The Stalker

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2- What were you thinking

Warren sat in his chair, holding her hands, thinking about her wanting to start a family. He looked into her eyes and thought about how they had talked about it in the past. Well, she’s the one who has brought it up multiple times, talking about how many kids she wanted to have. I haven’t been too keen on the whole idea, especially with me being away as much as I am, he thought to himself. He pursed his lips and looked down at her hands. “I don’t know Serenity, do you really think it’s a good idea with me being away all the time?” he asked, looking back up into her eyes.

Just as he said what he did, he noticed how the sparkle in her eyes diminished and turned glossy, as if she were about to cry. “Warren, please... I can’t take being alone any longer. I’m going nuts. You refuse to let me work, and I do nothing but play the piano all damn day long. I need something else to keep me busy,” she said, taking her napkin and lightly dabbing underneath her eyes, not wanting to smear her makeup.

“Serenity, I’m sorry... I just don’t think it’s a good idea, not right now.”

“Why not?” she asked, upset. She wanted to pound her fists on the table. Instead, she rested her hands on her lap and took a deep breath, doing all she could to keep herself from breaking down and not wanting to look like they were fools in the place they were. Inhaling and exhaling quickly, hoping to stop the tears that were trying to escape her eyes.

“Why don’t we talk about this later? It’s something we should discuss at home, not here,” he said calmly while pouring her another glass of wine. “I didn’t bring you here to fight with you, so why don’t we just continue having a good night, okay?” He lifted his glass and held it out to her, holding it until she raised hers. “Happy anniversary, Hun, I love you,” he said, clinking his glass against hers.

She looked at him, feeling hurt, and set her glass down. She wasn’t in the mood to have another drink, was now wanting to go home, and felt it’s where she’s used to being. Even though he’s finally sitting right in front of her, she was still feeling lonely.

"Hey, you... cheer up. I’m home, and I’m sitting in the finest restaurant in L.A. with the most beautiful woman, the one I love, and the one who’s my wife,” he winked. He reached across the table and lifted her glass, wanting her to finish her wine. “Come on, Hun, finish your wine. It’s our night, and there’s more to come.”

She snatched the glass out of his hand, slammed the rest of her wine, and gave him a dirty look. “Happy?” she asked, setting the glass down hard. “Take me home, please. I have nothing else to say to you.”

Warren looked behind him, embarrassed for the way she was acting, and turned back towards her. ”Serenity, I said we’ll talk about it later. Now, will you please quit embarrassing me and let’s finish tonight off on a wonderful memory.”

“Whatever you say,” she scowled.

Warren reached behind him, knowing they were being watched and gave them a signal he was ready for them. Grabbing the bottle of wine, he poured the rest of the wine in her glass and sat back watching her, thinking once again about her wanting to start a family. Seconds later, a man with a ukulele walked over to the table serenading to Serenity, singing I will always love you.

She looked at Warren with a scowled look, feeling angry he had someone singing her a song and couldn’t believe he had the nerve to do it this way, then felt she had to give Warren a little credit. Thinking it was a gracious gesture but wished it was him serenading her.

She looked at the man singing, thinking it was beautiful the way he was playing the ukulele, and the way he sang, had her cheeks and ears feeling warm, and knew she was blushing. The man singing motioned for them to stand and had them look at each other.

She had a feeling where this was going and looked at Warren as he reached for her hand. Even though he ruined her moment, she wasn’t about to ruin his and let him pull her in for a dance. The way he was dancing with her reminded her of the night they first met, and how he stole her away from the guy who she was dancing with, just so he could get a dance in, and to steal a kiss from her.

While he ran his fingers through her hair, she melted in his arms and held onto him tighter. She didn’t want to fight with him and just wanted to enjoy the one moment with him being home and being in his arms, knowing she only had a couple of days with him until he flew out, and wanted to make the best of it.

“I don’t want to fight with you,” she whispered, resting her head against his chest. “Thanks for being home tonight, for the dress, and for bringing me here. It’s very nice and thoughtful of you.”

“You’re most welcome,” he said, kissing the top of her head. Removing his one hand from around her back, he curled his finger underneath her chin and lifted her head, wanting to look her in the eyes and to give her that warm smile he knew she loved.

While looking into his chocolaty brown eyes, she couldn’t stop herself from melting and got lost into them like she always did. And when he spoke again, she didn’t know how to respond, becoming tongue-tied. “Warren, I-” she stuttered, before his lips crashed down to hers, keeping her from speaking.

The music and singing stopped, and as he removed his lips from hers, he saw her eyes were still closed and smiled. “Serenity,” he whispered, then whispered something in her ear.

She opened her eyes and smiled. ”Warren... did I hear you right?” she asked, dumbfounded. “You will give me what I want? A family?”

