here. Got it! 5:00 pm Sharp!"

A chill ran down Emily's spine as she finished reading the note. She turned around to see where Ophelia and Teresa were.

"Tess! what's the time?" asked Emily.

"It's 4:55, why? You wanna go back home?" replied Tess.

"OMFG!" Emily shouted. "Guys! We only have 5 minutes!" she said as she handed the note to Ophelia and Teresa. They read it and Teresa started to get mad.

"I knew that this place was wrong! I knew it! But, no! You didn't have to listen to me! You wanted us to be good friends! Emily! We are already good friends! We don't want to be in a cottage to be good friends!" shouted Teresa.

"Tess calm down! I know it's my fault that I brought you guys here, but Right now we need to run away!" replied Emily while patting Teresa's back.

"Guys! Let's run! c'mon! We don't have much time. We just have two minutes." shouted Ophelia.

As they all ran to the front door to open it and run for their lives, they all heard a car pull up in front of the cottage.

"Now, we can't even run away!, we need to hide in here or run from the backdoor (if there are any)" Teresa whispered as she cried.

They all ran around the cottage to search for a hiding place. Meanwhile, some men got out of the car and started walking toward the cottage.

The friends found an average sized cupboard at the other corner of the cottage, they all squeezed into it and they all muted their phones.

The coottage door creaks open and a thug wearing a red hat and ragged shirt with ripped jeans enters. He was carrying a bag full of something. He also had another man with him (who was slim and looked weak).
"Hey, Boss! the main-man ain't here yet!" said the weak man (who for the sake of story we'll call "the side-kick").

"He'll be here soon and I told you that you can call me Johnny!" said Johnny (the thug).

The side-kick smiled and then started roaming the house, waiting for the so-called Main Man.

Tess whispered, "We are gonna die!! They are gonna blast us up! F*ck!"
Ophelia remained silent as a tear ran down her cheek. Emily, on the other hand, acted tough. She let out a slight sigh and whispered "Guys! If we are going to get out of here, we are gonna do it together! You cannot lose hope, not yet! Stay strong! We are gonna find a way."

The girls suddenly hear a loud sound of another truck pulling up near the cottage. They tried to listen carefully what was happening out there.

A man walked into the cottage and said, "Hahaha! Ya' did it! That's ma' boy!".

Johnny replied, "Yep! You know, Nathan! I never fail! Hahaha!".

Nathan picked up the bag that Johnny was holding and handed out a small black pouch. It seemed odd that for a huge bag of something, Nathan gave a small pouch. The pouch must contain something extremely important, because after Nathan left in his truck, Johnny said, "Hey! Give me the vault!".

The sidekick handed him a small iron vault, but it was big enough to hold the pouch. Johnny locked the black pouch in the vault and kept the vault in the black bag.

In the cupboard, the three friends were still squeezed tightly, listening to the conversation going on outside.

"We should leave right now!" said Teresa.

"No, They will definitely catch us! I am tellin' you" replied Emily in a whisper.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!" shouted Ophelia suddenly, with a high pitched voice. A nail that was loosely hammered into the cupboard had just pierced Ophelia's arm and she was bleeding. Emily quickly covered Ophelia's mouth and whispered "We are so dead!", she wiped Ophelia's blood.

"Hey, Where did that shout come from?" said Johnny as he looked here and there in search of the source of the sound.

"I don't know, Boss... I meant... Johnny!" replied the side-kick.

"Then go! Look everywhere, There might be a spy somewhere in the nook and cranny of this cottage." shouted Johnny and the expressions on his face turned pure evil.

"Guys! They fuckin' heard us!" shouted Teresa (in a whisper).

"We have no choice, but to run!" said Ophelia, who was still feeling immense pain in her arm.

They all ran out of the cupboard and bolted toward the door. Suddenly, Johnny dashed toward the door and locked it. He was tall and stood right in front of the girls. They were shaking in fear, petrified and terror-struck.

They returned to their senses, after a moment of staring at Johnny which felt like the longest and worst moment of their life, they dodged Johnny and pushed him with full force. The side-kick lunged at the girls to catch them. Teresa threw her phone, which had a hard cover, right at the side-kick's forehead and knocked him over. He was weak and immediately fainted.

On the other hand, Ophelia and Emily were kicking Johnny. Emily had learnt martial arts in school, she used some of her moves and punched Johnny so hard, that he also became unconscious.

They took the vault and the door keys from Johnny's hand and rushed out of the cottage. They ran and ran as the swamp water (from the swamp that was outside the cottage) splashed on them and they became wet and filthy, but they didn't care, 'cause they just saved their lives. They kept running and didn't stop.

They were panting.

They finally reached the neighborhood. They still kept running.

"Uh! Uh... ah! We're home!" shouted Teresa and Ophelia.

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