The Stalker

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4- He does love me

Benson smiled as he stood outside the limo, holding the door open for Serenity. “Thank you, Benson,” she said with as she stepped into the limo. She was feeling excited to be going to the vineyard but was more excited about the wine tasting. This was one vineyard she had never been to, and one she always wanted to see what their wine was like. The only thing bothering her was Warren.

On the way to the vineyard, she couldn’t stop thinking about what could be going on with Warren. She looked away from the window and over to him with a puzzled look and placed her hand on his thigh. “Can I ask you something without you getting upset?”

“Depending on what it is, I might have an answer for you.”

She removed her hand from his thigh and looked down while folding her hands together, then twiddled her thumbs for a moment, thinking and hoping what she was about to ask him. He would not flip out. She stopped twiddling her thumbs and looked back at him, looking to see what kind of look he had on his face before asking what she wanted to know. “Are you in some kind of trouble?” she quietly asked. Seeing how his expression changed, she wished she would have kept the question to herself.

“Trouble?” he asked with furrowed brows.

“Forget I even asked,” she sighed. It was a response she figured Warren would give her, and by the look on his face, she wished she hadn’t brought it up. She moved away from him and moved closer to the door and looked back out the window.

He moved closer and reached for her chin, turning her towards him. Curious why she would think he was in trouble. “Don’t ask me a question, then turn around and say forget it. If you want to know, the answer is no. I’m not in any kind of trouble. And I’m not sure why you would ask such a thing, or even suspect that I am?”

She looked him in the eyes and saw darkness form over them, scaring her. Her eyebrows formed together and gulped while removing his hand from her face, wondering where that look came from. “Serenity... talk to me... why would you ask me such a question?” he asked calmly when he saw her expression change. “I’ve never been in trouble in my life.”

“I was only asking...”

“And I’m asking, why you’re asking me such a silly question? Something is on your mind, and I would like to know what that is.”

“Because. There’s something different with you. You don’t treat me like you used to, and now it seems like you’re trying to buy my love, instead of giving me your love. You’re different, Warren...” she said, taking a deep breath, hoping this would not turn into a big fight. She still had a headache and wasn’t in the mood for any voice raising, especially inside a vehicle. But there were things she’s been feeling and felt she should continue speaking what was on her mind. “I get this strange feeling you’re hiding something from me, and I feel it’s my duty and right to ask... Warren, I’m your wife, damn it, and if you’re in some trouble, I deserve to know.”

He looked at her with hurt in his eyes, wanting to tell her what’s been going on, but couldn’t. He couldn’t find it in his heart to tell her, and just wanted to enjoy his weekend with her. “No, I’m not in any kind of trouble. I’m just stressed, worn out, tired, and now I’m worried about you and what you’re thinking, now that you brought up divorce. It’s got me feeling even more stressed and worried.”

She turned her head towards him and gave him a mocking look. “Then explain to me why you’ve been the way you’ve been... look at you, you’ve changed your appearance, you have a scruffy look when you’ve always been clean-shaven, your hair is longer, and-”

“And what?”

"And, you’re just not you. I don’t even know who you are anymore,” Serenity said sadly, looking away from him, sighing.

He tilted his head back and closed his eyes, thinking about what he’s been up to this past year, and knowing how it’s been affecting his marriage. He didn’t want her feeling the way she was, hated seeing her hurt, in which he too wanted his life back, and her. Opening his eyes, he sighed and reached his arm out to her, pulling her into his arms. “I want you to know, I love you very much, and I don’t want you thinking any differently. You’re the love of my life, and I will do anything I can to protect you.”

“Then quit making me feel this way,” she whispered. As much as she wanted to pull herself out of his arms, she stayed in them. Being in his arms made her feel secure, loved, wanted, and closed her eyes, wishing to enjoy the moment she barely gets to experience anymore.

He looked at his watch to see how much longer they had until they reached their destination, and seeing they were about an hour away; he wanted to give her the love he’s been neglecting to give. With her still in his arms, he reached over and turned on some music, then shifted his body and began laying her on the seat.

“Warren, what are you doing?”

He hovered over her and smiled while staring at her. Studying her face, running his fingers through her long dark hair, then traced her bottom lip back and forth with his thumb. “I will make the time go by,” he said, lowering his lips to hers, passionately kissing her.

The moment his lips met with hers, her insides fluttered and raised her arms up over him. The way he was kissing her brought memories back to how he used to kiss her in that same way, that it had her feeling loved by him once again. She had mixed emotions running through her mind and put the bad thoughts she was having to the side. She let out a moan when she felt her inner core heating and starting to throb.