He nodded his head while smiling, then embraced her in a warm hug. “I couldn’t help seeing those saddened eyes any longer, and while we were dancing, it gave me some time to think,” he whispered as he rested his chin on the top of her head. “You’re right. You should have someone else to love and to help keep you busy while I’m away. It’ll make the time pass until I’m able to be home with you.”


The moment they got home, he picked her up bridal style, carried her inside, and into their bedroom. He set her down onto the bed and helped remove her heels before having her stand to remove her dress. Her heart started picking up speed, and couldn’t wait for what was coming next, a moment she had been waiting for weeks to happen, and now that he was for giving her the child she wants, she was feeling over the moon, more than she already was.

After removing his clothes, he lowered her back on to the bed and hovered over her. Their eyes locked with each other’s before he lowered his lips to hers, kissing her like it would be the last time seeing her. He parted from her lips and softly trailed his lips down her body. Stopping at a breast and wrapping his mouth around the nipple, teasing it with his tongue before trailing his tongue over to the other, and repeating what he did with the other before moving back up to her lips.

He pulled back and looked at her with lust-filled eyes. “Damn, you’re beautiful,” he said in barely a whisper. Hearing him say those words to her, and the way he was looking at her, had her insides feeling like they were on fire, along with shock waves jolting throughout her body. She wrapped her legs tightly around him, begging him to make love to her as she reached down and placed him at her opening.

He wanted to do more foreplay, but the way she was begging him to be inside her, he knew it wasn’t happening and sunk himself into her, taking her to another level of euphoria. She was in heaven, and while they made love, all she could vision was having a child with him and chasing them around the house. She was ecstatic knowing she was ovulating and hoped by them making love; they were creating her one wish, her dream come true.

After they finished making love, she laid her head on his chest and played with whatever chest hairs he had, thinking back to when they were at the restaurant, while he softly caressed his fingertips along her back. “Warren?” she quietly asked.


“Back at the restaurant, you never answered my question.”

“What question was that?”

“About the hostess. I know you said you’ve never been there, but seeing the way she got excited hearing your name, and how the place was empty, did you do it again? Did you rent out the place?” She raised her head and rested her chin on his chest, locking her eyes to his.

“I rented it out... you should know by now I would do anything for my girl,” he said with a sincere smile.

She felt her stomach dip, knowing a place like that didn’t come cheap to rent it out for the night, becoming more curious. “Would you mind if I asked what it cost you?” she asked while caressing his chest.

“Does it even matter?”

“Well... no. I was only curious. You would think it would have cost a fortune. With all those empty tables, must have cost them thousands and thousands of dollars.”

“With what I paid them, they’re just fine. They made out on the deal. Put it this way, whatever their most expensive meal was on the menu, and for each empty chair you saw, I paid them that amount times ten. That was for the two-plus hours we were there, and an additional extra two hours they got free after they reopened. Not only that, but they also got a bonus just for closing the place for us.”

"Oh...” she breathed, laying her head back on to his chest, then started thinking about their night, and felt something was still off with him. The thought of Esther and Harriet making him pies had her wanting to question him more. “Warren?”

“Yeah,” he yawned, rubbing his face.

“What was with you having Esther and Harriet making pies tonight? You never eat pies.”

“I do now and was curious how good theirs would be. I thought if Harriet and Esther can’t make them as good as the ones I had recently, they’re both fired.”

Her heart stopped, and quickly pushed herself up, giving him a dirty look while raising her voice, ”What? Why would you do that? Their food is to die for! Please don’t fire them, Warren, please.”

“If they can’t make a pie, that just shows me how bad of a cook they are. Look at yourself. You know you suck at cooking.”

“That’s not fair, Warren, and you know it,” she scowled as she got off the bed and grabbed her robe. “The difference between those two and I is they can cook and can cook anything you ask. I at least know I can’t cook and can’t cook to save my life. Besides, I’m home the who’s home every day and is eating their food; they’re wonderful cooks. Something you wouldn’t have a clue about. You’re home, what, a couple of days out of the month?”

“Where are you going?” he asked, as he watched her storm over to the door.

“A walk, somewhere away from you,” she said, slamming the door behind her. She walked down the hallway, stopped, and looked behind her when she heard a noise, thinking Warren came out to follow her.

She made her way to the kitchen, and when she turned on the light, she saw the pies sitting on the counter and walked over to them. Holding her hair behind her, she bent down and smelled each pie. They smell good, she muttered.

Seeing they made two of each pie, she tried a bite. As much as she hated pie, especially blueberries, she wasn’t sure how trying them would go. She walked over to the drawer, opened it, and grabbed a fork. She stepped a couple of steps back over towards the pies and stopped. Thinking she should have a drink handy to wash the taste out of her mouth.