He parted his lips from hers and hungrily moved to her neck, while his hand moved underneath her shirt and up to her breasts, massaging them. He was massaging them like he hadn’t felt them in ages and quickly slid up her shirt. Even though they were in the back of a moving vehicle, he wanted to make sure she was happy and satisfied. Most importantly, he wanted her to feel loved by him, more loved than before they left the house.

He removed her bra, dropped it to the ground, and instantly wrapped his mouth around her breast, then teased each nipple with his teeth and tongue. The longer he teased, the harder her nipples erected, and the more moistened she became below. He moved back up to her lips, hungrily kissing her and more urgently. This was something he, too, had been missing and was missing her lying beneath him.

His hand moved down into her panties, and groaned when he slid his finger beneath her folds and into her warm wetness. Feeling how warm and wet she was, he knew he hadn’t lost his touch with her, and was loving the response he was getting from her. “I’m glad to see I can still excite you,” he groaned into her ear. “How about I excite you even more? Would you like that?”

“In what way?” she panted, knowing what he meant. Seeing his smile had her heart beating faster, and her stomach was doing somersaults when he moved away from her face and was lowering himself down to what was heavily throbbing for him. He quickly removed her bottoms and placed his mouth right where he wanted.

"Warren,” she whispered while raising her hips the instant she felt his tongue slide through the curtains. Her hands quickly moved to his head and grabbed a fistful of his hair, tugging and pulling the longer his tongue teased her sensitive spot. Her hips raised again when she felt a couple of fingers slide into her. Not only was his tongue doing magical things to her rosebud, but his fingers were also magically exciting her insides, causing her to squirm, squeal, and to pant faster.

The excitement her insides were experiencing, were ones she hadn’t felt in a long time, and couldn’t stop herself from enjoying the pleasure that she let herself go. With her orgasm being wild, intense, and satisfying, it had her screaming Warren’s name as loud as she could, hoping Benson didn’t know what they were doing with her screaming the way she was. She was feeling warm, numb, and shocked, that when he moved back up to her lips to kiss her, she forgot how to kiss.

Knowing what kind of state of mind he had her in while he was kissing her, he grinned while releasing his lips from hers. He wasn’t done with her yet and knew he had to continue giving her what she’s been missing, and what she’s been begging him for.

He removed his pants and placed himself at her opening, teasing her, before sinking inside her. He lowered to her ear and whispered, “I love you, Serenity. Soon you will have that child you’ve been desperately wanting.”

Her heart and stomach dropped, and felt herself go numb once again. ”Warren...” she quietly moaned and happily, then dug her nails into his back when he slid his cock into her, and digging deeper into his back, the moment she felt him thrust deeper into her, filling her entire insides.

The way he was making love to her, and knowing he was without a condom, had her excited yet. She was ecstatic and overjoyed that the smile on her face, while they made love, was one you couldn’t erase. All the bad feelings she was feeling about him disappeared along with all suspicions about him having an affair, erasing from her mind. Feeling she was all his once again.

He could feel her insides pulsating against him, and picked up his speed, thrusting faster and harder, bringing her to where her moaning and groaning were uncontrollable, deeper, and louder. Once he knew he fulfilled her satisfaction, wants, and needs, he finished by thrusting in as deep as he could, stopping and releasing all his swimmers into her.

Her hands reached up behind him, grabbed a fistful of his hair and pressed his face down to hers, kissing him possessively, and not wanting to stop. She loved this side of him, and how he was showing her he was the same man she once knew, and how their love is the same as from the very beginning. The kiss was long, desperate, and full of hunger that it left them both breathless.

Benson had a feeling what the two were up to and announced on the speaker they were five minutes away from their destination. Warren looked at her, grinned before giving her one more kiss, and pulled out, knowing his swimmers finished releasing. “We better hurry and get dressed,” he whispered.

“Do you think he knows what we were doing?” she asked, giggling.

“Most likely, but who cares,” he chuckled. He helped Serenity up, and wrapped his arms around her, then got quiet when he looked at her and looked into her eyes, taking a deep breath. “Let’s have a good day today. We don’t get these moments often.”

“I agree. And no, we don’t.”


While walking the vineyards, she felt like they were back on their honeymoon. Warren held her close while they walked, and when nobody was looking, he’d steal a grape off a vine and would quickly place it into her mouth. At one point, they thought they were busted when the tour guide stopped talking and turned, pointing at them, or so they thought. “The grapes you see here are not like your average grapes from the store, or your local farmers market. These grapes are thicker skinned, have lots of seeds, and they’re much sweeter,” she explained.

“Can they still be eaten?” A woman in front of them asked as she raised her hand.

Serenity looked at Warren and giggled, thinking they were the reason she asked, after seeing Warren feeding her the grapes.

“They can be, they’re not poisonous, just harder to eat.”

Serenity looked at Warren again, both giggling as they looked at each other. She knew exactly what the tour guide meant by not wanting to eat the grapes, and after every time Warren placed a grape into her mouth, she discreetly spit out the grape when she had a hard time chewing it and would feel the seeds explode into her mouth.

Next, they headed off to the winery. As they were walking inside, Warren got the sudden urge to feel like a kid again, and picked Serenity up from behind, carrying her inside bridal style and kissing her until she was out of breath. While setting her down, she stared at him with love in her eyes, wondering where all his recent loving was coming from.

The surrounding onlookers smiled, pointed, and whistled while clapping when he pulled her in for another kiss. “Congratulations. I take it you two must have recently gotten married?” A woman asked, interrupting them.

“No, not recently... but we did just celebrate our second anniversary yesterday,” Serenity said, slithering her arm around Warren’s waist and looking at him like she was in love with him all over again.

“If you can keep up the way you two are acting with each other, you’ll be married for life,” she responded happily.

“Thanks, I hope so,” Serenity said, looking at Warren. She wasn’t sure what his deal was today and hoped this wasn’t all an act to keep her from filing for a divorce.

“Shall we?” Warren asked as he started walking her over to where their tour was. They got back to their group and stood quietly while listening to them explain the new wines they were coming out with and began handing out samples.

Serenity’s hangover was still there, and after he handed the glass to her, she put the glass up to her nose, smelling it while closing her eyes, wanting to smell the aroma and to get her palate ready. She liked what she was breathing, took a sip, and let it rest in her mouth before swallowing. Loving the taste of the wine, she looked at Warren, grinned, and drank the rest of what was in her glass, all while keeping her eyes on him. “That was good,” she said, wanting more.

“Would you like another?”

She giggled and smiled. “That’s why we’re here, isn’t it?”

He smiled, wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and looked around the room. “Come on, let’s go try all the wines we can handle.”

“You’re trying them too?” she asked, surprised.

“Of course,” he winked. “I told you I would do whatever it takes to keep you happy, so why not make my girl happy by doing the same things as her?”

The man she loved, adored, cherished, and married, was the same man standing in front of her, showing her she was number one, and his top priority, that she had to take a double-take, thinking he was an imposter.

She was in awe with how he was treating her and noticed it was the way he used to treat her when they first got together and when they first married. She didn’t know what to think and didn’t care. All she knew was after bringing up how she was thinking about divorce; she felt it lit a fire inside him, causing him to realize he was on the verge of losing her.

They enjoyed their day at the winery, tasting every wine they could, and kept going back for more on the ones they enjoyed most. When it was time to go home, he had to throw her over his shoulder to bring her out to the limo, with Benson having to help get her inside the vehicle.

She slept with her head laying on his lap, but awoke to Warren’s phone ringing. “Who’s that?” she asked yawning.

“Nobody Hun,” he said, placing his phone back in his inside pocket. “Nobody important.”

By the sound of his voice, she had a feeling he was lying, but after having an enjoyable and fun-filled day with him, she wasn’t about to pick a fight. She snuggled him and closed her eyes. The smell of him had her dreaming of all the good times they once used to share, and couldn’t wait to spend more time with him.

His fingers ran through her hair while looking down at her. He missed her, missed seeing her every day, and missed sleeping next to her every night. He leaned his head back against the seat, thinking of everything she said to him. How she was thinking of a divorce, her mentioning the difference in his appearance, and how she brought up him being short-tempered. He sighed, knowing she was right.

His eyes closed, thinking more about his situation and was thinking of ways to get out of having to leave Monday morning. By him not showing up for work, he knew he would pay the price and worried about what might happen.

Once Benson pulled up to his home, Warren alerted Parker to open the door so that he could carry Serenity inside.

“Rough day?” Parker asked as Warren walked past with Serenity over his shoulder.

“It was the perfect day,” he said. “Thanks for holding the door open.”

He got her in the bedroom, laid her on the bed, and helped change her into her nightgown. It was still early, but had a feeling she would be out for a while after having a hangover to start the day, and then to end the day by drinking a variety of different wines.

After getting her into bed and covering her with the blanket, he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Love you always beautiful. Just remember this will all be ending soon, and I’ll be home every day,” he whispered.

He left the room and headed into his den. He sat on the chair in front of his desk, looking at their wedding picture on the corner of his desk, and staring at it for the longest time until Parker walked in.

“I saw the light on, and figured I would come in to see how things went between the two of you today,” Parker said as he sat down in front of Warren’s desk, crossing his legs.

Warren looked away from their wedding picture and looked at Parker with a smile. Thinking how wonderful of a day it was to spend the entire day with Serenity. “It was the best day I’ve had with her yet.”

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