She looked at her wine rack on the other side of the counter and frowned when she saw the rack was completely empty. You’ve got to be kidding me. I just asked Parker to re-stock it, she groaned. Pissed, she walked over to the fridge, grabbed a pen, and in big letters, wrote WINE!!! on the grocery list pad, letting them know she was out and wasn’t too happy about it.

She looked next to the wine rack, saw a bottle of bourbon, picked it up, and whispered, who the hell drinks this? She didn’t feel like going into the living room to see what they had for alcohol and grabbed whoever’s bottle of bourbon was on the counter, the two pies, and walked them over to the table.

She sat and stared at the pies, then looked at the bottle of bourbon, and removed the cap. Damn, I hate pies, but I’m not about to let those two get fired. Not them, they’ve been way too good about teaching me how to cook, and there’s no way in hell I’ll let them go.

Grabbing the fork, she stabbed it into a pie and was about to cut herself a piece, but first took a swig off the bottle, giving her more courage. Her eyes closed as she started allowing the alcohol to run down her throat, then removed the bottle from her lips and coughed. Holy shit, she whispered loudly, as the bourbon burned her throat and warmed her insides, causing her to cough again.

After the one swig, she started feeling a little tipsy and looked back at the pies. Fuck it, let’s see how these taste. She dug into the apple pie first and took a bite. At first, she had her nose bunched up, but the longer she chewed, the more she savored the taste, and couldn’t believe how good it tasted and took another bite.

In between bites, she would grab the bottle and chug on it, not caring how it burned or tasted. She finished the apple pie, then lowered her eyes to the blueberry pie and stared, poking her finger through the crust a few times, while scrunching her nose up from the thought of eating blueberries.

She knew she had to try it, and wrapped her mouth around the bottle, drinking more. At this point, she was feeling no pain, with everything becoming blurry, then tried focusing her eyes on the blueberry pie.

Maybe I should just believe it’s good, she quietly slurred. She finally got the courage to take a bite and plugged her nose as she bit down onto the fork and slid the fork out of her mouth. She sat there with her teeth clenched together, and her tongue was avoiding the blueberries, afraid to chew it. Her mouth watered, and felt drool coming out the corners of her mouth. She knew she needed to eat and quickly chewed what was in her mouth and swallowed, following with another drink of the bourbon, finishing the bottle.


Warren rolled over and reached his arm out, wanting to wrap it around Serenity, and realized she wasn’t in bed. His eyes opened. Sighed when he saw she wasn’t there and flipped the blankets off him. He sat up, rubbed his face, and reached over the side of the bed for his sweats, put them on, and left the room to find her.

He walked into the living room, thinking he would find her sleeping on the couch but didn’t see her there and raked his hands through his hair while leaving the room. As he was walking towards the kitchen, he saw the light shining through the doorway and onto the wall and knew that’s where he would find her.

As he walked in, he saw her slumped over, her head laying on the table, with her face partially lying in a pie, and rushed over to her. He looked at the empty bottle of alcohol still in her hand and pulled her back while removing the bottle from her hand. “Serenity, Serenity!” he called out. Looking and sounding worried when her head flipped back, looking lifeless. “Wake up!”

He tried waking her while looking at the pies in front of her. Wondering what the hell she was doing. One was completely empty, and the one she had her face in was half gone, and all squished up. He looked at the bottle he set on the table, wondering where she got it and tried waking her again.

He lowered his cheek to her nostrils, hoping she was still breathing. When he felt warm air hit his skin, he lifted her, carried her back into the bedroom, and laid her on the bed. He hied to the bathroom, grabbed a towel, got it wet, and walked back over to her, cleaning the blueberries and the remnants of the crust off her face. “Damn it, Serenity, what were you thinking?” he asked while cleaning off her face.

He knew it was all his fault, and sat on the bed beside her, running his fingers through her hair, while staring at her. He was feeling bad for how she was feeling and hating himself for what he was doing to her. He thought about the pies and shook his head. “You hate pies, why would you eat something you can’t stand, and blueberries?" he muttered quietly, still shaking his head. It wasn’t her he was upset with; it was his own self he was upset with.

He sat at her side, watching her for hours, making sure she didn’t get sick in her sleep, or fall off the bed and hit her head against the nightstand. He was tired, and even though he was supposed to leave and go back to work in the morning, he knew he couldn’t. Seeing she seemed to be okay, he left the room and headed over to his den.

He picked up his phone and made a quick phone call. “Sorry, I’ve got issues to deal with, and won’t be back in the morning,” he sighed. The call didn’t go the way he had liked but figured he had more important things to do. And one was making sure Serenity opened her eyes and was coherent.

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